Why is there so little media coverage for adults and EDs & SH? #KatiFAQ | Kati Morton

Why is there so little media coverage for adults and EDs & SH? #KatiFAQ | Kati Morton

Hey everybody,
Happy Thursday! And since it’s Thursday,
that means. What does it mean? It’s means that I either do an FAQ video
or I do mental health in the media. And today (drum roll) I’m doing both. So, prepare yourselves. Now, the first thing I will do is an
FAQ question. And I received this on my website. For those of you who don’t know,
I’m all over the web. I’m on Facebook, I’m on Tumblr, I’m
on Twitter. I have my website katimorton.com I’m obviously on YouTube, hello! Where else am I? I’m all over, I’m
on Reddit, I’m on everything. I post everywhere. But when I look for FAQ questions
specifically, I look on katimorton.com under Kati’s
videos and FAQ, Or I think it says Q&A for videos now, And below my YouTube videos, so the Monday video is where I
look for questions for today, as well as on my website. This one comes from my website. It says, “Hey Kati, I was just wondering
if you might be able to talk sometime about older people with mental health
problems?” Definitely. There’ll be more Monday videos to come
on stuff like this. “As a long time self harmer I feel guilty
and alienated by people who think that allowing children or younger people to see
signs of self harm is wrong. Hmm How do adults explain it to younger people
and why do you think there is so little media coverage on adult eating disorders
or self harm?” Now, it’s interesting because I get a lot
of comments about this. I get a lot of questions about older
adults and people not understanding. I actually just wrote an article,
I’ll let you guys know when it comes out, for a different website, about kind of like
the dark side of the internet and things that people hear, and one of
the things a lot of people hear as self harmers is they’ll go in and
people say well you know you’re a teenager so you’ll grow out of it. It’s a teenager thing. What? Which is bulls**t. It’s like people with eating disorders
will go to get help and they’ll be like I’m sorry you’re not sick enough or you
don’t quite meet the criteria for our treatment center. What? They’re trying to get help and
you’re telling them that they don’t meet the criteria! Ah, so frustrating! Ugh! But, I believe that people don’t talk
about it because it’s a generational thing. Back in the day, I was even just talking
about this with my friend Rochio, because I’m working on the LGBTQ workbook, don’t
worry, I haven’t forgot. We were talking about the differences in
generations, from people who were 10 years older than me, I’m 31. People who
are 5 years younger than me, and the teens now, how different every situation is and the fact that we’re now online, hello! That never existed before, and so
therefore, people who struggled in the past like even when I was growing up we didn’t
have the internet, like we didn’t have anything. I used to play this computer game Leisure
Suit Larry and my brother would play Mist and all
sorts of weird computer games, but computers were huge and nobody had
them and there weren’t many ways to talk
to people, and so if you struggled, you struggled
in silence. Especially if you were in a rural area
where there wasn’t any help and no one understood, and you didn’t know what was going on
because no one was talking about it. And so I think that as we come online, as more people are aware, as older adults get online, and share and
talk about it, I think there will be more media coverage. People will understand that mental illness
is not a phase. It’s not a teen problem that you will grow
out of. We don’t, what? That, ugh, ignorance, I tell you. So, the more we talk about it, the more we
share, the more people will start hearing
about it, the more it will be in media, because just as many adults suffer as
children suffer. It doesn’t discriminate. Like I’ve said before, eating disorders,
self harm, mental illness, it doesn’t discriminate. You know with your religion, your race,
your location in the world, your age, your sex, it doesn’t discriminate,
unfortunately. You know, it just is. It’s the human
condition. Are you a human? Then you could have a
mental illness. So, that would be my answer to why do I
think there’s so little media coverage. And I will talk more in the future on
Monday videos about how to talk to young people about it. If you have children or nieces and nephews
and stuff like that, and I’ll start focusing more on older adults
as well. So if you have a specific topic you’d
like me to address, let me know below. Now, media update! Holy shmamolies! Anybody hear about France banning ultra
skinny models? Anybody? I heard about it. And first, I was like yay, kind of, but
what does this really mean? And what are they really doing? And are they offering more mental health
help because of this, because they’re recognizing that eating
disorders are really prevalent in the modelling/
fashion industry? The answer to that is no. They’re not
offering more mental health help. However, what they are offering, and I’ll take anything I can get. I’m just going to read you a little blurb and if you want you can just look this up. I’m reading from reuters.com It says “France will ban excessively thin
fashion models and expose modelling agents and the fashion houses that hire them to
possible fines and even jail, under a new law that was passed on
Friday.” Now this is last month, is when this
first got passed. “The move by France with its fashion and
luxury industries worth tens of billions of Euros, comes
after a similar ban in Israel in 2013.” I didn’t even hear about this one. “While other countries like Italy, Spain
rely on voluntary codes of conduct.” So they don’t have any laws in place. Now the first thing I thought when I read
things like this, so what does the law really say. How is this really going to work? It says, “The activity of model is banned
for any reason who’s BMI, their body mass index is lower than levels proposed by health
authorities and decreed by the ministers of health
and labor.” That’s what the legislation itself says. So, it’s a step in the right direction. I don’t know how else I would propose
that they do this. But the one thing that I really love, listen to this, “The measure is part of a
campaign against anorexia by President François Hollande.” I don’t know if I’m saying that wrong. Sean speaks French better than I do. “Law makers also made it illegal to
condone anorexia and said any retouched photo that alters the bodily
appearance of a model for commercial purposes must carry a
message stating that it has been manipulated.” Now I love that, but I would rather that
it was just banned completely and if stuff like that was found out that
they would be fined, horrifically fined. Because we all know things are airbrushed
and retouched. What we actually see and what we may as
little girls or little boys try to look like or be like. It is not real. It’s like Barbie. It’s not a real thing. You can’t make that happen. That person doesn’t even look like that. And so I wish that that stuff wouldn’t
come out. Because like I was saying, I wrote an
article and I’ll let you know when that comes up, about how we as a society
have to change what we value and what we glorify, because it leaves a lot of us
feeling like we can’t compete, we can’t keep up, we don’t look that way, we don’t act that way, because it’s
not real. And the more we promote it and the more
it’s out there, the worse it will get. And so, anyway, I think it’s kind of
interesting. And so they can get, they can be in prison
for up to 6 months and fined 75 000 Euros, which is $82 000, for any
agency that’s allowing that to happen. That’s not only employing underweight
models, but also people who are putting out that content and kind of
glorifying it and saying this is beauty or whatever. And so, it’s a step in the right
direction. I’m always open to things changing and
people putting more pressure on the fashion houses and the modelling agencies. Because, it’s not right, it’s not good, you can’t tell me that that’s what all
women look like. It makes young girls and young boys feel
like that’s just totally difficult and so hard to grasp and to have happen,
because it’s not real. And so the more we put pressure on them to
show only what is real, the better things will get. And so I want to hear your thoughts
about it. Do you agree, do you disagree, what do
you think? I’d encourage you to read the article or
at least Google it and find some other articles. There’s like tonnes of articles
about this. Let me know what you think. Let’s start the conversation. I will see you all on Monday with a new
video. Bye! Oh, not bye, I had lied. I’m sorry. Ok, so I keep forgetting, and it’s my
own fault, but please translate videos! That means even putting them in English
so that the captions can come up for those who are hearing impaired. They can read it. I found an amazing thing on my 6 Signs of
Depression video. It has been translated I believe into 18
languages. 18! Holy s*** that’s amazing! So please get on, translate videos. Even if it’s English I don’t even care whatever, we need it to be able to put the captions
up. And I know that I’ve had requests from
other people who are hearing impaired or who struggle to understand English, and
as quickly as I talk. So the more we caption the better. So every video in the description at the
very bottom will have a link to Amara, which is the program that I utilise to
make that happen. And you can use that link to go and
caption the video. And people have told me it’s a great
distraction tool, so if you’re having a hard time, caption this video, tada! Ok, love you all! Bye! Subtitles by the Amara.org community


67 thoughts on “Why is there so little media coverage for adults and EDs & SH? #KatiFAQ | Kati Morton”

  • hey kati i would really appreciate your help or anyone elses ,
    recently my mum & dad and also the rest of my family  found out about my illnesses.This was already a very big thing for me and got quite shaken up which didn't help me at all . Now that they all know i feel as if they don't like me even though they are trying to get me help i know they cant care all that much because they will shout at me and say that everything that is wrong with my life if my fault .However i know that i can't help the way i feel and if i could stop feeling this way i would . please can someone help me on ways to explain every thing to them ! if possible in way which involve much talking as i am finding communicating the way if feel through speech hard and i think that they will find it rude if i write them a letter like i do my doctors . i will appreciate any help i get from anyone because i don't know what to do any more,thank HELP?

  • Charlotte Brooks says:

    Hi kati #katiFaQ I'm just wondering but I'm a self harmed and symptoms of depression and an eating disorder and some one once said to me isn't a ED kinda the same as self harm because you are damaging your body in a way I was just wondering because she really got me thinking your videos are so great and help me with my unanswered things much love Charlotte xx

  • OMG you are my age! you are so accomplished congrats! Looking forward for the LGBTQ workbook 🙂
    I'll try to translate some of your videos so they are available for everybody.

  • Hey Kati! I love your videos, watched almost every one but never left a comment 😮
    I love what France is doing right now. As they are fashion leaders, this should have been done a long time ago, but better late than never.

    Also, I'd love to see a video by you about depersonalization/derealization. I was sad when I realized you didn't have one!

  • I Love the fact that France did that, maybe it may hopefully be a wake up call for the rest of the world! P.s Love your vids Kati 🙂 x

  • I bought today some groceries and by standing near checkout i saw some magazines on the shelf. I recognized most of the celebrities on the covers, but they all look unreal, to much Photoshop work. 
    That what the young people see, perfect faces, that not exist.
    And they get influenced by them. Not existing perfection.

  • Maria Sylvester says:

    It is all fake! I attended a workshop(there big on that here in Vancouver area, I won't exactly say where) with WAVA and they showed a video of the lady getting make-up, hair and everything, then photo. it showed how she look into how they actually changed everything on her body for a cover(or even a TV ad).

  • Yes! Last term I took Intro to Psych Diagnosis, and my professor (a private practitioner) actually told our class that eating disorders were something that people "grew out of". I was really exasperated and raised the point that EDs are coping mechanisms, and we don't grow out of stressful life situations and emotions, so it doesn't make sense that we would grow out of our coping mechanism either.

  • I think a huge reason that you don't see a lot of coverage of adults with these challenges is because eating disorders/self-harm etc. normally shows up in the teenage and young adult years. Unfortunately, unless these individuals transition into recovery, they don't survive into older adulthood. Obviously this doesn't apply to those who develop mental health issues in later years but I'd argue a huge majority develop these struggles in their younger years.

  • Great video and really well put across! Good to dispel the myths that people merely grow out of self harm, eating disorders etc. I have had mental health problems for most of my adult life…awareness is reinforced through media such as you produce Kati, so hopefully younger people will get the help they need before they have to suffer a lifetime of mental health issues. Thank you!

  • Angie LupusLife says:

    I don't know if you've seen my video telling my story of Self harm but if not here's a link to it : https://youtu.be/5YKOz3-w9BE

  • Kernschrott .Production says:

    what exactly is considered an unhealthy weight? Has it something to do with BMI or wether (for a woman/girl) or not someone has a regular period? I feel very fat but my BMI says I´m underweight… I´m so confused!

  • What is a nervous breakdown? I heard it described as a panic attack that won't go away, and that's exactly how I feel.

  • While I'm glad that France doesn't condone Anorexia I don't think that fining agencies who hire underweight models is the solution. Not allowing skinny models is like fining people who hire overweight models. We need to show models of every body type to show young kids that EVERY body is beautiful not just one type(whether that be underweight,healthy weight or overweight). There is a big difference between Anorexia and being healthy but slightly underweight. Two wrongs don't make a right.

  • Way to go France!! As much as I love what they've done, I'm going to play devil's advocate. Some people (me being one of them) are just naturally skinny. My BMI is low and I'm very thin for my age, people have accused me of having an eating disorder, when in reality I just have a fast metabolism. What if the model is just naturally very thin and has a low BMI? That's kind of bashing people who are actually very healthy but are also very thin.

  • I've never gotten help from the medical community for my ED "tendencies" because of the fact my BMI was in the "normal" range (kind of what you were talking about at 2:00). It IS bullshit and I'm glad you talk about these things.
    Your videos help me so much as I've never been able to get weekly or regular private psychologist visits because I haven't been "sick enough".
    Love your content Kati. thank you so much <3 hugs from NS, Canada.

  • ShalomAleichem {Mental Health Vlogs} says:

    I read something about Israel banning the over-photoshopping of models a while back. It's very interesting to see how countries are changing the fashion industry and possibly societal norms as well. 🙂

  • Hey Katie!
    Thanks for talking more about us adults, yes just Ive entered my thirties (!) and actually even when i was 25, 23 or 21, i felt that literature on eds didnt include me because it is focused on teens.
    Will try to think of a question/topic!
    Oh and it's François Hollande (O-L-O-N-D) 😉

  • Hey Kati , Do we HAVE to use Amara or Can we use our own programs  (like subtitle workshop or aegis and the like) ?

  • Yay captioning!  As far as the France thing goes…I agree with the real photos thing…i'm hesitant on the limit on how low anyone can be weight wise because i have many friends who are simply tiny people but not anorexic.  Maybe if it's like a "my dr checked me out and says I'm ok" thing….that I could see.  idk…

  • When I was a kid the only video game was tennis on our old fashioned telly and it had just to white lines and a ball, so funny thinking back. And on the telly you had the young girl with straight long hair and her dog! This was a test card or something that started in the 60s I could be wrong! That was very exciting! Better than tennis! Ha ha ooh the girl held a black board and chork does anyone from UK remember???

  • I agree with the rule against touching up photos because it's not natural and sets unrealistic expectations, but I don't see how BANNING models that are "too skinny" fixes the body image issue. Some people are big and some people are small. They're still discriminating against people with certain body types… Doesn't that still put pressure on people to look a certain way? What if the model has a biological condition that makes it hard for them to gain weight? What if they're just naturally very thin? Does that mean they aren't allowed to be a model? Will they still be told they have to change their physical appearance to "meet the standard?"

  • #katiFAQ
    Hey Kati. I've been watching your videos and they have helped a lot. I'm in college and I've been going to the school counselor who works in the counseling center and it has helped a lot. I Started going the week after thanksgiving break. I would see her once a week. She recently took a leave of absence til the end of this year but I didn't find out til i went to my next appointment. They had me meet with another counselor but I couldn't do it and I asked to leave. She was the first person I told about everything and I don't think I can talk to another person about it. I was beginning to get comfortable with my lady. My question is how can I deal with knowing I won't have my counselor who I trusted to talk to each week? I know it's not her fault but now I don't know what to do. How can I be willing to talk to the other lady? I have an appointment for next week but I don't know if I can do it. It's hard to talk to people about everything and it feels like I have to start all over again and I don't think I can do it.

  • NoobityBoobity says:

    I just got out of the hospital and returned to school. It's going to be hard transitioning back into the craziness of school. That's what sucks; going from a structured routine and strong support to being sucked into the tornado. 

    And, your brother played Leisure Suit Larry? Lol! That's such a risque game.

  • WelshWhiteWolf91 says:

    I totally agree with your theory of generations and the internet helping. I was left to struggle with my own problems because my parents were old fashioned and didn't know about those things, but I didn't have the internet back then either, so I couldn't even find out or talk to others. I find it a lot easier now with the internet!

  • Not that it matters but if anyone wants to know, Hollonde (the French president's last name) is pronounced Ollond 🙂

  • how do you explain scars/cuts to children? I'm only 18, I don't have children of my own, but through my sport of choice (figure skating), I know and have become friends with many families with children (generally aged 6-14). when my scars were new, the kids were younger and either didn't ask, or they believed me when I said I was in a bike accident. but as the kids get older they've started asking more questions and picking up on things, and I don't know how to explain things to them without scaring or scarring them, as well as making it seem completely unappealing to them, as some of them look up to me and I can see some of myself in some of them. help! x

  • Hi Kati,
    I haven't displayed eating disorder behaviors in a while, and I'm happy to say that I get the impulses to purge or starve myself less and less.  However, even though the physical behavior has stopped, the worst part- the mental- has not stopped.  I still stare in the mirror and feel stressed out when I look at my body or weight myself, and food still gives me a lot of anxiety.  I'm wondering if you could give some tips to regularly minimize anxiety about food/weight and how to accept the way my body looks now that I've stopped my eating disorder behavior?  Will I always have the mentality of an eating disorder, or will my mind slowly catch up to the progress my body has made? #KatiFAQ

  • Referring back to your mention of 'Barbie' and the media in general that kids are brought up with, have you heard of the 'Tree Change Dolls'? A woman in Tasmania recycles Bratz dolls and gives them a 'Make Under' with a down to earth style to look more like normal little girls and boys. I think people doing things like this is a positive thing because it could encourage toy and doll companies to rethink how they create their dolls which would further encourage kids to feel beautiful and to know they are beautiful without make-up, glamorous outfits and unrealistic anatomy. Do check out the Tree change dolls, they are super cute and even at the age of 29 I want one! 😛

  • Jessica West-Sanchez says:

    Modelling agents ENCOURAGE unhealthy behavior, so outlawing underweight BMIs and fining the agents that are still encouraging poor health is a good thing. It's not like the law is stating that low weight is bad, but rather the common means to get to a low weight is bad. Only 2-4% of the population is naturally a BMI of 18.5-20 (naturally thin), and that doesn't even touch upon naturally underweight people.

  • Keira Henricks says:

    Thank you for talking about adults with mental illness!

    I struggled for many years with, what I now know is, generalized anxiety disorder. Also, possibly chronic depression (although, not officially diagnosed at this point).

    The anxiety started when I was about 10, maybe even earlier, and depression started when I was 14. I am now 27, but was not diagnosed with GAD until about 5 months ago. It took so long mainly because when I was younger, my parents had no idea that my behavior wasn't normal (I'm also an only child) or that there was help available. As I got older, I just got used to trying to deal with things on my own.

    It wasn't until I hit my "rock bottom", so to speak, back in November, that I finally realized there is something wrong and I need help.

    It is a little embarrassing to have gone so long without getting help, and I feel like that makes it harder to talk about, because as you said, it is kind of a generational thing.

    So, anyways, thank you do much for talking about this!

  • Rebecca Murray says:

    There was an Mp in the Uk who thought that everyone with a mental health condition should wear a coloured wristband, different colours for different conditions, i think this is horrific! what do you think about this? xx love youu

  • Tiffany Ortman says:

    I didn't begin to self-harm until college. I was seeing a counselor, and all the materials from workbooks and things kept talking about teenagers struggling with self-harm. I ended up not doing a lot of the exercises because I felt so immature and ashamed, that I should be past it by now. I've noticed that on the internet in general as well. Thank you for bringing attention to this!

  • This topic has been getting to me a lot lately. I'm 21 I self harm and am on anti depressants. My psychiatrist seems to shrug off everything. My suicidal thoughts have peaked the last while and I have expressed this to her. She says all of my issues are emotional (i have really bad panic attacks 2/3 time a day and in my sleep and get physically and verbally abused)and that she will discharge me next month. Basically every time I go in I never get a chance to say anything, she just ups my meds and off I go. In my last session she told me "knock that self harming on the head you're getting too old for it" after she said this I went home and attempted suicide how can anyone get help if no one will let us?!?!?!!

  • it really makes it easier when it has been subtitled in english in order to translate. I translate to dutch, german and french for your videos from time to time and it really is a great way of distraction and just for fun

  • Hi Kati, it might be too late to comment on this and actually have you catch it, but if you're going to do videos, I'd be really interested in something for people who no longer self-harm but still have the urges.  I feel like people on the Internet talk a lot about self-harm and recovery from it, but don't talk much about the long-term.  About how the urges come back.  About the guilt.  etc.  Thanks!

  • Malika Thueler says:

    Kati I wish so bad I could help you translate your vids but i just can't find how to do it!! anyone please show me how i can do this please 🙂

  • I agree 100% Kati you don.t grow out of it after 45 years of a mixture of SH & depression I really do know first hand.
    My advice to younger people get help NOW , the longer you leave it the steeper the walls of the hole you will have to climb out of
    As a male it was expected in the 60's that you had to be all manly and any weakness be it in self image or so called toughness was a big no no and attracted ridicule and bullying. really low self esteem does not go away with time but it can with help and caught earlier the better
    Please Please all you lovely folks out there listen to Kati she talks lots of sense you are all of great worth and are not alone.

  • I just have to say that, as a retired international model, this "law" in Paris is BS. Paris is where you have to be the skinniest of all fashion capitols. They don't give a shit about your BMI, just if you are of certain measurements. They do not check in to see if you are okay as they push you to lose weight. They don't offer therapy or any healthy advice… I hate this law because people think it's real when it is not.

  • Jacqueline Woo says:

    As an adult with SH i get so upset that the WEB of all places has no info. In my 30s i use the net everyday.

  • Jacqueline Woo says:

    Kati, also struggle with plus size models speaking out. the don't have the rolls budges bumps and saggy parts. Why/how am i suppose to identify with these beautiful women? my body is ravaged, not curvy and sexy. I am gross rolls of flesh

  • Sierra games! I still play them. Thank you for this. I've just relapsed after SO many years and it's weird being so old!

  • I am 56 years old and I self harm (cut and burn) on and off since I was 19. When I started cutting, years ago, I knew of absolutely no one that self harmed.

  • Daniela Lobos Pérez says:

    One of my closest persons started self injuring due to a traumatic experience at age 22, a long time ago. It started with butterfly knife's cutting and moved to bone breaking. After an unexpected surgery as consequence of the bone breaking we managed to get some help (there were more than one bone breaking incident that were never aknowledged in front of therapists but to me). Now 36 going 37, my dear closest friend still struggles with relapses, at least now it's just with a clean razor blade. I'm just part of the super small suport system and I wish there was more info about adults.

  • I am so fucking happy I found this. I've been relapsing with my ed, have gone back restricting and some purging and I've started self harming as a way to manifest physically the guilt I feel whenever I over eat. I know it is wrong but it helps. I'm 27, never self harmed during my youth, and I could find nothing online that spoke of adults doing this. This makes me feel less alone.

  • Barbara Peters says:

    you should revisit this topic. look up groups for sh/si on fb or other social medias, because it's barely out there at all

  • Try having an ED and SH in the 80's! There was NOTHING! I though I was the only one and had no Idea why I was like this. Slowly things started to get some attention after Karen Carpenter died. Kids today are lucky to have Youtube channels like this. If I had the internet back then my life would be so different today. There is still not much help out there where I live. Its darn hard to try to heal yourself. I'm still struggling.

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