Why is the Moon landing so important for India? | DW News

Why is the Moon landing so important for India? | DW News

India is Celebrating the successful launch of its unmanned spacecraft the Chandrayaan 2. And it's not just the scientists that are celebrating people back home just love the mission. And I'm absolutely excited about it too. If the mission succeeds India will become the fourth country to have had a successful landing on the moon. So far it has only been the US Russia and China that have had successful lunar landings. Questions of pride are at stake for India as this launch is tied up with its perception in the world. Today is a historical day for space and science and technology in India. People around the country are cheering signs that India is now ready to compete internationally when it comes to space. For decades Indian rocket launches meant bringing low cost satellites into the space for foreign countries. From time to time India also sent up some scientific research missions. The Indian moon mission was already approved by 2008 and by 2009 the designs were also there. So what took it so long. It's been a decade after all. Actually the Indian moon mission was supposed to take place in collaboration with Russia. The Russian space agency was supposed to design and make the lander but it never did. It kept delaying from 2013 to 2015 and finally ISRO, that is the Indian Space and Research Organization, decided to make everything on its own. And that's the reason that it's a matter of prestige for the Indian scientists that everything absolutely everything right from the scratch was made by them. Under Prime Minister Narendra Modi the budget for space missions has almost doubled. He wants to ensure that India becomes a space power. He has even invested in anti satellite weapons. And in this trip to the moon. And by 2022 he's promising another milestone, the first manned mission to the moon which will be called the Gaganyaan. With India poised to become the fifth largest economy in the world Prime Minister Narendra Modi is eager to show the world that India has expertise in security and technology. But there's criticism of the launch as well. And most of it focuses on the question of money. And that is despite this launch being considered very cheap when it comes to space exploration. The Chandrayaan 2 is estimated to have cost 140 million dollars. In comparison the United States had spent today's equivalent of 100 billion dollars on its 15 Apollo missions in the 1960s and the 1970s. Even as India spends on its space missions, millions of people remain in poverty in the country and that is why critics ask that the sums that are being used in its research and in the hope of elevating its prestige could rather be spent down here on earth instead. At any rate, all eyes are sure to be on the sky for the Indian moon landing in September. Is the mission worth it? What it what do you think, do tell us in the comments section.


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  • Ravikiran Nande says:

    Modi has different priorities than uplifting the underprivileged. He just dose not want to invest anything on the farmers, poor and socially backwards.

  • Congratulations 🥳🇮🇳👍🏻
    Respect from China!🇨🇳
    The path of space exploration has never been easy. I'm glad India has made great achievements. We have a new partner in the great cause of human exploration of space!

  • Indians are very intelligent people, millions of scientific brains cannot be wasted, poverty alleviation and scientific exploration will go hand in hand. Only the cow terrorists should be restrained, then India will have a great future.

  • india has huge population of poverty but they are bragin for spaceship in the moon? Why don't they clean their contamintated country first?????

  • Don’t buy the story that western countries sell. Science and lifting people’s living standards are equally important.

    India has wisely spend the budget in this lunar mission. Well done! Let the European feel jealous, that’s why they like to criticise other countries.

  • AASH THE NOMAD. says:

    One third of indian have no access of clean drinking water,
    So what is the point for that fake moon landing.

  • Fact : India is 3rd largest economy by GDP PPP. 5th largest economy by GDP nominal. Cost of living is 10X cheaper than west. Extreme poverty is just 5% as per 2019. Gov. Spends less than 0.1% on space program, so argument of saying 'use that money for poor' doesn't make any sense, it's just a routine excuse developed by west to undermine and downplay India's success. It's not money which makes this mission alone, first and foremost you need talent intelligent scientists to make it possible. No one is giving credits to them.

  • Even India's successful mars mission back in 2013 was also indigenous. Fact: Only 5% of Indian population in under extreme poverty. Every year India lifted our millions from poverty. Every country has poverty in this ratio, for which one shouldn't ignore strong 85% middle class and rich population of India as well. And also give credit to intelligent scientists.. money doesn't make this missions, it's intelligent scientists which make this possible .

  • Lusade Devron says:


  • Some Otherday says:

    Indian street food is considered the best in the world but most in a unhygienic practice.But Indian gov only see the moon.

  • Nikhil Narayanan says:

    Since ISRO earned 20 billion $ by ivesting only 2.5 billion $ so far . Then what the bleddy critiques are complaining of

  • Sandeep Pillai says:

    Does America think on spending their army budget on the homless and jobless millions in America? No! ask that question too.

  • Believe in Truth says:

    how can news channels be so biased, by saying to India that 'money need to be spent on earth rather than space'.. US spends thousands times more than India in space also spends hundreds times more in defense while being a developed nation and founded 500 years ago, there are still issues within.
    while India bieng looted till last drop of wealth and blood. started from scratch and within 70 years now orbiting mars, halfway to land on moon..and have population many times than of US.
    India spends more on human welfare than space..
    Western media might work more on opinion than facts.

  • can DW stop this same nonsense talk, why india does space missions; i mean this is the same BBC BS.

    why does europe does space missions, when millions of europeans cannot afford food; its absolute nonsense 🙂

  • Shiva Badruswamy says:

    Another endeavor of India that everyone here does not know or forgetting is the $2 billion Thirty Meter Telescope that the US, Canada, India, China, and Japan are funding and putting together. About 82 of the 492 30-meter advanced mirrors along with adaptive optics systems is being manufactured in Bangalore. Post installation in Hawaii, this telescope will be more powerful than space telescopes and will be the largest telescope ever built by mankind. It is going to make the search for inhabitable planets explode and available right on the ground. Also, very advanced pathbreaking technologies are being developed by these 5 countries together, in a joint endeavor for mankind.

  • Greece, Portugal etc. Spent too much money on poor. What it resulted in? poor people not willing to work hard and dependent on state for everything, forcing other countries in region to pay for them. Is that a favourable situation? India better be independent and in position to take care of itself. This investment in technology will pay out a lot strategically in the future.

  • Indians are poor because Britain had been stealing it's wealth for 200 years.Just in the year of 1943 31million people died in Bengal because of the famine created by Churchill.

  • Space related missions & research should be seen in a positive way. Today’s vacuum cleaner pump , crawler belt , packed food packets , GPS , Climate predictions , Telepathy & effective use of solar panels were all born by Space technology & research . It helps Mankind not in a very early time but in near future.

  • It' not just the space missions, india has also scrapped a defense project with russia where they were supposed to develop 5th gen fighter aircraft together, from what i see on indian tv, it was due to the fact that indian did not feel it economical enough to participation in R&D and felt it would be cheaper to buy plane instead of develop it. But india and russia have set a target of triple the trade by 2025 so maybe there are things we dont know yet. obviously things are happening behind the scenes.

  • Space program is as important for India as recyclable energy is, as securing the border is, as reducing the travel time between places. It tells the world, "Careful! India is not a pushover any more! India is a force to recon with!"

  • tortured human says:

    Indian performance is doing great in the field of space research.If Chandrayan 2 succeeds,it will set a milestone and inspiration for other developing countries.Best wishes for Chandrayan 2

  • India is a space power. Money well spent. We don't need lecture from foreign media and institutions especially a channel emanating from a country which is responsible for two world wars, genocide etc

  • End of the day everything comes to poverty lol..Indian proverty index is around 20 percent when congress goons came and made it 35 percent allowing fake ngos and useless journalists like this lady in the video

  • There is really no logic behind the financial argument. By investing in space, India is not just gaining prestige, but also making technological advancements and fueling the demand for high-skilled workers. The amount they are spending on their space program is a tiny fraction of their GDP, and it makes complete sense to invest in an area in which you have a competitive advantage. If India can do these space missions for so much cheaper than anyone else, it's definitely going to bring in business and investment and spur private enterprise as well.

  • if they can go to the moon then they no longer need aid every year so they can clearly look after there own if they can go to the moon simple as that stop giving them money

  • India is lucky to have good citizen not complaining about their despicable life. They just want rockets to the space and nukies to bomb down enemies on the border.

  • India Never changes says:

    A country that couldn't provide people power (electricity for domestic & industry) clean drinking water, proper road connectivity from any village to a nearest town/city, quality education in govt schools, employment for its youth, agricultural development, transport fecilities, medical fecilities for all, setting up industries to create employment in private sector for more than 71 years after independence, Is chandrayan – 2 worth executing?

  • To help the poor we should neglect our scientists, engineer's, doctors, etc. Its not fare the west has always seen us as 3rd world country and don't want to see our success now ego problems 😂

  • ricker barren says:

    Getting good in Science and technology is the only way to make your country poverty free and strong .
    I totally support space investments.
    Today India is third largest economy only bcoz they are good in science and technology .

  • Space exploration and achievements will bring in money to India with which it can eradicate it's poverty… and this was not highlighted!!!

  • INDIA 🇮🇳 Spend only 0.4% of it's budget on space exploration.
    We have the BEST SCIENTISTS in the world & ISRO is our Proud

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