Why is Halo 5's Campaign So BAD!? (Part 1) Marketing, Expanded Lore, & Intro Cinematics

Why is Halo 5's Campaign So BAD!? (Part 1) Marketing, Expanded Lore, & Intro Cinematics

Halo 5 Guardians has one of the worst
campaigns and stories in videogame history. And I'm not really sure who to
blame for all of this because it seems like every aspect of Halo 5 story was
screwed up. Everything this story tries to do it FAILS! And this is halo this is
a franchise known for its quality storytelling! And with such a huge budget
how was this the end result? I don't like it. Now there's a couple theories I have
for why halo fives campaign turned out so terribly. One: everyone that worked on
Halo 5s campaign had no idea what they were doing what they were trying to do
or how to tell a good story. 343 hired a totally inept group of writers and staff.
Two: Microsoft intervened at some point and changed the design process of Halo 5
story resulting in what we have now. It could even be a combination of both but
I'll leave that up for you guys to decide. I don't think anyone is happy
with this story, I don't think 343 is happy, I don't think
Microsoft is happy, I'm not happy with it, nobody is happy with this story! Now this
is going to be a straight-up review I'm going to be honest, I'm not gonna
bullshit, I'm not gonna dance around, okay. I'll point out things that I think are
good if I come across them. Now the sad part about Halo 5 story is that it will
never go away it cannot be remade or redone this is
the story the game released with and there's no going back from that. In fact,
Halo 5 story is so bad that it's actually the perfect example for how not
to tell a story. Now I think we all know that halo 5 story is pretty bad but just
how bad is it?! And where do I even begin dissecting this monstrosity?? Well I'm
gonna start off with the thing that pissed all of us off. Number one Hunt The
Lies! The first and most obvious problem with Halo 5 story is the God forsaken
marketing! I'll admit it 343, after watching those
trailers and videos I sincerely thought there was going to be an awesome story
told in Halo 5. All of the advertisements painted a truly epic picture: a newer
brand of Spartan fours? Team Osiris?! Against a group of renegade Spartan twos??
And blue team emerging from their stories to reconnect with the Master
Chief?! Chief versus Locke! Two Spartans within seconds of executing each other?
Who would be victorious?!? Shit! I gotta get this game! This story looks awesome! These
visions and ads made such an impression on everyone who watched them they showed
radical changes to the halo story and an interesting conflict between the two
characters you'd be playing as. We all eagerly awaited the fifth installment
in the Master Chief saga. After Cortana died Chief was finally starting to show
some subtle emotions, he looked to be in a vulnerable state. She said that to me
once About being a machine. This would be the
perfect time to explore themes of PTSD, soldiers as machines, war, older versus
newer generations, the possibilities were endless! And just like me
you were probably super excited after watching some of these ads. You probably
thought Halo 5 was going to have a kick-ass story, maybe even the best story
in the Halo franchise! But what you didn't realize was that you were fucking
lied to! These scenes reflect a setting we never see, conflicts we never get to
experience, character development that never happens, and badass dialogue that
is non-existent in Halo 5. I'm not so much hunting a spartan, as I'm hunting THE Spartan. It's almost like there was going to be an entirely different story
but that they changed it halfway through and kept the marketing ads for the story
they were going to have. Now when you're marketing a game you need to have ads
that reflect what is going to happen, what players can expect from it. When
your advertisements are so slimy and deceptive and it just pisses off the
community of fans that you have, you really need to rethink your marketing
strategy with this! Because the last thing you want your fans to think is, am
I being deceived? Am I being tricked? Was this all a lie? So
what 343 needed to do was stick with the story in the marketing or change the
marketing, but they didn't do either so the marketing is lies! Pretty much
everything the trailers and ads showed is non-existent in Halo 5 and it doesn't
matter! It doesn't happen! Or does it? I don't know! Is this real? It's incredible
how little all this marketing matters in the grand scheme of things looking back
we're gonna see it as those deceptive ads that tried to sell us a story that
never existed and we're not gonna look at it as, oh fuck yeah I remember getting
so hyped for this! When we look back at the other Halo games marketing we can
get fucking hyped for it. There are things about Halo, even the Hierarchs do not understand. But
when we look back at Halo 5s marketing we're going to remember those feelings
of being tricked and lied to and that's the worst part of Halo 5s marketing. All
right so I'm done talking about the marketing and so now you might be
thinking that we're going to move on to the actual campaign, right? WRONG!! There is yet another fatal flaw with the setup of Halo 5. As if the deceptive marketing
wasn't bad enough, this is actually worse! Number two: the writers expects you to
know all of the expanded lore. This is the thing that alienates so many people
from being able to enjoy Halo 5s story. I'm sorry, not enjoy. Understand. Just look
at this diagram! This is all the material you have to know in order to simply
understand Halo 5s campaign. Let's look at this okay, you've got Halo Escalation
a comic book series. New Blood, the book where Buck becomes a Spartan. Fall of
Reach, Origins of Blue Team and Spartan II program. Master Chief Collection, the
cutscene where Locke was first revealed as a Spartan talking to the Arbiter.
Trailers, Halo Last Light, exploration of Blue Team, a novel. Hunt the truth podcast
who can tell you the truth? Ruhbluhbluh Halo Nightfall a TV series that gives the
background to Agent Locke. Hunters in the Dark,
introduction to Olympia Vale. Like holy shit! Just just stop! Just stop with all of
this! No longer is it possible for players to simply put in a Halo game be
able to play the campaign and enjoy it just on its own that's not possible.
You've got to do your fucking homework, okay! You've got to read the comic books!
You've got to read the novels! You've got to watch the animated TV series! You've
got to watch the trailers! You've got to listen to the podcast! You've gotta watch
Halo Nightfall! And if you don't, well you're not gonna understand jack shit
because you're not a true Halo fan and you don't fucking do your homework!! Gaaaaahd!
This is the worst possible setup you could have for your story and campaign.
Not only is your marketing incredibly deceptive
and full of lies, but the entire premise, plot, and characters of your story can
only be understood from things that are outside of that story! I'm not bashing
the expanded universe I'm not bashing any of these things because truth be
told I haven't read or watched any of them. So I'm not criticizing those
stories, what I am criticizing is the fact that they are essential to
understanding what is in the actual game. Now the way they should have done this,
is they should have put all these essential parts into the story and if
they can't do that then create a story that has all these essential parts. And
then once you release the game, people love the story and everyone wants more,
then release your comic books, your novels, your TV shows, okay. That's how you
fucking market this. That's how you get people into it. Now looking at this
diagram we can all agree that Halo 5s campaign and story only appeals to
people who have read or watched this material and not only that but you have
to buy these books! That's more shit you have to buy and spend your time in. It
would be fine if Halo 5 Guardians told a complete, incredible story. But it doesn't!
And it's because of this that it doesn't, because the most essential plot points
are not in the game. It's as bad as grimoire cards for Destiny. Now we can
see how the entire campaign and story was set up to fail before we even see
the first cutscene. Number Three: Big Dumb Intro You know I could talk about how
dumb this intro is for like five hours. So the game starts off strong with a
cutscene that has absolutely nothing to do with the rest of the game. Yes! The
very firth cinematic that we see has no relevance whatsoever. The conflict of
Oni trying to kill Halsey and Cortana is mentioned in this cutscene. They'll order you to kill us both. But it is never explored
in the rest of the campaign! Why the fuck didn't they cut this scene out? Anyways
the game starts up looking pretty good, but then right off the bat we get boring
exposition from Captain A and Commander boring. They say there's been Forerunner attacks on five different colonies. But
rather than opening up with footage that shows these attacks builds the drama and
establishes the villains and what they're capable of, the game just has two
boring unintroduced characters talk about it. And just because you tell us that people are dying and
there's massive destruction, that doesn't mean we're going to instantly care about
it! Hey 343, you ever heard of show don't tell? So exposition tells us that Dr.
Halsey has information on these attacks and is being held captive on Kamtchata
by Jul M'dama. Whatever the hell Kamtchata is and whoever the hell Jul M'adimada is. So they give fireteam Osiris a mission briefing which seems
oddly misplaced because we don't even know who fireteam Osiris is yet! What are
they doing on the Pelican if they're just being briefed on their mission
right now. They should be in a briefing room or the bridge of the Infinity.
Tracking gear online? Affirmative. Well that dialogue was
utterly pointless. Uh who are you? Say, before we make this jump anybody
want to say a few words? No wait wait who who are you? So then we get reintroduced to
buck who is now a Spartan and the first thing that comes out of his mouth is
something utterly ridiculous that makes no sense. I figure if God can hear how
scared I am, so can everyone else. Wait, what? What does that even mean?
I couldn't tell you were scared not by the tone of your voice or what you said.
And if God can hear how scared you are? You're bringing God into this?
Everyone else knows you're scared too, eh? Gee you probably shouldn't be
telling everyone what a scared little pussy you are right before this
dangerous mission. Within two minutes of starting the game we're already getting
dialogue that makes no sense. Good shit, Brian! Good. Shit! Then there's a failed
attempt to create some sort of connection between Locke and Buck aaaaaaand
they're off! Well music is pretty awesome but we're quickly going to see why this
opening cutscene ruins the pacing and is utterly pointless. Alright so they're
jumping down into uh, wait what the hell? What's going on? There's a dogfight?
Between who? Who's fighting what? What are they fighting about?
You see these are the kinds of questions an opening scene is supposed to answer.
Instead, Halo 5 dives straight into mindless action. Wait a minute, I thought
they were supposed to go behind enemy lines? Your mission is to insert behind
enemy lines, retrieve Halsey and bring her back to Infinity. Did you guys even
listen to the briefing? Did the pilot just fuck up and drop you
guys off in the wrong location? So at this point Osiris is running down a
mound in a location we know nothing about, fighting enemies in a conflict we
have no interest in. You see this cutscene was also part of the marketing
and on its own it's pretty goddamn impressive! It shows off incredible
graphics and the new Spartan abilities which look fantastic! The problem is, this
does nothing for the story! We know next to nothing about these characters, the
setting, or the plot, before they're jumping off into this Michael Bay action
scene! There's no tension in this scene because we don't know what's going on
and there's nothing at stake for us to care. What's worse is that this opening
scene only makes Osiris and the Covenant look like a bunch of retards. Wait wait,
why are you jumping onto that ship? Why are you risking your life, disobeying
order, just to kill a few sword elites? Your mission is to rescue Halsey, you
idiot! And you know what? Those sword elites should have fucking killed her!
Look at how poorly choreographed this fight scene is, like what are those
elites doing off-screen? They're just standing there. Turn around and kill her!
You jackals, use your gun and fucking shoot her! This whole scene makes the
Covenant look like a joke. If an entire army is unable to subdue just a single
Spartan even when they recklessly jump into your dropship, then what does that
say about the Covenant? If there's nothing at stake and the lives of the
Spartans are not at risk, then there is no investment in the scene and the
tension is gone. This is mind-numbing, you aren't meant to think about this scene
too much. It's action! It's your medicine to help you forget about all the plot
points they didn't address. An opening scene to a story, movie or
game, is what's known as the hook, and the introduction. It's the thing that grabs
your attention right from the start and while this scene could have worked it,
doesn't because the basics are never explained! The other Halo games use their
opening cinematics to establish characters. Setting. Motivations. I will
continue my campaign against the humans! No! Plot. Master Chief, defend this station.
Yes, sir! I need a weapon. Right this way. Then
usually left all the action scenes to the gameplay, but with Halo 5 nothing
gets established properly. The most basic elements of storytelling are not given
the right amount of attention. Having watched just the intro and knowing how
badly the whole story was set up we can already see the major problems
manifesting and just how broken the story is, three minutes into the opening
cutscene. Alright, so what do you think about this video? Post your comments
below! And subscribe for part two. This is The Act Man signing out. Peace! You've completed your story, Spartan Locke. My review, is just beginning!


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  • in the first cut scene ir second where the girl spartan went to kill all the elites i got so pissed. Like Spartans are not gods, there super solders. Like halo reach(my favorite game) all the Spartans died, each by each. what was George supposed to drop the bomb and walk off the ship? They make the power ranger(the Spartans) look like gods. the whole halo series is people dying.

  • everyone said Halo 4 is so bad… then Halo 5 came out and now Halo 4 is seen as a pretty good game

    halo5 is so bad it makes halo 4 look like an a carbon copy of halo 2 like 3 was of ce

  • Oh God… the medicine you show at 13:43(kind of an ironic time stamp) when you say "it's your medicine" is the exact fucking medicine I take …. 😐

  • He’s a tard. So basically if you’ve played the series you should understand it just fine. I didn’t have any trouble. Also why would you complain about the trailers? What didn’t they put in besides some dialogue? They didn’t promise all kinds of shit in the trailers like multiplayer that didn’t happen. Just Whiney

  • This is the most disappointing video I've ever seen. If you don't get what's going on in Halo 5, you're absolutely inept. Completely void of understanding anything. I mean plainly, you're fucking retarded. It's spelled out in the game what's happening. You literally listed no conflict between Locke and John yet there was an actually hand-to-hand combat scene between the two of them. I'm NOT saying the games' story was the best, because I do NOT like the direction its headed but to slander it altogether? Yeah ok. I'm typing this as this video plays for the second time and I can't even keep up with how idiot your remarks are. I wonder if you did a video on Halo 4. That game AND soundtrack blows ass but I'm gonna guess you fucking loved it based off how much of a moron you are. There's a mode of Halo 4. Spartan Ops. THAT'S where you find out who Jul, is. All you had to do was play the fucking game? Too hard for you? Are you playing them and listening to the dialogue even like.. a little bit?? Again, I'm NOT impressed with where the story is headed but good god, you act like its absolute waste. I don't know how many people here do what I occasionally do, but I play all the halo games in a row, every now and again. Halo 4 is the hardest to get through. Halo 5? I look forward to it. Obviously Reach and Halo 2 above all other games but Halo 5 is most definitely NOT as bad as you're making it out to be. I'd honestly wager you think Call of duty is a solid game with a great story. Pathetic review. Don't be biased, guy

  • Commissar Dale says:

    Even as a huge Halo fan, I don't look much into the books. Other than Halo: the Flood, I haven't read any of the books.

    Edit: I don't like how in-depth the Forunners are now. They were mysterious and dead, I wish they had stayed that way.

  • TheGhoulishSword says:

    The entirety of Osiris Team would've died in the opening cutscene. Trying to make the Spartan 4s look too OP.

  • I can tell you haven't read or watched any of them. Because halo 5 beyond blue team, is ultimately not reliant on the books at all. Halo 5 might as well have burned the books otherwise. I wish I hadn't read them. Halo 5 is worse if you've read everything.

  • I don’t think I didn’t have as visceral reaction to this game as other because I’ve read all the back story. There’s a lot of fan service in it. But the story of this game is crap. It relies on the EU to tell the story but tells no story itself.

  • Biggest Metroid Fan in All Existence says:

    Hum the intro doesnt have to immediately explain everything. It can be a venue to use that to further establish intrigue and mystery

    Averaging Halo Player REEEEEEEEEEEEE

    when you know the lore and still dislike Halo 5….

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