• You really changed my life.. i watched your video on July-17, and that day and today- for 6 months i have stopped using social media after using it for 6 years. it was almost impossible because of a lot of concerns of mine that every one is on Facebook , i will miss a lot, i will lose touch with my old "fake" friends, i was rather depressed with others way of living life and was bound to record it by checking in to some place and taking photos to show it to my friend every time when i was out to some place. now after 6 months and continue, i am feeling like a free man and much much proud , i want to help others and make them feel and understand how this deceptive world and smart/cruel people behind it making us fool and ruining our life and we have no idea of it.

  • I've decided to start limiting my Facebook use because it's making me increasingly uneasy. People who bitch about one another behind their backs in real life paint an idylic picture of 'likes' and hearts towards one another on Facebook. This drives me up the wall because it's so fake, yet I feel like I'm being the unfriendly, odd one out for not indulging it. Often Facebook will also show me tailored adverts and I wonder how on earth it got that information about me, plus I can't like or comment upon something privately – anyone on my 'friend' list (i.e. acquaintances I haven't spoken to for 15 years since school) or nosy family members can see discussions that don't concern them and react to it. It makes me insecure too. For instance, seeing a friend commenting and sharing photos, yet I sent her a text message 5 days ago and she hasn't responded…she's entirely within her rights to do that and without Facebook she would simply be 'busy', but Facebook encourages the inner critic to make it about me being boring or not engaged enough. It's all just so unhealthy and bizarre when you take a step back and reflect on it.

  • I don't want to waste every single day of my life in social media. I want to live like REALLY living, just like before — no social media, just simple life. I have already deleted my instagram just last day and I'm no longer in facebook. Now, I'm quietly living a productive life. Quitting social media also helps me get closer to my Lord & to my husband. 🙂

  • Aragon the Trickster says:

    I always used social media from the beginning as a tool to expose my art and in the early Myspace and then Facebook days pre 2013 It was great in regards to getting my work out there but what started to happen by 2013 is i became more and more miserable with Facebook and also Instagram. I felt like i had to be this character to entertain people instead of the content i was producing or well posting. It became a huge competition even more between artists especially if you didn't have a huge following or likes with your work ..then the galleries followed that same model as well as patrons of the arts basically its not what you do its how much you follow the herd and who you know ( who you know has always been a thing in any profession) i believe in the merit of your work not a circle jerk.
    There was this constant push of anxiety to be better to get more likes ….ultimately to be someone i was not and it literally made me sick..full body tendonitis from 2013 to this past month(finally healed it with rest and meditation) from overworking to "be better" so i could maintain a career i live and breathe for which is art and from over use of my cellphone aka social media etc. I have deleted my personal accounts but still have low key and maintenance business accounts besides u tube but usually listen to it while doing other activities cooking cleaning walking working out art's been more of an aid then a hindrance but i also stay focused on what content i want to tune into and not get sucked into the rabbit hole 😉 I almost quit my art career which i have professionally invested 18 years of continuous and personal and professional growth because of most social media platforms…i drank the cool aid and believed i was inferior to others that i had to start doing more and more staged photos, tricks and stunts to be a success as a visual artist (which is total bullshit 🤨) The constant snarky projection from other artists and pateons competition made me more judgmental and paranoid ..overall it ain't fucking worth it…period.

  • Only started using ig 5 months ago and damn it changes my life so much to the point i cannot help reaching for my phone to check it. Definitely miss those days i did not use it. After watching this, i make a vow to myself to quit instagram. It's hard but i know i can do it!!!

  • Rafael Vargas says:

    I’ve quit, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat was the easiest. Still go on YouTube daily and my gmail in the morning and a minute before sleeping. It was so bad for me I had my friend change my password for IG and FB. Now I got to learn control over google and YouTube, but I have started to read more again and relearning a few things.

  • Social media has its ups and downs but he doesnt just mock cell phones in genral he hated the internet too since he was a more face to face person. Back to phones and social media which are pretty much hand in hand. Its a great tool just overly used, im only 27 years of age and I pretty much avoid it all together mostly… im here arnt I. I pretty much tell everyone if you wanna talk to me you call me! I dont text I refuse, Ill text short mesages cause thats oddly enough whats its meant for a quick way to communicate "some" information keyword some, not all of it!!!

    If you want a conversation call me, otherwise dont text me a fucking book thinking ill respond ill just look at it and ignore it or laugh then ignore it. 🙂 Its quite liberating to be free from a constant text battle, unlike some of my friends who seem to be a slave to their device always on it always thumbing the touch screen to check for a missed text or to respond to one and… we just wont talk about apps but snap chat…. I fucking hate it.

     I had a buddie addicted to that shit I wanted to kill him and myself to forget the entire act, like seriously taking a photo everyday and sending it to a bunch of people and then sending another once they respond.. just NOOOO! Honestly I think less of you if I see you attached to your phone when your with people cause.. your face to face at the moment yet your trying to talk to someone on your phone…. seems counterproductive… or just rude I just cant figure out if these people are just ass holes or idiots…. maybe both!

    I am introverted so my opinion on the matter is a bit biased seeing how Id rather listen to a conversation over engage and talk in one, not because of being shy but because small talk is socially draining to ones energy.

     I find pathetic conversations to be absolutely horrific " like how was your day? smile ( you ask me this evertime… and guess what my day didnt change much from the last time you asked… how about asking me something a bit more specific maybe you actually remembered the last time we spoke I was auditioning for a band… yeah I got lead vocals im on rolling stones next week! thanks 🙂 "

    conversations have to be engaging to be worth any interest to say the least…. so the way I see it if your using your phone constantly you have no fucking life, or hobbies or fucking brain…. or you would have noticed most of your life and time spent is on the damn thing. I deleted my social media accounts except for a few select sites like youtube and forums for my hobbies = games and movies no brainer right!

     Young guy in his 20's obviously I love games and film my grandfather loved games himself kinda how I got hooked on them playing with papa in his 60's! He retired and played on consoles till ps3 and xbox 360 then he gave them up for family time cause he said he spent too much time on them and the newer games didnt really interest him, but I know they did he just wanted to break away from them cause he got addicted to them nothing wrong with that, he gave them up eventually when the time was right so more power to him!

    enough about my life though and me, what Im trying to get at is… you cant let phones, or media control you and by that I mean dont constantly obsess over another text, snapchat ect…. by the way I cut that friend out my life, I dont wanna be friends with someone who when I am hanging out with them they are on their phone… fuck you…. 🙂 its toxic and rude to be chatting it up on your phone while out partying with friends… its like that person isnt even there with your group just stuck on their phone elsewhere… thats a loser.

    Your never to old to have hobbies…or interests … life is supposed to be fun not some fucking slave routine where you work sleep and do it all over again while being zombied into your phone. Only time I use media like this is on my pc at home where I am alone… now on break on work… sure use your phone for whatever…. but on your own free time why would you even bother….

    I once read the time we spend on our cell phones added up after we die would calculate into aprox a few years of our life lost… thats ALOT ALOT OF TIME LOST!!!!! I mean shit you watch a movie its terrible and you just lost an hr easily… of your life maybe 2hrs if it was long… and now your telling me YEARS>>>>> FUCK THAT SHIT! I read that and immediately cut down my time use on my phone to pretty much nothing… I was avging prob 2-4 hrs a day on the damn thing… now its lucky to get an hr out of me.

    I respect people who put the phone down and leave it down to others… I see you and I despise you cause you dont even know your wasting your life away…. when something more engaging or entertaining could be taking place in its stead.

    I love my phone for gps, quick short messages like "where r you… r you free? " and calling when driving cause why text…. thats dumb… i can still see the road and talk if I call…. and to order food while in the car thats a fucking WIN! I do not like it for constantly communicating , I find that loathsome and depressing constantly keeping in contact. Believe me my gf hates me… but loves me all the same because she knows face to face im going to be looking and talking to nothing but her… and she doesnt have to worry about me texting every girl all the way to Bangkok shes knows exactly where my attention is either on her or some material of interesting thing, like a book or film even a game! Something ill get enjoyment out of.. to say the least…

    now for some people they enjoy talking… extroverts im looking at you… and I might despise your self interest to constantly communicate but thats your business I might still call you an idiot…. but thats you life! Ill still judge… but hey, dont let that affect you if you really enjoy texting… do it whose to say im right and your wrong. But WE both can agree you talk a bit too much and could prob take a day where you take the battery out of your phone and it would be a better day well spent… just saying! WE both know it your even secretly hoping no one texts you some days…. I know this… how cause Ive heard it before and its sad. Sad because you wont turn it off not because you respond… but because you dont give yourself that time of peace and alone.

    Having alone time.. is nice… its not a great thing… but it can be nice and enjoyed and sometimes needed for relaxation and to self improve. I love my alone time, I actually enjoy it more than being in a group of friends having fun … sometimes! And sometimes I want and need that social environment for my own mental health…. I also want to see people but if I was the life the party and constantly going places meeting new people partying socializing constantly id hang myself….. even if it was a blast!

    Cause there would be no fucking DOWN TIME! Thats the point were really getting tooo phones.. need down time social media needs down time… we all need down time!!! it helps alot! Might not enoy it at first might get depressed might feel lonely might even be fucking bored… but give it time and find something that peaks your interest or makes you get creative! You dont constantly need a muse… wink wink

    Thats all for my lil rant but maybe just maybe ill change a persons phone habits at least one person. I know I did after I found out id lose years off my life… cause idk about you but I dont live forever…

  • I just deleted Facebook, reddit, and 3 games I played. And instagram. And youtube from phone. But youtube isbiggest problem. I don't know how to fight it. Wish me luck and thank you.

  • I think this is the time that I should stop using social media.
    God is already telling me what to do.
    -I subscribe to this channel last 5 months I guess and today I was looking for it because I just miss watching a quality content videos but then I watch a lot of videos before I was able to get here.
    -I scroll down to see the oldest video and found this one and watch it I read a lot of comment about how their experiences went through and I wanna give it a try because of the positive reviews.
    This is me:
    -waking up in the morning and check my Facebook account
    -Instagram account
    -YouTube channel being distracted the while day because of watching the views, likes and comments
    -having a blurry vision because of using gadgets
    – A Great procrastinator!!!
    – I want to be good on English grammar but I just can't because of social media.

    I'll give it a try and update y'all after 3 months 6 months 9 months and 12 months.

  • I agree I stopped using Facebook, Instagram and twitter since december.
    but Im still using the Youtube. I watch what I want. you know what I mean… One thing for sure I became a much happier person, loving myself. I dont need that (shithole media) because I realized, before all social media thing. life was fun. without all this (look at me thing) was honest friends, not this fake friends exbicionist people.
    and the addictive habit of checking and trying to be THE PERFECT ONE. no! for me finished. I can say no regrets. everyone should try it 🙂

  • Hilarius Novus-Portus says:

    Facebook is a real shitty thing.
    Fake friends, fake comments and fake news.
    It gives you a total disturbed view on the world and reality.
    Because you live in a kind off bubble where people sharing they own thoughts and ideas and deny or even delete every opposite opinion.
    It is responsible for a lot of polarisation, because the algorithms just make you see the same view from allways the same people, grooups of fanpages.
    It just limit your view to the world! Period.

  • Video uploader person. Dude, thanks for breaking all that info down like that for anybody to understand. I already knew all that but most of the world doesn't. The YouTube is my only social media source and i always feel it pulling me in, but i have good self control, it is addicting tho. I know I'm late and all, but if you haven't already you should do a video about "not replying to trolls or negative comments in general". I went down that path once, basically someone threatened my moms life so i told them where they live and that I'd murder his entire family if my mom died tonight, he deleted his messages (that i had screenshots of) and threatened to get the law involved, i sent him his screenshots and told him we would both do time, mine being more time than him but I'm solid, I've done time before I've got nothing to lose, he backed down. My bad for writing so much. Anyway, the internet's cool for learning but some of the people here suck. Later homie.

  • Mutafa Rahmani says:

    Techniacally you cant stop facebook
    Sometimes on shops or streets you need to log in your facebook account to get acces to rheir wifi

  • Monica Merino says:

    I deleted my LinkedIn account this week because it felt like I had my cv up for the world and got nothing in return, does that count? haha
    Great testimony, thanks!

  • Christina Eder says:

    This week, I'm using your guidelines and giving one of my books away every day (avg. $5-7 value). In exchange for this freebie, I ask for a review and publicity. If I'm spending $5 on a Facebook ad that I don't know its' impact, I'd rather use the money for marketing face-to-face to develop relationships. Thank you for helping me think outside of the box!

  • I’m struggling on focusing and learning more about what i really desire and today is the day i deleted them… I will keep you posted on the difference i feel whether it be days, weeks, months or years i’ll be back to comment the life changing effects and what i’ve learned thank you for certifying me in my decision! God bless you!! 🤙🏽

  • my biggest fear has never been about missing out, i have good loyal friends who text me if something cool is coming up or whatever. i’ve been trying to delete social media the last couple of days but i’ve redownloaed it again. my will power isn’t good. i’ve been have such a hard time finding motivation to do other things, i just want to sit on my bed and scroll through instagram. AND THATS HORRIBLE. i’m so addicted to it. i just gotta officially officially quit. i’m 17 and i feel like i’ve been raised on social media and it’s just my life, idk how to do life with out it. pretty sad and makes me sad, but i know i need to make a change. idk wish me luck

  • I Don't Know Elisa says:

    Time to do it again, I quit for a year and came back into it after even knowing the effects of it and I regret it, here’s to quitting again. I’m going to document my whole journey on here

  • I already quite Social Media for a Months and haven't any mind to go back thanks to Carl Newport's book 'Deep Work'

  • I started my YouTube channel because of social media and how it influenced me and the change I have made to living a healthier happier life. It has taken years but I am finally learning. This is a really insightful video 😊

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