Why I Quit Social Media. Digital Detox. Beauty Salon in Dubai.

Why I Quit Social Media. Digital Detox. Beauty Salon in Dubai.

Hi guys welcome back to my channel it’s
been a long and busy week for me I spent so much time in front of my laptop so
now I’m going to have a detox session at N.Bar I gonna switch off my phone and
disconnect from the digital world for 90 minutes and I advise you to do
the same at least once a week N.Bar has several branches across the city and I came to the one in Ibn Battuta mall because it’s the closest one to Dubai
Marina the mall is still closed as you see the shops are closed but it will open at 10 so I am inside the bar
here I’m gonna have my pedicure manicure and shoulder and head massage so Ms Oksana I’m nominating you to
complete the digital detox challenge so you will be putting your phone here for
90 minutes since you are doing the third package that we
have so and then you will get a discount voucher for 15% so you can use it next
time so guys if you join digital detox session you will get some discount for
your next purchase I officially joined the challenge Let’s start oh it’s so cute look guys how nice cup I have the perfect manicure What are we gonna do today treatment for the hands it’s anti-aging aroma therapy so I will not
be old so now we’re gonna have a massage
session I’m going to do the head neck and shoulder massage for 45 minutes you will do the relaxing one What is this? It’s a moisturize before putting paraffin so this is hot candle massage a glove with a candle inside and on my feet I have a special cooling mask it makes my feet feel refreshed my manicure is done and we are finishing pedicure the pedicure is done now I’m going to dry my feet here is a drying machine for my feet and hands I received a voucher that I completed a detox challenge it’s a 15% off my next visit to N.Bar so can you tell us what prices are for the detox challenge 30min – AED260, 60 min – AED395, 90 min – AED 465 so guys I finished my detox session
now I feel refreshed no tension in my shoulders I have beautiful manicure and
I highly recommend you to try it as well so thank you for watching and I will see you in the next video


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