Why I can never be a News Reporter (ft. Rambabu) | Lady Suppandi (with English subtitles)

Why I can never be a News Reporter (ft. Rambabu) | Lady Suppandi (with English subtitles)

Even if shirt changes Pant doesn’t change I have a disease called laziness So many asked me “what is lady suppandi” Suppandi or supandhi or suppanaki? It’s not all that It’s Lady Suppandi Say Lady Suppandi Actually , What is the meaning of Lady Suppandi? Who is dumb Who puts herself and others in trouble So you got a clarity. Right? SUBSCRIBE!!! I will wait, come on!!! Thank you Anyway today our topic is…. Why I can never be a news reporter Many people think about news as a subjected categories like national, international, regional economic, sports, political But for some emotional freaks like me remember news as anger, frustration, happiness, excitement, hunger This is what we remember If you don’t believe me, watch the proof 11 pm news? oh, 11 am news? Okay Sir!! Yeah Welcome to Suppandi News First let’s see the Headlines Welcome to Suppandi News. First let’s see the Head….. Is it audiable? Is my voice audible? Come on!! Tell the news now!! It might glare First of all, this suit is huge for me Rambabu Sir, How to mange with this? Dude I will kill myself In Nellore, because of dangerous feats,…. feats….. Okay feats…. In Nellore, because of dangerous feats In Nellore, because of dangerous feats One boy is in serious danger and got admitted in hospital Let’s see the visuals in captured in CC Camera How he tried to execute the feats? Enough of laughing!! Please read the news. City is in chaos, due to heavy rains A fight between biological mom and adoptive mom How it would look with put hand gestures? Should I be erect like a military officer? Okay I will give you what you want A fight between biological mom and adoptive mom a girl child is struggling in between I want mommy Songs plays… What amma(mother) what is this amma? What amma what is this amma? Koundinya Educational Institutions has been pressuring students a lot. Due to this a student committed suicide. Suicide? Why do they pressure students like this They should be killed in a row Sir!! I need a break I choose this lady due to my tight budget else I would have…. Sir, are you listening? I need lunch Tell dear, what do you want? (list of Indian dishes) Ice-cream It’s round? Looks like indian vada Did you give the list for whole month? Nope, the list is for today itself Get the items quick. Else I wouldn’t be able to say Day-before-yesterday it was Drugs, yesterday it was a Scam This we they are moving on… why do make tell this kind of news You will be behind camera You are trying to involve me by showing me in-front. Right? Modi government in 2016 and 2017, has done lot of developments but, weather the development is useful to public is a big question now is a big question now Lets see the weather reports now If you can see the weather today, within 2 hours, heavy rains are expected Within 2 hours? My clothes aren’t dry. I totally forgot! I have to go Sir. If I don’t go now I will have no clothes to wear for tomorrow Pretty much theses are the struggles I faced as a reporter Let me know your feed back in the comment section.


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