36 thoughts on “Why Huawei loves advertising with celebrities”

  • How do you feel about the ads? Here is the poll I promised:

  • Николай Козлов says:

    Despise everything said above, I totally witnessed Huawei growing big in Russia. Here we have a ton of Chineese low quality products, so nobody gave a heck about another brand from that country at the beginning. But they had some very agressive advertising, making the phones look luxorious and very affordable pricing, so now everybody has huawei devices. I myself have three of them. Great marketing indeed.

  • Rahul Aggarwal says:

    Very interesting video! The add with the biggest celebrity endorsement that I remember is George Clooney with Nespresso! And it does work as there is a feeling of association!

  • Isn't it odd that a communist state like China (Id'd rather say "pseudocommunist") embraces capitalism the way it does?

  • Luke Beauchamp says:

    6:42 So diversity in media wasn't a conspiracy by the cultural marxist illuminati. It was good old free market capitalism all along.

  • Well, this looks like racism for me.
    What's your problem…people buy what they like! It's a business…
    They are from China and they did cheap things or they do, but maybe them, now products are awesome, time is changing, people will know. If they realise now the best phone as an miracle why should i don't buy it, just because is China…?

  • 5:16 My friend told me how they pronounce it in russian. "Huivey" and it's meant something like "blowing dick". Perhaps, that's why this brand not popular there…

  • It’s worked in China, very well, there’s a lot people has some kind of fanatic “love” to celebrities. Besides, It’s common knowledge in China that Huawei is a state-funded “private” company, their goals isn’t (entirely)business but (sometimes)political.(to alter the country brand)

  • Comrade Stalin says:

    Because the Chinese population likes celebs a lot. Like a lot

    And isn't advertising with celebs the thing with many companies

  • Abhijit Zimare says:

    Huawei should be banned in US and Europe. And rest of the world.

    It is a Chinese intelligence agency morphed as a company.

  • nah, the correct pronunciation is actually /wa: wei/. It's Cantonese pronunciation and Huawei is a Canton based company.

  • Somehow…the title of the video doesn't suit that much….
    He should have gone for like….'huawei's relationship between America and China' or 'how is huawei conquering international market'

  • Maia sofie W says:

    Ive never liked iPhone but I always wanted one cause I was so embarrassed using my Samsung at school but last Christmas I got the huawei p20 lite that I wanted and it honestly looks a lot like a iPhone just better tbh

  • TheRealBandito says:

    goddamn thats why US is after Huawei now 😂

    The Huawei prez is so connected to government is ridiculous

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