Why does everyone hate Toronto? | Because News Survey

Why does everyone hate Toronto? | Because News Survey

– [Interviewer] Why does
everyone hate Toronto? – I don’t know, I’m tired of that. – The Toronto part of me wants to say, ’cause they want to be us. – Because all the cool people live here. – ‘Cause they wished they lived here. – ‘Cause it’s the literal
best city in the world. – When you’re envious of a
city, people just want to hate. – People from Toronto think that Toronto is the centre of the universe. – They think they’re the
centre of the universe? – The centre of the universe, you mean? – We’re the centre of the
universe and we know it. – Because we think we’re
the centre of the world and we’re super annoying about it. – We think we’re the
best, which isn’t true. – Torontonians could be
pretty self-centred. – They may have a point there. – Maybe, a little bit of navel-gazing – [Interviewer] You’re
moving out of Toronto. – I’m moving out of Toronto, yeah. I didn’t like the look of my navel. – It’s like a family with 10 children and one child runs around saying, “I’m daddy’s favourite.” – People hate having decisions
made above their heads. – I remember, a few years ago, there was a big traffic jam in Mississauga and that was national news. I mean, what the hell? – The traffic. – The transit. – I really hate the traffic. – Wait four more years until
it’s really hard to get around. – Because we suck. – So many Toronto people
will go like, elsewhere or like to places where I’m from, they make the whole area worse. – I think we’re kinda hard to crack. – It’s not the friendliest
city in the world. – I think we’re not as
nice as we think we are. – Could benefit from talking
with each other a lot more. – It’s a big city thing, I think. – I would love to be able
to live somewhere, instead of renting. – Gotta be the rats. – Because Drake, I guess? – You can be a big fish very easily here and forget that you’re not
a big fish anywhere else. – We have, like an
inferiority complex as a city, especially to New York. – A lot of people who hate Toronto, just have never really been to Toronto. – Who hates Toronto? – I really don’t know, they shouldn’t. – You shouldn’t. – I don’t know if people
actually hate Toronto. – This is news to me. – I think Torontonians think
everyone hates Toronto. – Not everyone hates Toronto. – I didn’t think that
anyone hated Toronto. – Oh, I don’t think
everyone hates Toronto. – I’m originally from Vancouver, so I actually do know how
much people hate on Toronto. – Oh, my Mom hates Toronto SO much. – Some people hate Toronto. – Let’s just say it’s no Winnipeg. – If I lived in Calgary
and I were a Flames fan, and Hockey Night in Canada’s national, so called “national” game, for 27 years was the Leafs and whoever the Leafs happened to be playing, I’d be pissed off too.


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