30 thoughts on “Why Diversity in Media Matters (#OscarsSoWhite)”

  • Claire Baguio says:

    I absolutely love this video! You explained why diversity is important so well – I've been looking around for a good video about this topic for a project. This one is perfect!

  • thank you for creating this video, I use it when teaching my students about the importance of representation in media.

  • I don't know who you are but unfortunately most people would only consider you a sjw for bringing up real issues when it comes to representative. I definitely agree with all of your points, I especially appreciate how you didn't get angry or defensive behind your reasoning. If you would ever consider creating films or shows I definitely will enjoy watching them.

  • I originally thought this was just gonna be a generic "there's too many white males and you should feel bad" buzzfeed like video. While there was a point or two I disagree with you have still made several valid arguments. Great video mate you earnt a sub

  • Jennie Sapherson says:

    One of the best shows I’ve ever seen describes this perfectly. SENSATE. It was on Netflix but I don’t know if it’s available any where else. I would love to know what you think of it and if you haven’t seen it you really should, The few people I know (I’m mostly bed bound) agree with me, they too have never seen anything quite like it before, it is diverse in so many ways.

  • TypeTheYouTuber says:

    This is a great video and explains why diversity is so important in a really accessible way without being a rant or angry in any way. I will say though that, while I agree that diversity is something that needs to exist in media, I also hate it when films/shows only include diverse characters for the sake of ticking those boxes.
    (The example I know most about is LGBT characters so that’s the example I’m going to use). Often, you’ll find stereotypical gay characters in popular shows and the only character arc they get is ‘secretly hates self for being gay, learns to accept self, everyone ‘comes out’ as something in the end’ because it’s not good representation.
    Instead of saying ‘include diversity’, I think it’s better to say ‘include representation’ because that means you have portrayals of people as people, not just because it ticks a box.

  • why should white people allow non whites into white countries when their brain dead Marxists. white people who make up 8% of world population are the true people of color. diverse = less white

  • I would elaborate, but nobody here will care, so I'll just say it straight – this video is mostly dumb.

  • The6thMessenger says:

    What's the background music?

    Also, what about the freedom of the creator? Sure representation is important, but if we have to check boxes just so one certain group wouldn't feel bad, what happened to our freedom?

    And what about actual preferential differences between men and women? Boys and girls preferring different toys. There are also female engineers, couldn't those women that didn't choose to be engineers just have different preferences?

  • Take your head out of your ass! You have to much time on your hands😂. And by the way, many new films are more diverse. Ghostbusters, Spiderman… there awful though.

  • Virgil Carastoian says:

    well if u want more colored people in your games and movies you can just watch for example african movies or play indian made games

  • Johnny Wesley says:

    God I hate disgusting East Indian migrants. Go back to India, and I don't care if you were born here. We don't want diversity.

  • TeamChaosPrez says:

    this is really interesting and hits a lot of points that i think are important for most people to know. i know that representation has helped me personally a lot over the years – as a gay woman i tend to cling to any fictional lesbians i can get my hands on, lol. great video, i'll be watching your content in the future!!!

  • I'm finally getting a chance to catch up on your work, and I've gotta say, it's really good! This video especially does a great job explaining some things that I've been trying to find words for for a long time. Looking forward to seeing more!

  • holy fuck i want to kill my self the first 3 mins. i was waiting for this shit dick to say something important but i fell asleep. wtf ? boring !

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