5 thoughts on “Why did Kulbhushan Yadav have a passport with a different name? | News Wire Bites | Indus News”

  • Pakistan will win the case in #ICJ , If #Pakistan does not win in ICJ , still Pakistan can hang Khulbashan Jadav to his death in Pakistan.

  • India is one of de Largest democratic & economical country but still there are no Toilets . Every morning People in India do surgical strikes on railway tracks in India

  • there r many cuts & edit of kulbhushan jadhav video….by this u can make fool of ur people…..not to the international court…..& idiots when discussing on TV should have basic knowledge of law…. admittance in the custody of security.. can't be granted admissable proof in international court of law…..jahil mulle kuchh knowledge ki baate bhi kar liya kar

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