Why are you guys Advertising Crunchyroll?

Why are you guys Advertising Crunchyroll?

thanks to crunchyroll for sponsoring this video so I'm a big meatball right I'm a big week I'll admit it I'm a big week I watched all the enemies the mainstream anime they're not so mainstream anime the anime is based off of fighting games I take those enemies I crush them up and I hail them directly into my lung I love everything about anything all right what I don't like about anime is the people that are trying their hardest to profit off of anime I'm saying anime a lot I apologize and no I'm not talking about the people that make the actual show like that like the writers and the animators I'm talking about people like crunchyroll and what's the shirt crunchyroll this isn't about you this is about people like you I like bitch this is about you Oh dare you how dare you ask me for money huh I'm over here trying to find websites so I can beat my dick to shit like proofing school are you trying to cock-block a nigga with that only six ninety-five a month no no I will not pay 695 a month I'm gonna watch my anime or free for free if you put in code dynamics for cult game grumps you can get 10% on huh well thanks for that but instead how would I go get this 10% off this free I'm about to watch to be fair I will be fair okay I'm a fair and honest man crunchyroll does allow you to watch anime for free it does but at the expense of playing an ad every time you breathe you try to make money off of me you try to use my weakness for monetary gain you do know I have other alternatives they're not much better but but there's still alternatives yes there are alternatives to crunchy wolf but a lot of them sucked a lot of dick like a lot of dick you know Mia Khalifa right yeah a lot of dick Exhibit A 9 anime it's almost the same as crunchier but their main differences the ads are on the outside the video and you have to find a way to sneak in you know we've gotta be sneaky real sneaky oh boy oh boy look at this this looks like a real sexy game I wonder how we'll have an advertisement it is oh man it looks like we have to be 18 years old to join the game and again you know I am an honest man no I am NOT a team shit it doesn't care what's the difference between these two sources of enemies though huh both of them have ads so why is the title of the video signifying that crunch Bowl is the bad guy maybe it's just the way I'm presented the ads all right with crunchyroll it's here some ads and if you want them removed you better comfort the cash quick you can tell these people already make money you can tell that grabbing wallets is just another routine clicking bullets smaller enemy sites like nine anime I'm presented with this ads can be a pain but there are only way to maintain the servers your patience is highly appreciated and then we hope our service can be worth it that tells me hey I don't make so much money Hey I apologize that I'm bombarding you with so many ads hey I do care about your opinion about us hey I'm just another enemy lover like you trying to spread the love of anime the most I can but you have to work with me somehow so yes I will work with you I will come here to watch Dragon Ball super I will come here to watch my hero academia I will come here to beat my dick 10 times a day to prison school I will thank you 9 anime and suck a giant whale dick to you you you crunchyroll especially you every single person every piece of shit person that decided that promoting this trash of a website was a moral thing to do now that that's over with make sure you guys keep Kody cat for free 30-day trial on Clinton


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