Why 23 million Americans don't have fast internet


49 thoughts on “Why 23 million Americans don't have fast internet”

  • michaelovitch says:

    USA rural areas complaining about 3 times what we have here in France in average size cities…
    Rural areas don't even have internet via cable here.

  • SuperiorNinja 3 says:

    I use my neighbors WiFi and right now I'm about 3/4ths a football field away, and somehow still have enough signal to complete this video in decent quality without interruptions.

  • Kaiser Wilhelm II says:

    All those countries have faster speeds than the U.S. because the U.S is ginormous and its hard to cover this much land

  • ItzYoBoi DatOneGuy says:

    I really don't see why I would need more than 4g internet it serves me greatly my phone runs video with almost always 0 buffering

  • Валерия Кудрявцева says:

    I live in St.Petersburg, Russia, and here we have super fast internet (enough to watch series like GOT online in 1080p without any delays) for super cheap price (~15 cents per day). But we live in constant danger of internet being potentially blocked by government – Chinese scenario or even worse 🙁

  • BritAmerica Ball says:

    In Manila, Philippines, has a slow internet like in cities, has slow as internet like 0.9 MBPS, Seriously

  • I’m pretty sure my school is using a potato for its WiFi, it takes multiple hours to upload a 5min video from a phone and resources are blocked based on things like “advocacy group”, “gaming”, and “shopping”

  • Audio Cracked says:

    Download speed of 25 mb/s minimum for broadband? I guess new zealand was pretty far behind until a few years ago considering my average used to be 17-20

  • Dennis Pietrandrea says:

    It is beyond me how so many people don't see this as a big problem. How could anyone not be in favor of improving our internet infrastructure when the internet plays such a crucial role in our economy and lives. While we are digging up the ground to deploy fiber we could also use the opportunity to replace aging water lines which are in dire need of maintenance. This endeavor would also create millions of jobs.

  • Dantare Gaming says:

    $7 for 100/100 broadband internet here in Moldova, which covers most of the country. Yea, it's great to be Eastern European.

  • To suggest that slow internet is the reason for increased poverty, lower higher education rates, etc. its ridiculous. I agree that internet is vital to participate in the modern economy. I am just saying the reverse is probably true. High speed internet was build out in wealthier areas where ISPs could maximize their customer base.

  • I have had both wired and satellite service. Naturally wired is very quick but the satellite with dish network worked well also. There was a very slight lag but it really was not that bad. If I end up in the sticks again I would use it and be good with it.

  • Literally after watching your videos, I’ve come to learn that so many things are dividing our country 🙁 damn, even the internet?

  • Satalite will never reach 25/3.

    Too much latency for normal browsing, and unless you plan on putting enough satalites in orbit to make kesslar syndrome accelerate massively it won't be fast enough.

  • There are these types of things that I consider primitive for humans and that it should be free again;

    1. Food
    2. Water
    3. Housing
    4. Communication

    And internet should be free already, same with phones. Why? – Imagine getting bills for trying to communicate through Morse Code or by Smoke Signals?
    Now, when I mean internet, I mean the connection. But anything that is inside of it can be free or charged, just the way we are today and not limited.

    But corporations knows that this is a no-go. It's a powerful monster, the internet.

  • paladino estetica says:

    Can I point out the big circle on the left, on the thumbnail is because no one lives there it's mainly desert.

  • Idolizeno1 Pro says:

    Some of y’all videos that supposed to be informative or EDUCATIONAL are not good y’all are talking about pointless things who cares about who has fast internet or not tf

  • Account_Breach says:

    Aquilla project is just marketing project, most the people in Africa thought the internet was Facebook smh zuck

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