Who Was the YouTube Shooter? | NYT News

Who Was the YouTube Shooter? | NYT News

The YouTube shooter,
Nasim Aghdam, was widely known on
Iranian social media as Nasim Sabz, which
means “Green Nasim,” because of her advocacy for
animal rights, healthy living and veganism. Her specific style of videos
made her relatively famous among Iran’s growing
YouTube and Instagram influencers. For instance, one showing
a rabbit where she explains the differences
between vegetarianism and being vegan. In another video,
she explains the benefits of eating a papaya. One of her most
well-known videos here is one where she’s
wearing a revealing purple dress. Don’t believe what
you see, is a message appearing in the video screen. “I’m being discriminated,
and filtered on YouTube, and I’m not the only one.” “And if you go and
check my videos, you see that my
new videos hardly get views.” She also criticizes YouTube,
and makes a physical protest, a year ago, by going on the
streets, posting what she claims to be a picture of herself
holding up a sign saying, “YouTube dictatorship.” And then there is a video that
gives more insight, if you will, into the life of Ms. Aghdam. She had fled her native
Iran decades ago. In that video, she explains
that even though she was a member of
the Baha’i faith, which is a persecuted
faith in Iran, she doesn’t really like
life in the United States. And she literally says:
In Iran they kill you by axe. But in the United States
they kill you with cotton, an Iranian expression
for saying that she is dying a slow death
in the United States. She was also repeatedly being
teased online for her comments. Many Iranian users
in social media would ridicule her, would
tell her that she’s crazy. And in one video she
actually explains that she’s doing very well, and that it’s actually the people who are making those comments
who are mentally ill. She also criticizes Instagram,
by saying that her followers are all real. She actually has several
Instagram accounts. She also had a Telegram channel. Before she attacked
the YouTube office, and subsequently
killed herself, one of her last posts there
is a childhood photo of herself posing between flowers,
with one flower stuck in her hair.


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