22 thoughts on “Who should own South Africa's land? – BBC News”

  • soid drone slayer says:

    Black South Africans only wanted a stake of land ownership in their own country land most of which is worked by the black south African farmers but the Boers refused to share the land and split the profits so since they dont want to share the land it must be taken by force without compensation. Whats about to happen in South Africa as relates to the land grab is all the Boers fault for being selfish, arrogant and greedy.

  • You steal something you either give it back or go to jail. Period. That’s how law works in the US so why do so many Americans oppose this… makes you wonder doesn’t it

  • Unfortunately…and the grabbers will not accept this…the land belongs to neither them or the whites. Originally and from the beginning it belonged to the Koi and the San. The black people migrated from the north where the took land from each other through tribal wars. Should land grabbing happen, this country will die from hunger as there are only a few black mega farmers….the rest will just plant for their little communities. So maybe the white farmers should burn their farms and hand it over…lets see if the grabbers will be able to keep the people of S A alive and secure a healthy economy. It will be darkest Africa all over…. Please keep in mind that where farms have been handed over, the livestock were slaughtered and the buildings burnt down…they are not really interested in farming. The want the money….

  • What a bunch of non-historical BS. Farmers settled mostly uninhabited lands, dug wells, irrigated, grew crops, built schools and hospitals, and then blacks moved in. That’s gratitude for you.

  • Land is owned by those able to take it and defend it – been that way since forever. Ownership has always been a temporary thing.

  • Victory Ismine says:

    Who should own Germany's land? Who should own Russia's land? Who should own China's land? Why not ask these questions as well? Cause I'm sure you already know the answer but racists are unsure of why Black Africans should have the right to African land.

  • Bloody bbc fake films. Hahaha. Queens house still hate africaaners because British lost anglo- Boer war. Blacks like a child's believe in a good British people and culture. Blacks! Grow up quicker before Brits sold you over to another slavery to the new foreign robber – Chinese or Israelis or whatever 😂

  • South Africa is on the way to white genocide and the fate of of countries like Zimbabwe – which have totally failed. The fact of the matter is violent revolution rarely, if ever, leads to economic growth and stability, especially in a state which has a huge crime problem like South Africa.

  • Johnny F. Blaze says:

    Everything in AFRICA should be owned by BLACKS colonizer and there filthy offspring should be deported period.

  • Chrissi Goslar says:

    What is this?? This is an old fashioned report, nothing valuable to help the country. Seems that BBC is ony interested in it's Brexit. They should take this film off.

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