Who is Jerry Falwell Jr? Narrated by Louis Virtel (Crooked Media’s ‘Keep It’ Podcast) | NowThis

Who is Jerry Falwell Jr? Narrated by Louis Virtel (Crooked Media’s ‘Keep It’ Podcast) | NowThis

– If more good people had concealed carry permits, then we could end those Muslims before they go out killing.
(applauding) – [Narrator] That’s Jerry Falwell Jr., what a person who swallowed a
broken drill would sound like. He’s the president of
an evangelical college, a pivotal part of helping Trump secure the evangelical vote, and a Christian who seemingly threatened to shoot Alexandria
Ocasio-Cortez over cows. Jerry Falwell Jr. was born in
1962 in Lynchburg, Virginia. His father, Jerry Falwell
Sr. ostensibly instilled his wild ideas on his
impressionable son from a young age. Falwell Sr. was a televangelist
turned political activist, who warned that one of
the Teletubbies was gay, and blamed 9/11 on feminism
and the LGBTQ+ community. – All of them who tried
to secularize America, I point the finger in their face and say you helped this happen. – [Narrator] Jerry Sr.
was an early architect of the religious right. He opened Liberty University in 1971, a hub for like-minded
evangelical Christian students to engage in one-sided
debates regarding creationism and the dangers of homosexuality. To keep his university on the bigoted white path he deemed appropriate, Falwell Sr. created the Moral Majority, a political organization
birthed in response to pesky human rights like equality. He believed integrating
Christian schools like his would undermine the country’s
traditional history of racism and everything that makes
America super great. The organization shuttered
in the late ’80s, but not before helping
usher in Reagan’s presidency and laying the groundwork
for a new political block of the religious right. When Falwell Sr. passed away in ’07, Jerry Jr. took over Liberty University and expanded on his father’s
Christian masterpiece. Falwell Jr. would soon
become the leading, mumbling, and meandering voice of
the new religious right. – I said on Sean
Hannity’s show in December that I see a lot of parallels between my father and Donald Trump. – [Narrator] Falwell Jr. attended school at Lynchburg Christian Academy, one of the segregated
schools his father opened. – To be compared to his
father just a little bit, to be compared to his father
is really an honor for me, so I want to thank Jerry for saying that. – [Narrator] The school was
billed as, “a private school “for white students,” by
the Lynchburg News in 1966. Falwell Jr. graduated in
1980, before moving on to Liberty University, the
other school his father opened. After graduating from two
establishments opened by his dad, Falwell Jr. branched
out of his comfort zone all the way an hour across town to the University of
Virginia’s School of Law, a school his father did not open. He obtained a J.D. in 1987. For the next 20 years,
Falwell Jr. worked as a lawyer and commercial real estate
developer in the Lynchburg area, staying out of the spotlight, seemingly waiting to inherit his pulpit, barking in front of
one of the most crucial political voting blocks in the nation. Upon his father’s death
in 2007, Falwell Jr. took over as president
of Liberty University. Under Falwell Jr.,
Liberty developed rapidly. The school moved into Division I sports, the highest level of the NCAA. By 2016, it had roughly 14,000 students enrolled on its campus,
and 113,000 students taking online courses,
which is a ton of people taking Evangelism 101, a
graduation requirement. The class’s syllabus says the course is, “an in-depth study of how
to lead people to Christ.” Politco notes, “In order
to pass the course, “students are required to
write a ‘witness report.’ “a two-page paper that documents
a ‘face-to-face’ encounter “they have with one ‘unbeliever’
to whom the evangelize.” It’s unclear if a student was
able to get ahold of Trump for this project, but
somewhere along the way, a thrice married reality star,
who rarely attends church, bragged about aggressively
hitting on a married woman in a leaked tape from
2005, and reportedly had an extramarital affair
with a porn star in 2006, in addition to a litany of
publicly expressed sexist remarks deriding women, became
the ideal politician for the evangelical movement to champion. Falwell Jr. even admitted
evangelicals supported Trump because he apparently sins the most? – Jesus taught also that
all of us our sinners, we all sin every day, and
that’s why evangelicals supported Trump. – [Narrator] Falwell Jr.
was the first prominent evangelical supporter of Trump. Early on, he said, “In
my opinion, Donald Trump “lives a life of loving and helping others “as Jesus taught in
the great commandment.” And in January of 2016, he formally endorsed Trump for president. – [News Anchor] “Great honor. “Reverend Jerry Falwell
Jr. of Liberty University, “one of the most respected
religious leaders in our nation, “has just endorsed me!” – [Narrator] Buzzfeed
notes, “In January 2016, “when Trump’s candidacy was
still considered a long shot “and he had almost no
brand-name evangelical support, “Falwell Jr.’s endorsement
‘marked a turning point “‘for the entire religious right,'” said Randall Balmer, a Dartmouth professor who studies the evangelical movement. – As our friendship has grown, so has my admiration for Mr. Trump. – [Narrator] Falwell’s endorsement
of Trump is interesting, considering no one else
from the university is apparently allowed to speak freely when it comes to politics. Politico notes, “Falwell
voices his political opinions “freely, while faculty
members, all of whom work “without the protections of
tenure, are unable to do so.” One prominent member of the university, Mark DeMoss, a graduate of Liberty and a member of the
school’s board of trustees, seemingly felt the pressure to resign after having a different
opinion than Falwell Jr. After Falwell Jr. endorsed Trump, DeMoss was quoted in the Washington Post: “Donald Trump is the only candidate “who has dealt almost exclusively “in the politics of personal insult. “It’s not Christ-like
behavior that Liberty “has spent 40 years
promoting with its students.” This didn’t sit well with Falwell Jr., who thought his motives
were entirely political. DeMoss resigned from the school after indicating a, “concern
about a lack of trust.” Falwell Jr. has also reportedly blocked an article in the school’s newspaper that was damaging to Trump’s character. – Well, I call Liberty
the Fox News network of the academic world. – [Narrator] While others at the school seemingly can’t speak
on any important issues regarding politics, Falwell Jr. has only been expanding on
his admiration for Trump. He’s stood by the former steak salesman through thick and thin. – He said there were very
fine people on both sides. Do you believe there were very fine people on both sides— I have no idea. He has inside information
that I don’t have. I don’t know if there were
historical purists there who were trying to preserve some statues. I don’t know. – [Narrator] It’s unclear
exactly what Falwell Jr., a staunch evangelical Christian, sees in the poster boy for
literally all of the vices, and it could by a Sisyphean
task to figure it out. Maybe the explanation lies in
cheeseburgers from Wendy’s. – The time I spent with him, he was serving my family
cheeseburgers from Wendy’s, and it wasn’t the help that
was serving; it was him. – [Narrator] Burgers from Wendy’s may have sealed the deal for Falwell Jr. In fact, he loves burgers so much, he apparently threatened to shoot a lady for taking them away,
even though she clearly isn’t going to take them away. – My boys always have guns in their hands. That’s not something– – Hashtag me too. – That’s not something you teach ’em. That’s something they’re born with. But as far as those cows you mentioned, I’ve got 100 cows. You just let Alexandria
Cortez show up at my house and try to take my cows away. – [Narrator] By the looks
of it, Falwell Jr., who, “can’t imagine Trump doing
anything bad for the country,” will once again be leading
the religious right to help secure another
term for the only guy who loves fast food
even more than he does. – Donald, thank you so much
for being with us today. And you guys are dismissed.


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