100 thoughts on “White House: Trump will not cooperate with impeachment probe”

  • im glad he did ! if the dems would work half as hard on REAL issues instead of trying to impeach Trump they might actually get some issues solved ! I know why its because they know they cant beat him in an election ! YOU GUYS ARE TRADERS !!!!!!!!!!!! Dems are the REAL NAZIES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alt left tinfoil hat conspiracy theorists in the safe space echo chamber. CNN has been wrong every time since 2016. Highly educated intelligent Alt left soy latte sipping propaganda cult members have no talking points, no debate since 2016. ME ME MEME NPC University pretty well sums it up.

  • Whatsupdoc2day UTrickyRabbit says:

    Biden stole 1.6 million from Ukraine and had boy over gas company Who has no gas experience. Paying 50 to 60 thousand a month to son who knows nothing about gas companies. What's worse….biden has video on internet saying all this. Dont believe me…look it up! Biden Ukraine scandal. Biden Ukraine talk with son. It's all over internet … Proof biden in criminal along with these fake news networks WHO ARE BEHIND THIS COUPE. A coupe to kill Trump and place Hillary in his place. It's been planned a long time. Long slow introduction to coupe. Search net….you will find what they are hiding. God bless America.

  • P…P…er…Pelosi struggles breathing without lie stammer, her face doesn't hold deceit well. America looks bad putting this reject anywhere near politics, she's the worst liar the world ever disbelieved, except the media but that's a group delusion, that no one believes!!!


  • Democrats, in the Muller investigation,  declared themselves a "judicial proceeding". This was the only legal way Democrats had to obtain secret grand jury testimony. Why then this president do not have the Constitutional rights we all have whenever we are under a judicial proceeding?

  • Walk Away From The Hate Forever says:

    You know it says a lot when there's more thumbs up then there are thumbs down on this video in support of Trump lol


  • Salamanca Salamander says:

    President Trump May have genetic blood disorder called Macleod Syndrome? Characterized by bizarre behavior, out bursts confused thinking, anxiety and depression, shakiness, even seizures. King Henry The Eight Of England had this illness. I understand Trump is related to Plantagenet Royalty? He should be tested and treated immediately.

  • They were allies, are you good for nothing piece of crap president, they helped us with Isys and then turn it back on and you fucking lousy human !

  • Moscow Mitch, Leningrad Lyndsey, Kaliningrad Kushner, Murmansk Mulvaney, and Babushka Barr (Donstoyevsky Trumpizzfukkinusova's little bitch…). Uncle Vladimir must be so proud.
    Then there's Ga-Ga Giuliani, Manure-mouth Mnuchin, Scandallabra Sekulow, and the Prince of Pomposity Pompeo.
    Talk about a slow motion train wreck… Inanity Hannity must be seeing his life flushing before his eyes.
    I wonder how long it will be before Kelly-Ann Conway "hatches" another indictable crime spree of lies, slanders and conspiracy theories ? Silly question, she has never stopped.
    All of these criminals were hoping to hide behind Kavanaugh and Barr… the newly re-named Trump Department of Just Us, but it's looking more likely they will behind bars unstead.

  • Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall… The same amount that Congress offered, Trump took from Pentagon budget. Pentagon needs to get involved with this NATIONAL SECURITY CRISIS. The country is vulnerable. The presidential act was violated

  • Excellent reporting. This is total disrespect to the very law that all, Republicans, have sworn to protect. The American people will not forget. Thank you for showing your true colors because your true colors is Despicable. The nation is vulnerable to attack and you all defend someone who has attacked the very intelligence communities and even the city of Baltimore in which she comes. The lack of disrespect is a violation of the law of the most high God. Trump has violated constitutional law in the American people have the right to see Justice. You all will see justice as well. It will be righteous correction. Most of you will be voted out of office. The incompetence is contagious. The talking points or extreme in close to fanatical

    Where is the call? Has it been destroyed? Presidential act is law.

  • In Oregon, remember how the Republicans ran into a whole nother state so that they can avoid folding on climate change. How low do you go… Limbo

  • The sad thing about this is most people who voted for him or not do not understand or know the law. So they believe what he says. By law, he should have been removed from office and put in jail.

  • If you want the truth about this impeachment saga, take a look at FOX news. Watch 30 minutes of that and then tell me who is telling the truth.

    You will be very surprised at the lies, deceit, and blatant fake news of CNN, MSNBC, and others

  • …..Next speeding ticket i get,,ill be writing a letter stating that i choose not to participate!,,,if only it were that easy….lol!,,,,,sorry POTUS,,law does'nt work that way, for you either..!

  • Real news… Here are facts CNN and their communist bosses and politicians are not telling you… Liers… All liers.

  • He won't co-operate? He can't just take away Congress right to oversight. Hahaha That is so ridiculous. Congress has explicit rights to oversight, and Impeachment, according to our Constitution. He was right though. He has no choice but to co-operate. And Congress has no way not to go forward with dealing with all this, and the time for gathering info is over. People need to pay the penalties for helping to cover up crimes and for denying Congress right to oversight. So far. I have only seen dog and pony shows from Congress. They have the power to lock people up, and fine the crap out of them until they co-operate and give up all these documents wanted. All these Republicans siding with this President with all his misdoings by not speaking up for the Rule of Law, are standing up for the Laws of the Ruler, and in the process, are throwing the Constitution in the trash. Why Democrats have not acted as harshly as this President who is challenging their power has, I don't know. But I do know, that whoever does nothing about this but give lip service, I will vote out. Democrat or Republican. Such a betrayal of Oath, I have never seen in this Country. This includes ALL of them at this time. The American People deserve much better than we are getting. Shame on all of you for letting this go this far. Our DEMOCRACY, DESERVES BETTER.

  • God damn CNN lies again. There was no quid pro quo. Trumps refusal to grant Ukraine money weeks prior was part of push to get EU to help with money too. Asking for help investigation is part of world wide resources. Biden openly admitted to his manipulation. Trump is a fighter…! 2020…!!!


  • Maybe I should run for office as a Democrat so I can go to work shout out impeachment 10 times go home and get paid for it..

  • white house isn't stonewalling in fact the Democrats are still trying to pull of their unsuccessful coup so stop spreading the crap CNN

  • The only kangaroo in the white house is trump and the Republican they really look stupid everytime they stand In front of the camera

  • The Handsome Supreme Lord Emperor Donald J Trump says:

    IMPEACH IMPEACH IMPEACH QUICK QUICK QUICK. Trump is being accused of acting like a Democrat… Hahahahahahahahaha ROFLMAO LOL

  • well, you know what they say, when you don't go to your court hearing, they will get the F.B.I. and other law enforcement to drag his ass to jail to appear in court… I would love to see him shackled at his feet. I can't believe so many treason and impeachable crimes and still, he's not out of office. The way I see it, we have no president of this country.


  • If the Dems. are so sure they have enough to impeach Trump. Why are they afraid to vote? The Constitution says the House of Representatives has the power. …..
    Not the "Speaker of the House" has the power…..

  • Has there been a vote on impeachment lol? Where do you liberal idiots come from? You are all seditious traitors and will suffer the fate of Il Duce.

  • President Trump will be re-elected in a landslide and Vice-President Pence will be elected in 2024. Thank Hussein Obama and his attempted destruction of America for that as well as the destruction of the Democrat Party.

  • Samuel Carrington says:

    Why is the cnn completely ignoring the epstein case and its links to many British politicians and celebs?? Is the BBC/cnn still protecting pea dos like it did for decades with Jimmy sa ville??

  • Not only did I graduate from a top 10 university, teach civics, and work for a famous newspaper … I read 10 primary sources of news, 5 from each side. You will take care of your family better if you study both sides. My family’s served in all major wars back to the civil war, with 1/2 being PHD’s, MD’s, Major to General, entrepreneurs, etc. Here’s a few recent Tuber shorts to see if you can think about both sides. If you think self interest doesn’t rule all sides, you owe it to your family to study both sides, especially the wisest, most successful money men who profit from and work with both sides. These are just recent favorites, below. If you’re not a troll, I wish you luck.
    Ukraine Timeline:

    Flip Flop (both sides do it)

    Corruption (both sides are corrupt) – follow the money:

    Read top thought leaders, both sides:

    Your head will spin, but you’ll figure it out. Serve in the military if you’re young enough. ❤️🇺🇸❤️

  • James J. Donatelli says:

    News Flash: Tump was elected by the American people because of our dislike for what BOTH the Democratic and Republican parties are doing to politics in America… and in our inability to legally elect a true progressive and independent president. The result is a joker's wild Trump presidency that is shaking things up in both parties better than what independents could do on their own. Side benefits include Republicans being embarrassed but still getting richer from Trump's tax cuts, the Democrats looking even more like the disorganized, divided party that they are, the average American benefiting from a relatively stable economy and most importantly, late night comedians and comedy news shows having a landslide of material on a daily basis. News comedy shows like the Daily Show with Trevor Noah are off the charts! My only regret to Trump's presidency is that I did not buy stock in the Daily Show when Trump was elected. Anyone who thinks the Democrats or the Republicans have the moral high ground here are drinking Washington DC Kool-Aid… or Detroit tap water.

  • Christopher Pearson says:

    When HRC lost myriad criminal deals now broken and exposed. Her pawns in Congress left literally on the spot leaving these psycho-political players panic'd. HRC's psycho-criminal labyrinth now being revealed for all to see. These miscreant 'pseudo officials' point fingers of accusation toward 'legitimate officials' exposing them.‬ Biden is a loose canon.

  • If I Was Accused Of A Crime I Didn’t Commit I Wouldn’t Care If The D.A. Was Releasing Dozens Of Unfounded Accusations At Me Through The Media Because I Know I Am Innocent And Its Not Like People Are Going To Judge Me On Hear-say, False Evidence Or Lies!!
    I Mean Come On, Get A Grip Trump!!
    Your Guilty Because You’re A Republican!! That’s Enough For Impeachment And The Death Penalty!!
    People Who Are Innocent Don’t Defend Themselves.
    I Say Execution By Drowning In A Cesspool!!!

  • crooks can't go transparent with investigations of wrongdoing. all crooks do is obstruct and deny. they just din do nothing.

  • Did you morons even think if you impeach Trump pence is going to be your new president do you know pence is way more right then Trump is you wouldn't like it if we have President pence

  • When it's all over with we're all going to die becausehe's going to cause so much problems with the foreigners that they're going to Bahamas and we're all

  • Why should he? This is just non sense, non stop attacks since before he became president, all based on false or fabricated information. Time after time his attackers have been proven wrong, yet this Sh!t show continues from the left. Please vote to impeach so the truth about the dirty dems coup attempt can come out in court, before the people so they can see the treasonous acts by the dems and corrupt FBI officials.

  • There is more evidence for investigating the Bidens than Trump. You guys are just still salty about 2016 and you want Trump out by any means even if he has done nothing wrong. You want to investigate? Fine, investigate them both and judge them by the same measure instead of this partisan enforcement of rules. Hillary got away with the e-mail scandal, you refuse to look at the Bidens, and Obama got away with the extra judicial killing of an American on foreign soil. You are hypocrites.

  • 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🔰☝2020!!!!!!!🔒 her up CNN fake news CNN is Isis the Democrats have nothing on this president except Nancy Pelosi big giant booger on her nose now she's down to 0% CNN fake news fake fake fake!!!!! Why don't you report illegal aliens criminals rapists and the crime that goes on in sanctuary cities and states and that's everyday how these people run down American citizens rape kill and don't see a day in prison they get deported back to their country two weeks later they're back in committing more crimes why don't you and the Democrats reporter on that CNN Democrat Party enemies of the American people good luck at the voting booth good luck CNN I hear your ratings are going down like a $5 prostitute all the way down Hahahahahalllolll Hahahahahalllolll Trump 20/20 all the way!!!!🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 Jim Acosta you troll when the president tells you to shut up you put a sock in it you and your news media CNN are nothing but fake phony frogs lying to the American people mainstream media of Lies👈👅👎👎🇺🇸☝lloll

  • I am going to take one for the team and titty fuck Nancy P reverse style so my nuts and asshole are rubbing across her mouth.

  • Trump has broken no laws so you cant impeach him, if I did exactly what the president did then i would not get in trouble why should he. I am laughing this is a joke it is like democrats hate this country and want to bring it down, not focusing on important things. Trump has done nothing but good i think democrats hate are country and can get out of the great place of America and is partly great because of Trump. Go Trump 2020!!!!!

  • “Impeach 45”

    Impeach Trump Ringtone now available on iTunes

  • He won't cooperate with impeachment but he will let members of Congress sniff his little fat orange hand after he fraps a woman in the pussy!

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