100 thoughts on “White House admits quid pro quo over Ukraine aid”

  • Favorite part of the full conference: reporter asking as Mulvaney leaves the room why he didn't take any questions from CNN. Priceless.

  • Tricky Micky just shot himself in the foot and the ricochet hit tRUMP in the heart. This will sink the corrupt tRUMP administration. Trump and Nixon are two peas in the same rotten pod and will meet the same end.

  • Not once did I hear Mulvaney say that there was quid-pro-quo in looking into Bersa and the Bidens. CNN implies he said it but he doesn't actually say it. Good job CNN, cater to your sheep! Now threatening to withhold aid unless they turn over evidence they have concerning fraud in the 2016 election is absolutely legal. Do not let CNN pull a red-herring argument on you.

  • Marcus Aurelius says:

    This criminal crime family is making a mockery of this country, constitution and the idiots who call themselves americans and do not see this as a crime against this country.

  • the only way for GOP to impeach trump is FOR PUTIN TO SIT IN THE WHITE HOUSE. but then GOP will blame obama, pelosi, schumer, the democrats, the media, the leftists.

  • EVER get tired of the spin & lying? Ready for the lawsuit? You are NOT protected as you are a propaganda machine, not a genuine news outlet.

  • It’s one thing to require something from another country for the benefit of the US. It’s an illegal thing to require something from another country for the benefit of yourself.

  • Hashirama Senju says:

    So is Romney going to grow a pair and actually fight against Trump or just return to the fold once election season comes around? Stand up for what is right even if your party idnt with it. Not just to gain favor with whoever it is he's looking to please, but because its the right thing to do.

  • mulvaney describing dictator if president can do whatewer he wants to do … that is modus operandi in dictator countrys …. thats what the rest of the world sees and is worried about …. are you still a democracy ??? …

  • Michael Higgins says:

    Play everything he said and you will NOT hear a quid pro quo. And, you won't hear about a cover-up. And, you will not hear anything about committing murder.

  • My guess is this ‘blunder’ of Mulvaney’s was intentional. He was likely forbidden from complying with any upcoming subpoenas. Since the race is now on for guilty folks to save themselves ASAP, (not to mention the inevitable ‘bus’ likely on the horizon coming for him someday anyway), he’ll have an easier time complying with subpoenas if he’s fired. With his walk-back statement following the blunder, he may have just been going through the motions, intending to show compliance on his part to aid his defense later… “I did what they said, but they fired me anyway. Retaliation on their part.” Or whatever.

    By complying with upcoming subpoenas soon, Mulvaney will have the chance to tell his side of the story ahead of any who follow. That tells me he has a lot of tea to spill, and that he has the ‘receipts.’

  • はくHaku_Cobalt_Wave says:

    holy shit, the static buzz is frigging annoying. you'd think a major news source would have the money for decent audio. friggin shit.

  • Seeking cooperation from a corrupt nation who was, we know, at least to some extent, involved in meddling in the 2016 election is a legitimate concern to be addressed. Insisting on that deliverable before receiving aid is not a "quid pro quo", as the US Nation as a whole benefits from that, not just Trump. If, on the other hand, Trump had withheld the aid in order to try to get them to cook up some charge against Joe Biden, then that would be a quid pro quo. In summary, CNN is just broadcasting more misinformation, per usual.

  • President Donald Trump is the NEW AGE HITLER. Being a black man in America I'm use to hearing white people say get over it. So not surprised. Check out my YouTube page…Wilmrbadguy

  • Brandon Prints Stickers says:

    All foreign aid has strings attached regardless of Democrat or Republican, and it should, it's our money. The issue is that originally the claim was Trump held money specifically to investigate Biden when in reality it was held to investigate election interference. 2 different topics, Trump isn't lying about Quid Pro Quo over Biden, and unfortunately Mulvaney is an idiot and did not separate the 2 which CNN has fed on without thinking it through. A little critical thinking goes a long ways people.

  • I see what he did there…admits to quid pro quo and then "the president can hire who he wants. He could fire me today and hire someone new if he wanted"…

    I see you…

  • Another nothing burger. This a clip that was taken out of context. All presidents withhold money as part of their negotiations.This is all Mulvaney said…, he didn’t say that Trump did that in his conversation regarding corruption between Biden and Ukraine.

  • Security Administration says:

    Hillary and her bought off corrupt democrats calling Tulsi Gabbard a traitor to the country. Heres your first and only warning : Anyone that calls a US Veteran a traitor to this country will pay the consequences. You freeloaders are going to learn quick that you turned your back on America and now youll face whatever music comes your way.


  • Caprice Nicolette Manos PREGNANT WITH QUINTS! says:

    I looked at the video 16 seconds in THERE WAS NOTHING OF THE SORT. No admission of anything. The press is splicing and diving and adding narration to try to frame appearances to change the minds of people.

  • Caprice Nicolette Manos PREGNANT WITH QUINTS! says:

    There’s no confession at all either. The President is free to investigate ANYONE who held past office and where this presidency may unsuspectingly take part in someone else’s crap. He is prudent to investigate and prudent to make sure all the money is cleanly going where it’s supposed to go without FRUIT OF A FORBIDDEN TREE.

  • Caprice Nicolette Manos PREGNANT WITH QUINTS! says:

    President Trump must make sure what was what with so many entrenched in Ukraine stuff. I would investigate the heck out of who was who and who did what BEFORE I ATTACH ANY MONEY THERE considering all the past crap that’s been going on. We cannot afford to attach crap to anyone else’s crap. The President cannot afford it.

  • Caprice Nicolette Manos PREGNANT WITH QUINTS! says:

    Investigators also even have to investigate OTHER investigators before working with them because if one did something bad at any time it can blow a whole case regarding credibility. Understand? ITS THE SAME PREMISE. Anyone who is prudent would want to know where the money is going and so what if he held it up to make sure no crap would be connected with that money down the line. It’s 400 MILLION DOLLARS IN AID! Not $4.00

  • Caprice Nicolette Manos PREGNANT WITH QUINTS! says:

    WHY ARE WE GIVING $400 MILLION DOLLARS IN AID ANYWAY? Too much! When does the giving end when we must conserve?

  • Caprice Nicolette Manos PREGNANT WITH QUINTS! says:

    Whose idea was it to send out all the aid anyway? The house? Are we getting anything in return or do we just waste all of our resources? ID LIKE TO KNOW WHAT WE GET IN RETURN PLEASE.

  • Caprice Nicolette Manos PREGNANT WITH QUINTS! says:

    I researched that we get jobs and we get trade agreements… okay, well… depending on who those agreements are with and WHO MADE WHAT KIND OF AGREEMENTS PRIOR THAT “ NEED TO BE INVESTIGATED” IF A VICE PRESIDENT OF THE PAST MADD DEALS NO ONE IS AWARE OF… HELLLLOOOO…. It is good to know who did what with whom so we don’t get our behinds into trouble and those things MUST be investigated. President Trump knows what he’s doing and his conversation was fine. He is making sure we don’t attach ourselves to past person’s crap.

  • Caprice Nicolette Manos PREGNANT WITH QUINTS! says:

    People are trying to find fault in President Trump to try their coup. That’s all. If it’s not this thing they’ll try another thing. Same old stuff

  • Caprice Nicolette Manos PREGNANT WITH QUINTS! says:

    He’s double sided it seems and maybe out of being nervous but if he is nervous he should not say anything. He said untruths likely to try to help and it caused problems. He may have meant well but it was not appropriate and the timing was bad to say things that the press could splice and dice.

  • So it’s okay to commit high treason and meddle in the election with foreign countries as long as it’s “not covered up”,..

    I knew that the rabbit while was deep, but come on!!

  • Quinton Christian says:

    Racist white people are makeing all white people look bad white privilege is killing the usa sad to see the usa going down. If you are not for black people's reparations with interest you are a racist devil.

  • 0:31: Mulvaney's list of "stuff they do all the time" includes things like conspiracy to kidnap. Some Trump supporters might maybe agree that is a federal offense…. Micheal Flynn's efforts to kidnap Fethullah Gülen. At this point, it is obvious Trump and Guiliani were involved. Surely a president would be impeached for conspiracy to kidnap. As of Oct 2019, we can only say, maybe.

  • ibiyemi Fabanwo says:

    Can’t be a crime if the Biden did not do nothing wrong!!! What is wrong with freedom of speech the only way it’s a pre pro quo is of the Biden did do what was allegated

  • Oh no!! The U.S. (and just about all other countries) involved in quid pro quo…wow, now that's news! ROFLMAO…way to go CNN, you really brought your A game to this one..ha ha ha ha ha ha

  • Here's one of those NON-Scandal items. The Pentagon did this, NOT OBAMA, DEFINITELY NOT OBAMA. But if Trump was president then, it def would be his fault. How many dead bodies does 500 million buy? Not a story, but Trump's call with Ukraine definitely is a scandal.

    …then you clueless idiots had nothing and pretended that there was …
    Trying to understand a 1st grader is beyond Fake News IQ…Never the less a fast soeaking intelligent adult.
    Amazing performance? Bahahaha
    Unlike CNN fake news.
    morons… EVERY SINGLE ONE…
    Did your wittle heads explode.
    Jeez when the hell are they issuing moron permits?
    Oh oh…I.know… a 97% moron tax…
    Bahahah let the Demomorons try that tax on for size.

  • That's it. I can't support Trump anymore. I'm switching to the Democrat party.
    Oh.. forgot, they like killing babies. That's far worse than anything Trump has done. Okay, I'm switching back to Trump. Trump 2020!!!! Woohoo!

  • Pretty crazy, Mike Mulvaney had a long winding description for an answer to some question. Then he slides a 'yes' in there to question, and he has clarified his position. Seriously a nothingburger. But, here we go.

    THe Ukraine scandal is such an obvious scam, with lie etc. It's bad, really is. BUt if you listen to CNN anything bad for Trump is breaking news, the worst thing ever. But, if you point out problems on the Democrats side, those are all conspiracy theories. And Barrack Obama had a scandal free admin.

    Seriously, though, what does it matter what Mulvaney says? Democrats say they have the President confessing, the Transcript the whistleblower. They really don't. If you really think this is a crime, then Obama ,Bush, Clinton, etc etc need to go to jail right now.

    Democrats are taking every action Trump does adn Criminalizing it. Though the DoJ doesn't agree with them, and they can't tell us what crimes. And how come they have to read motives into the Transcript, they have to read 'the election' into the Transcript? If it's all there, how come Democrats need to fill in the gaps?

    There is no quid pro quo, Blitzen is a fool. Trump offers nothing. There is no mention of the 2020 election, no mention of help. They don't talk about Military aid. Ukraine didn't even know about that. And Ukraine wasn't pressured. Literally nothing the Democrats claim is true. It seems like Democrats are using the levers of power in our own Government to interfere in the 2020 election. You want an abuse of power? Just look at the Democrats Faux-impeachment? All in secret, no rights protected, to gather dirt on their political opponent. Due Process, the Bill of Rights, Even the President is protected by these. But, you folks want to BURN IT all down, and YOU think you are the righteous ones. The founders would vomit at the sight of this.

  • In case you folks aren't clear about how you are being controlled. This propaganda has a purpose, it's all about building momentum, snowballing support for a shitty position. LIke the lead up to Desert Storm, that required a lot of manipulation of the Electorate. Drips and drabs, building building building until, now it's clear, now there is no denying it, now we have 200 former prosecutors who signed a letter, or Congress passed a resolution. Building building, SUPPORT. They NEED you to support their crazy push to topple a government.

    If this was SOOOO CLEAR. They would need to build support, or EXPLAIN what and why its criminal. It's sad.

  • If they didn't want to cover it up they wouldn't have tried to bury it in a classified hard drive, only releasing it after it had been leaked.

    Those are Absolute facts.

  • These idiots have no imagination, no self-awareness, and they are so exhausted by their own bullshit, so demoralized by loss after loss after loss, they can’t even come up with some fresh ideas or a new way to scream THE WALLS ARE CLOSING IN ON THE ORANGE BAD MAN!

  • The phony “whistleblower” scandal surrounding President Trump supposedly strong-arming Ukraine to look into Joe Biden’s corruption just keeps getting dumber and dumber and dumber. Case in point…If you want to gauge just how desperately stupid a Trump scandal is, there are three tried and true methods: 1) Turn on CNNLOL. 2) Is Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) appearing on State of the Union with former journalist Jake Tapper to scream about having the goods to impeach? 3) Is the disgraced Carl Bernstein appearing on Reliable Sources with Brian “Tater” Stelter to scream about Worse than Watergate?

  • Who did not hear the press secretary say that they are not hiding the fact. Governments pay other governments all the time for political influence and to do dirt. Didn't Obama give Iran hundreds of millions of dollars????

  • The most bizarre thing about all this is that people actually think the US or any country sends aid to another country with no strings attached. EVERY country asks for something in exchange for providing aid, in other words, quid pro quo.

  • Imagine, still people believing all nonsense coming from CNN. Joseph Goebbels would have been envious of the United States having such easy fooled audience.

  • U all so right about that moron, that traitor Trump, what a corrupted parrot! Withholding "military aid for Ukraine"!! Yet those lovely Democrats who were NOT withholding that "aid" – could u just, u know, by sheer "investigative' chance, show us ONE particular project Ukraine used these money for? By the way, is Ukraine in a STATE of WAR with ANY other country? Did it DECLARE a WAR with RF? OR does it still have diplomatic relations with RF?
    Can you find ONE satellite image showing Russian troops in Eastern Ukraine? ONE photograph showing "regular Russian Army" in Eastern Ukraine?
    If you cannot, can u then please explain how i it even possible, that in an era when EVERYONE has a cellphone with camera, not a single poor, oppressed, violated, overtaken and occupied Ukrainian citizen took such a photo?
    NOW – Russia DENIES that it has any of its regular army force in Easter Ukraine, yet it ADMITS fully to being in CRIMEA: Question: Why is there NO WAR of any kind, no military action at all, in CRIMEA, yet there is fighting in Eastern Ukraine? WHOM then Ukrainian Army is fighting there? Are u suggesting that America has been arming Ukraine, a country with OFFICIALLY accepted NAZI ideology, to fight a CIVIL war? An ARMY FORCE against its own citizens? Isn't that considered to be a WAR CRIME? Fighting your own citizens, just because they refused to accept the ILLEGAL, military coup, fueled by Ukrainian Nationalism (long time supporters and collaborates of Nazi Germany, real SADISTS, only ever fought with CIVILIAN population!), and refused to bow down to HITLER'S worshipers?
    Wow, looks like YOU and some other liberal, "democratic" SCUM will soon have to answer for exonerating WAR CRIMINALS, ay-way-hey.. :))

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