100 thoughts on “Whitaker: ‘Dysfunctional Congress’ is doing a disservice to America”

  • I think all True Americans should Vote on Not paying these Salaries too these Crooked Liar Democrats ..There so Jealous Of our President Trump ..Because President Won't Be Bought Or Bullied By these Criminals ..

  • dirtrider yamaha says:

    Whitaker is NOT a defender of the Constitution. It's funny how Trump is exposing all the people who are lying, unpatriotic slime here in America.

  • Democrats are definitely dysfunctional they do not follow the law or the constitution and Americans see this happening in real time

  • Im pretty shocked that nobody in the House or Senate or on TV talked about the "two hops rule" that allowed the FBI to monitor not only Carter's direct communications but EVERY COMMUNICATIONS OF ANYBODY WHO EVER COMMUNICATED WITH CARTER (two hops). By having a warrant on Carter, the FBI had access to virtually EVERYBODY'S communications on Trump's team and THIS is why it was so important to keep that warrant valid (so they even lied about it and tampered with the emails). Also, if you ever asked yourself how Samantha Power could have filed "hundreds" of unmasking requests THIS is why. Its because THEY HAD HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS of intercepted phone calls, communications and logs from Trump's team because of the two hops rule. The House and Senate (and FOX) should wake up and ask the proper people about this because this is scary stuff.

  • democrats don’t care about ukrainians, they’re belittling their president and calling him a liar, after he said it ‘live’ for the entire world to hear. the dems are so passionate about protecting the laws while changing them to fit their own selfish quest, t’hell w
    the 63 million Americans voters wishes. the election results mean zero to these disingenuous holier than thou do nothing dems

  • I agree with Matt, but fact that he begins to stutter when asked why Joe Biden was mentioned by name is so weak to me when it can in fact *easily be explained by PURE logic*: It was the corruption that Trump KNEW of, in the Ukraine.
    It had been covered by the western press, because it had US relevancy. It's natural that this is the example of Ukrainian corruption Trump would have heard of.

    Trump doesn't have a vast knowledge of everything going on in the Ukraine! Who in their right mind would assume that?! But he did know of this instance, which had been well publicized…and so it's perfectly natural that Trump would mention Biden's name! ''It was the instance of corruption that he was familiar with'' would be the short, logical, truthful non-stuttering answer to that question.

  • well that's because the house is nothing but a bunch of lying corrupt communist socialist scumbag traders to America they're not Democrats or liberals they're just liars scum-sucking disgrace to America nothing but lying corrupt communist socialist garbage sickening trash that will be removed most of you will be put in prison where you belong nothing but lying corrupt trash time for prison you traitors to America

  • Marimilitarybrat says:

    Without a Senate hearing with a presentation of "witnesses", The hysterical history book burning liberal public Will never have the opportunity to have the truth waved in front of them.

  • Trump impeached for abuse of power-HOW?? Schiff lies to the Congress about Trumps phone call, holds a totally biased partisan process against him, meanwhile he is illegally getting peoples phone records-THAT IS A CLEAR ABUSE OF POWER! Trump holds up aid to the Ukraine-who cares-for a few weeks =Corruption. PELOSI HOLDS UP USMCA FOR 13 MONTHS, HOLDING UP U.S AID!! depriving millions of US CITIZENS of jobs and income for her own political gain, that's a CLEAR ABUSE OF POWER and extremely corrupt=I'm a lefty hero.

  • Jorge de la Selva says:

    The electoral college did the BIGGEST disservice to america. Hillary sucks but the world is laughing at the US. I thought Bush was a fool. He's Einstein compared to this orange buffoon!!!

  • So this is how Pelosi hopes to get the presidency? This is all a devised attempt to do a hostile takeover from Trump.
    Pelosi is using the power if her office for a power grab. Let's say they removed Trump. What awaits Pence once he takes office? Pelosi will have him attacked and do exactly this same coup. She'll say he aided Trump and isn't fit for office. So what's after that?
    Pelosi removes all Trunp appointed justices and ushers in the socialist dem agenda. Stomping all the current economic advances and thus burning the republic and the constitution to dust. Pelosi would usher in the next civil war wich would set millions of Islamic cells active as we'd be a target of opportunity then. So she's also need and obtain congressional approval for homeland military curfews.
    We're not stupid dems, but this is what you socialist are in effect pushing for when supporting the hoard.

  • Well done, Whittaker. Trump obviously likes the toilet you gave him, the one for men with oversized members. But fifteen flushes? Really?

  • Hey Dems, My Granny Pays Too Much For Her Meds…And My Niece Is Being Cyber Stalked…Can You Pass Laws In OUR Interests?…Or Not..

  • Kathlyn Lapointe says:

    If Creepy Joe a criminal then he should be investigated. We will all find out that Joe Biden was the real person who was involved in Burisma and he had his son's name to cover up his corruption..

  • Kathlyn Lapointe says:

    Why us there people in the news saying that Hunter Biden had no experience in energy to a CEO of the Burisma which in Ukraine the company was being investigated for Corruption..

  • #RhymingOverBeats says:

    Yesterday the sitting President of the United States was fined $2 million for defrauding 8 charities. You really can't help question the character of anyone that supporters, follows, or votes for him.

  • We are quite satisfied and impressed by the service Congress is currently providing. I would say speak for yourself, but you should not even do that.

  • Those who believe absurdities will commit atrocities says:

    This guy is a total Scum Bag Con man: Matthew G. Whitaker, the acting attorney general of the United States, spent over a year on the advisory board of an “invention-promotion scam” firm that hawked Bigfoot paraphernalia, “masculine toilets,” and underwear with sophisticated marketing pitches like: "How are your balls feeling today?"

  • Those who believe absurdities will commit atrocities says:

    “World-renowned physicist, author, and scholar Dr. Ronald Mallett believes time travel is possible, perhaps within the next decade…. World Patent Marketing has partnered with Dr. Ronald Mallett to make his vision a reality,” the company wrote in a caption on its Vimeo page. “Matt Whitaker’s connection with this company certainly raises red flags about his judgement,” said Barbara McQuade, former U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Michigan.

  • Because I think that Trump is acknowledging that he dabbles in witchcraft for repeatedly talking about being a hunted witch who plays with the dark arts .

  • TRump – enemy of the people and their environment ! By withdrawing from the 2016 Paris Agreement and rolling back – effectively eliminating major environment controls in the USA, he has given a green light to the companies most responsible for the world's pollution. The US stock market may be in 'good shape' but at what cost and for how long? Many companies are now able to run amok in how they conduct their business. Whether it be harmful to you and yours is no longer an issue – as long as TRump and the like get rich – that is all that matters! So if you think TRump is your friend – think again !

  • The Democrats are doing a service to America, demonstrating in real time,
    what psycho babble logic looks like, and that it has no place to hide, in the
    age of the internet. People can tune into Congress, in internet real time, to
    see just who the sociopaths and psychopaths are, present in Congress.

    Come 2020, its that much easier to see whose Democrat heads will be on
    the voting chopping block. These swamp creatures have really made it an
    easy decision.

    And Trump's judicial appointments alone are enough to cement his place
    in history; and that's a good thing. **2020 will be icing on the cake.**

    "The Era of Trump" could not have been done without the screaming and
    the shrieking, and the squealing, of the psycho babbling Democrats.

    *The Democrats have had their head's kicked in.*

  • I pray that celebrities, models and dignitaries such as Anna Wintour, Mick Jagger, Alva Chinn, Pat Cleveland, Meryl Streep, Sir Elton John, HRH Prince Harry and HRH Princess Anne will bend Jerry Hall Murdoch’s ear and ask her to convince her husband, Rupert, that it’s time for him and his Fox News Network to Turn on Trump. If Ms. Jerry Hall Murdoch decides not to do the right thing…then History will remember her as just another washed up 1970’s Studio54, coke snorting, Texas Trash, gold-digging fashion model that clawed her way to the top…and unfortunately, when Rupert’ croaks and she inherits his wealth…well, she will NEVER be revered in a way that Melinda Gates & Mackenzie Bezos are…


  • TRUMP is the most honest man/person in world. i trust and believe in his judgment because “YAKUB” started all this nonsense from the start. DEMOCRATS & REPUBLICANS need to investigate “YAKUB”

  • Since Congress is dysfunctional, Dems behave badly, break all the rules, CIA FBI have no rules, don't you think America should be thrown out ad start again. Freedom seems to mean freedom to do anything you like regardless.

  • Dysfunctional ? The Democrats are liars, criminals and traitors. They refused to even follow the rules they invented ! No minority day of hearings TWICE !!!

  • So speaks the incompetent dipshit that would have never even qualified for his acting position. So if you would like to rectify a disservice, why not start by reimbursing American taxpayers for the money you earned being a traitor.

  • WhiteHouse Department of Interior and FCC, CISA, FTC, CFR_ORG why there are YouTube channel's or any other social media running the Original Presidential Press Programs as their broadcasting channel account's?
    This rights to broadcast is NOT given to any of them. Only the Whitehouse, the Main Political Party it's designated campaigner is ONLY allowed air/broadcast the Presidential and Party activities.

    These have been using recorded data for views, likes and earn-make money through socialmedia. It's a serious crime and close all these fake/fraud/copies accounts on social media and take legal action with a legal lawsuit of SUED amount respectively.

  • a trial in the senate is a great opportunity. I would be calling witnesses for months. the democrats would be bleeding and praying for it to end . I would make impeaching the president into the biggest political mistake made in modern times not trying to see how quickly I could dismiss it.

  • The sickest circus this world has seen. So sad to see America being made a mockery of. The whole world can see the madness.

  • How did Chelsea Clinton came out of thin air walking behind Hillary Clinton during Presidential Campaign USA 2016 election's before a huge crowd?
    I AM said I will pull you-demon's out of thin air and nothing is hidden from MY sight and I AM can hear your whispers.

  • Absque Religione says:

    Look at all of them squirming as impeachment is getting closer and republicans still have NO DEFENSE other than temper tantrums, lies and bitching about procedures (that al turned out to be completely legal). It’s delightful 🤣🤣🤣🤣😆😆😆

  • If some of these Republican senators could hear themselves. Its not congress but the Democrats. Tell the public that senator. Identify the real socialist criminals in congress and that is the Democrats. It's the only way the average liberal voter will work out that theirs something wrong with their party, the Democrats.


  • Derrrrr Derrrr Deeerp.. Yep, it's only one party that is at fault for everything! Be good little sheep and do whatever the party tells you! Only believe what the party news channel reports to you! Derp Deee

  • Eleanor de Freitas says:

    This whole sham has revealed that President Trump is innocent and the leftists are guilty as hell and are frantically trying to hide their high crimes and misdemeanors.

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