WHISTLEBLOWER – feat. Edward Snowden & Glen Greenwald [RAP NEWS 19]

WHISTLEBLOWER – feat. Edward Snowden & Glen Greenwald [RAP NEWS 19]

Good afternoon, viewers, thank you for clicking through to view this exclusive brand new edition of Juice Rap News back through with a global transmission with your host Robert Foster, and we’re glad to begin by introducing this routine interview scheduled today, with our regular US guest, now director of the NSA, General Baxter
– Hi – Can you provide via satellite an update
on the state of Empire? – Bob, I have to confide, I’m satisfied. In fact, I got no axe to grind. Our Nobel Peace prize President mastermind has a healthy appetite for sending drones to smash the lives of Brown children… Muslims… I mean terrorist hoodlums – Egregious…
– Goddamn right we agree it’s just; Every American’ll feel hot pangs of pride
when they hear of this. But guess what I’m most excited about
that’s finally happening – What?
– The court martial of Private Bradley Manning Three years without trial and a touch of torture That’s how we punish dissent in the Free World Order. After this, no one will dare blow whistles,
or leak intel or question our right to read every single freaking email… oops – Did you just say you read everyone’s emails? – What? emails? no, we don’t read, scan,
track, record and store every detail – At all?
– no sir. not wittingly… perhaps a few billion emails… accidentally – Ok General. we’re just getting sent a signal it’s the fearless journalist Crusader, direct from Rio the Guardian of civil liberties, Sir Glenn Greenwald. – Robert, hello
– Hi, Glenn, What quest are you and your steed on? – A hero has leaked classified documents finally proving that the NSA has secretly
obtained access directly to all the servers of Facebook, Apple,
Yahoo, Youtube, Skype, and Google, this PRISM system for spying on users
from the dark side of the Moon will record everything, that arrives on screens:
emails, chats, Grindr feed Robert, it took great courage from
this whistle blower to decide to leak they’ve taken a great risk in getting us, their fellow citizens this critical glimpse into what is really happening.. behind the scenes – Mark Zuckerberg, your position? – Word, sit back, listen you rocking
with Zuckerberg, fuckin’ nerd tactician – So PRISM?
– what’s that, ‘PRISM’? Never even heard of that system yeah we got a program running, but we call it FASCISM – Do your users like that?
– a billion likes, cousin: and if you dislike something,
here’s my dislike button, I’m in charge you fuckin’ turds,
interview’s over, finished, ended – Er…
– Mark Zuckerberg CEO, bitches! unfriended – Uh okay then… General, would you like to make a statement? – I’m disgusted
– You are? that’s amazing – I had no idea that this could occur, It’s devastating – Shocking, I concur; so will there be an investigation? – You betcha, we’re gonna get those
who broke their oath to the law – Wonderful…
– And hold them responsible, this has gone too far. – I think the whole world feels the same…
– Call Gitmo! I’m personally going to torture
whoever leaked all this info – Wait, what…?
– We’ve become a frickin’ culture of leaks What if every uppity geek who happens not to agree with the state’s tyranny decided
to expose it to all and sundry – That might lead to a revolution
– Indeed! see what I mean? Look, we welcome this debate, openly.
Free speech is sanctified – Ok then, does the NSA keep…
– Sorry that’s classified – so what are the laws for the…
– EEENG!! Access denied – Well, how can we see
– Oops debate time has expired… – Ah hold on, we’re picking up another feed:
this time from Hong Kong Glen?!
– It’s me again, I got an update on what’s going on – Greenwald! We’re gonna prosecute you for reason…
I mean treason – Uh-uh! your threats are no match for my shield and you’ll cower under the weight of words
when I’m weilding my pen-sword By the power of Greenwald! – Ah… did you have an update for the people?
– oh, yeah… now World, meet the brave leaker, Edward Snowden He’s made a video to reveal his motives for whistle-blowin’ What’s up Edward
– hey Glenn what’s up – Yeah what’s going on here? – Me wan big up the At Steppa dem Ellsberg and Manning You know what I’m saying?
– Yo, Snowden they’re gonna come around here looking for you today – Word?
– word. Bust it – Whistle Blower
You know say Eddy-a Snowden Dem gon bla-ame Fi leaking secrets out Dem NSA a sayna Eddy-a Snowden done betray de USA By leaking secrets out Whistle Blower You know say Eddy-a Snowden Dem gon bla-ame Fi leaking secrets out Dem NSA a sayna Eddy-a Snowden done betray de USA By leaking secrets out Workin a for dem N-SA down in Hawaii findin-a me some paper that na be irie ’bout de Babylon put fire ;pon de civil liberty so me decide fi trade me safety for de sake o-defend all-ah-me city-zen privacy if ya see supm, say supm, follow me, and be Whistle Blower You know say Eddy-a Snowden Dem gon bla-ame Fi leaking secrets out Dem NSA a sayna Eddy-a Snowden done betray de USA Fi leaking secrets out – Well, dear viewers, that’s about it for this edition But it wouldn’t be complete without some final questions Whistleblowers. They leak in the public interest. now what remains to be known is:
is the public interested? If so, this might be a good day to exhibit it: Ignorance is a choice, in the age of the internet Many consider this all very bewildering Some praise these acts as heroic, worthy of mimicking Others condemn them as illegal and prohibited But, can’t both be equally applicative? To be good humans we’re sometimes
called upon to be bad citizens. Some nations were even born by
breaking laws of the tyrranous. Do you support heroes from days of yore who in order to cause reforms disobeyed the law? Then what about those in the present
who heed the same call? This is Robert Foster for Rap News, good day to you all


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