Which case got the biggest headlines on “Doctor in the House”? [Functional Forum, James Maskell]

Which case got the biggest headlines on “Doctor in the House”? [Functional Forum, James Maskell]

– [Narrator] Which patient got the biggest headlines from
Doctor in the House? Let’s ask the man himself,
Dr. Rangan Chatterjee on the Functional Forum from London. – What were the big headlines, what got the press a little bit excited? Well it’s a condition
that James spoke about, a condition that costs the
UK at least 20 billion pounds in direct and indirect costs. It’s a condition that actually
featured twice on the show. It wasn’t meant to, but
it gives you an idea of the prevalence of this condition. It’s type two diabetes. So what happens when we
address that on the show? Well, in the final episode we have this lovely lady, Dottie, whose family was struggling with their health. She was a 36-year-old lady, very poor diet, very unhealthy
relationship with food, and on my initial set of bloods with her, and I was suspicious already, we diagnosed her with type two diabetes. She had never received
that diagnosis before. This was not done for TV, this
is really how it happened. And I confirmed that with followup testing as you need to do to
confirm the diagnosis. But essentially, again when nutrition, with lifestyle, with
therapeutic supplementation, specific for that patient, and at four or five weeks, her back pain, her ankle pain was better,
her skin was better, her sleep was better. Her whole lust for life was better. But her diabetes, her type two diabetes, and for those of you who are not familiar, we’ve got a level of 7.3. In the UK, six to 6.5 is prediabetes. Above 6.5 is type two diabetes, and under six is deemed normal. And whether that’s normal
or not we talk about later, but it’s deemed normal. And with her I think it was
four and a half to five weeks, apart from the fact that
she lost over two stone, which in U.S. jargon is 30 pounds, she had moved from the
type two diabetic range, through the prediabetic
range into our normal range, and I commented that she had effectively reversed her condition. Now, that was quite a
controversial statement, (laughter) which we will come to a bit later. The other diabetic on the
show was at the other extreme. This was an established diabetic, a 49-year-old gentleman,
Sandeep, lovely guy. Again, he was just sort of
going on about his business. He was on five different drugs, three of them were to
bring his blood sugar down. And despite that, his blood sugar control was frankly horrendous. HbA1c of nine. Again, with a similar approach, with nutrition, with
lifestyle, with high intensity interval training, with
some intermittent fasting. In just a few weeks, and
it was after one week that I stopped two of
his diabetic medications. And each one of those
medications can lower your HbA1c by about
naught point five to one, so in theory, that nine
could have been as much as 11 or even 12 without his medications. And he was down to seven and
he lost four and a half inches off his waist and significant
amounts of weight, et cetera, et cetera. So why is it so
controversial whether you can actually wind the clock
back in type two diabetes, and in chronic disease, full stop? Why? What was the reaction to the program? Well the reaction has
generally been very good. I have been amazed by
how many medical students and junior doctors have
approached me to say, hey, look, this is great. You know, we love that, but
we’re not learning about that. And that’s a big problem. – Thanks so much for
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