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  • Jéssica Cezar says:

    bom roteiro, excelente atores, o filme e um drama romântico excelente, mas ao meu ver o final poderia ser outro, mesmo sabendo que foi baseado em fatos reais, poderiam ter fantasiado o final, e nos deixado com um alívio final, o filme fala sobre as crueldades feito Hitler, deixando sempre claro o quanto cruel ele foi, as mentira contada para quem os seguintes, e os que seus perseguidores passaram, e ao menos tempo, ser um jovem naquela época, posso dizer que cada detalhe se ligar, sem deixar nenhum furo, ou algo inexplicável, quem gosta de drama, e gostou de a vida e bela, e o garoto de camisa listrada, vai com certeza, excelentes filmes de drama, e que toca no mesmo assunto vai adoro esse filme.

    simplesmente não aceite ele ter morrido, mesmo sabendo que é um drama e se trata do holocausto, e finais felizes estão fora de cogitação, eu ainda preferiria um final água com açúcar por assim dizer, eu simplesmente não aceito o fato dele ter morrido, pelo pai, eu quero ver ele novamente com ela e com o filho, queria que ele tivesse a chance de viver, para mim isso destruiu o filme. [spoiler][/spoiler]

  • Based on true events… Yeah I call bullshit, the only thing true about this is the time period in history that the movie is based on.👌

  • LadyArmand2000 says:

    This is the most non-romantic and least sexiest thing I can think of. No wonder I never heard of it, and the ratings are horrible. These people must be crazy! A "love story" about a half-black girl and a Hitler-youth. I don't think so! This is not "love" this is sickness. These types of men/boys have always fetishized black women. They get some kind of sick thrill from dehumanizing black women with degrading sexual acts, including forcing them to be their mistresses and gang-rape. We've always been their playthings. No love, respect, or basic kindness required. And we're supposed to buy this being real love? Are we supppsed to sympathize with him now? Let me guess. The underlying message is that not all Nazis are bad people. Horrible idea!!

  • 0:05 I can't believe I live for the day that such a rookie montage mistake made it into an official trailer. I would have immediatly failed my class if I did that.

  • Kendall Fryer says:

    I hated the ending to this movie! No offense but I think it could if ended a little more on the bright side. I mean yes she does meet her family again but George could of lived to meet the baby and her family. I mean oh well it was good until that part. I think it just would of made a lot of people unhappy about the ending! 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • In the real world the Cities of Germany were bombed to obliteration from 1940 and 1945. I very much doubt that their would have been any romance especially since the allies were not bombing military targets but rather Firebombing the cities. Please get your facts right before producing a movie.

  • Those accents are ridiculous. Yes. It's about Germany but please if you make the movie in English make the actors talk normal English. That's insulting to say the least. Assuming that we don't know how to pronounce English correctly.
    Movie might be good… but I'd never watch it in English… there has to be a German dub version somewhere…

  • Richard Mazursky says:

    This movie is a fantastic "black Matrix" 🤣🤣🤣. In the Third Reich and occupied territories, blacks were not considered subhuman at all. In Germany, there were some Africans from former colonies and slightly mixed relationships between Germans and black people. They were all treated as normal citizens and even served in the army. In particular, the Germans gave the "Black Pearl" to Josephine Baker, who spent the entire war in comfort in occupied France without any damage to body and property.
    And now something extra for Englishmen and Americans:
    During the Olympics in Berlin in 1936, many of the African American sportsmen representing the US for the first time in their life had the opportunity to travel by public transport in which racial segregation was not in force!
    🤣🤣🤣 Many muslim Hindi , black Muslims – served for Hitler! They considered him a "Messiah" who would liberate them from the hands of white European colonizers …such as the French, English. It is typical for those who have blood at hands and other nations mix in their crimes.
    The British, Americans, French, Belgians have the most on their conscience. But also the Germans who want to get Poles involved in their crimes today. Good advice ! instead of making movies, learn history because a propaganda film later comes out. 🤣

  • Black Ambassadors says:

    And a white boy working as a Naiz …SMH ….Like where is the Jewish girl or boy falling in Love with a Naiz soldier. She is the only one lost in this movie and Jewish people would not allow any stupid non sense like this, next we have the girl falling in love with the KKK member SMH. But Europeans are smart this is the type of propaganda you produce to maintain the oppression of Afrikans, this girl Exiled. The Europeans will continue to make all the bulllshit they make it is our Duty to make our Story's, so our lost afrikan sisters and brothers are not playing the mis guided roles you see in this film. SMH she should be a queen in Kemet not an Afrikan Girl fighting passively and loving Anti- afrikan Germans and German Nation. SMH but in order for the worlds small minority to control most of the worlds power and resources the majority have to be backwards and mentality ill like this in order to support the status quo.

  • I just need to know do they make it out of this story alive. I can’t take seeing anymore brown bodies getting beaten raped and shot. Media loves that and I know AmeriKKKa wants to immediately trash films like this because it deflated the power structure and psychology of white supremacy. But I stop watching slave movies because of the torture of black bodies. I would like to support black women branching out into different stories but not if they just get punished in the end. Please somebody let me know if they make it out in the end or not.

  • People wanna say that this movie isn’t romanticizing nazis but to show the struggle of what this couple face as a interracial pairing… sooo I’m suppose to sympathize with these two characters with their poor struggle when hundreds of thousands of Jews died and were tortured? yeah I think I’m gonna sympathize more with them. I’d say that’s an ACTUALLY struggle than what these two idiots face.

  • kurupottiya mallu negroid-australoid munda says:

    Neo-nazi butthurts in comments
    And then the deniers of Nazism as some form of small horror cult that existed in the past and "dont humanize Nazis"
    like in a movie quote
    "we Germans are good at forgetting things ,
    once we were the nazis ,then the commies "

  • A few years ago this was a joke about Oscar Bait. Now it's literally an unironically movie, it's literally the laziest type of love story one could create.

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