Where Does It End? New 'Monarch' Brain Device Approved for ADHD

Where Does It End? New 'Monarch' Brain Device Approved for ADHD

some terrible things are happening to our children they are becoming the marketplace for unscrupulous corporations then no longer people been a longer youngsters that are gonna grow up and become adults I'm profoundly interested in the company and they started making electronic tattoo work with them to advance a tattoo that could be used for authentication so I'm wearing one here on my arm and it has an antenna and some sensors embedded in it their markets everybody is trying to make a market in our show I think the cure that's all I'm reading and I think we're gonna accept that cure so you've got your limbic system your cortex and and the tersh relay which is the digital AI extension of you and the high bandwidth connection is what which is a types of viruses but there's still some fundamental problems that we have a sauce like one of them is the mechanical mismatch between humans and electronics his company is working on a way to plug in your brain to a computer chip and everyone will wear them because people have shown that they're quite worried about privacy for convenience electronics are boxy and rigid humans are curvy and soft that's a mechanical mismatch problem you want kids buying something how about how about ways to kill yourself and why to kill yourself what is that that's not the higher human intellect educating us that's the evil part of the Union you collect doing anything to make a buck room for children what about all the junk food why are our kids of these why are they gonna grow up enough heart disease and early age because the adults in our culture more interested in making money selling them garbage why aren't our kids exercising in school as much anymore why aren't they doing as much music and dance and other fun things not because they want to grow into the kind of human beings that founded this nation who thought a lot we considered life you got videos that are destructive to human values you got videos about suicide or movies whatever show it to kids kids over by it and we're we're probably not gonna accept it because we're old our kids maybe even our kids kids our kids kids are gonna be the most people to adopt it and then it's gonna be universal worldwide it may be true that 10 to 20 year-olds don't want to wear a watch on their wrist but you can be sure that they'll be far more interested in wearing an electronic tattoo if only to piss off their parents this is the best immersive of tiny electrodes that are able to read right for your brain I think that's the best out coming I hope so if you know he's got better ideas in Europe drug administration has approved a new medical device to treat ADHD in children it delivers electric pulses to your kids of brain while your kid sleeps one of the biggest disasters of all was when the drug companies decided and the government aided and abetted them and turning our children into a market for psychiatric drugs I know something about this tendency to abuse children in the 1970s I stopped through years of reform work operations of little black children and Mississippi with electrodes hanging out of their heads it was very hard to get anybody even interested in it maybe because it's it's so terrible what came in freaked me out I could not believe the stuff these people were sending to me what I found that most upset me was that at the University of Mississippi in Jackson a surgeon named OJ Andy was operating on little children as young as age three four and five for hyperactivity aggressivity difficult behavior these were institutionalized children ho J and E was inserting multiple electrodes into various portions of these children's brains he was stimulating them and then he was burning holes in their heads with the electrodes by heating them up and he was then studying the children who walked around on the ward with wires dangling out of their heads and he was the first project I stopped in 1990s many years later my wife ginger and I discovered that there was a eugenic Oh program sponsored by multiple agents and the federal government called the violence initiative the youth violence prevention an issue they were gonna start studying african-american kids in the womb to see what made them grow up to be so violent not racism not unemployment they weren't gonna look at that they weren't gonna let gangs don't want to look at who sells all the drugs to these kids and then gets them selling the drugs was their way to make money then weren't gonna look at anything real they were going to experiment on these children and ginger and I took four or five years out of our lives we wrote a book called the war against children of color and we stopped the program do you know they still do electroshock treatment on children not just adults about two months ago we finally here with me as a medical expert had a big victory in court where a judge declared that he was going to let us go to trial because I had developed and shown enough scientific information that shock treatment caused brain damage that this judge decided that he was going to allow a trial on whether an individual had had brain damage from shock treatment within a day or two the company settled the company made an admission to the FDA that shock treatment causes brain damage and significant memory loss and we thought what a victory and within two or three days later a mere two or three days later the device people-not vice but device people at the FDA for the first time came out and openly approved ECT as safe and effective so this is a prelude to something that a lot of Americans not generally physicians or doctors psychiatrists or government officials but the public's beginning to realize that our children are drowning in drug and we've got probably at least 20% of our boys diagnosed ADHD and on drugs and the drugs don't work we dealt with absolute clarity that the drugs don't help the kids but they do stunt their growth give them cardiovascular problems make them addiction prone we know all that well now we get to why I'm talking to you my friend Michael Cornwall a psychologist in California sent me a notice that the FDA had approved something new for ADHD in children that children would now with a prescription from their doctor be able to get a little machine that their parents or guardian could put electrodes on their foreheads to stimulate their brains with an electrical current strong enough to affect the functioning of the entire front of the brain to leave it there all night long for day after day battery-powered device offers a non drug treatment it's a small electrode patch connected to a battery-powered stimulator the Food and Drug Administration has approved a new medical device to treat childhood ADHD the Food and Drug Administration has approved a new medical device to treat ADHD in children's it's something that is first-of-its-kind it delivers electric pulses to your kid's brain while your kid sleeps a small adhesive patch is put onto the forehead it then delivers a low-level electrical pulse to the parts of the brain that causes ADHD symptoms a torn on the forehead usually overnight and that triggers branches of the sensory trigeminal nerve where they're thought to interact with nearby brain structures that affect hyperactivity the head of the brain and behavior Research Foundation says well it's not clear how this affects hyperactivity we do know that behavioral brain circuits or complex and by affecting those circuits sometimes with electrical stimulation as is the case with this device we can therefore affect the illness itself a device from the neuro Simo was just approved and it's available by prescription but it's a good it's another tool in the armamentarium now that's a pretty massive intrusion they even know the various parts of the brain that are being affected and they claim it's released ADHD it actually relates to the entire functioning of the child the frontal lobes are affected the limbic systems effect and then they saw that has to do what they did know that has to do being a child being a human being it's the whole integrating higher part of the brain's being stimulated it's kind of a mild electric shock that goes on and on and it bears similarity to a lobotomy because the currents going to go through the same areas that they used to love so much to slice up the frontal orbital areas it's right behind the eyes it's right where the lobotomist used to like to go in and damage human brain the very choice of name for this brain interface technology that's supposed to be a psychiatric treatment for ADHD and useful for many applications the very name of this product is astounding because the butterfly has long been a symbol of the human soul in its transitory life from physical human form into an immortal form where there's no body containing it ancient Greek mythology the talks of Plato the work of Ovid and the metamorphosis all of these encompass aspects of the myth of psyche who married Cupid who was made immortal by Zeus and this figure psyche herself as a representation of the human soul personified but is also symbolized by the butterfly because the butterfly starts in a pupil stage as a crawling worm it goes through the chrysalis stage where it's effectively dormant dead in certain sense inside the chrysalis and then it's reborn into a creature with wings that could fly freely and for the ancient Greeks and other ancient philosophers this was representative of the human soul and it's also been a symbol of mind control in the more recent times although it remains in the for a a rumor the idea project monarch carries a heavy symbolic weight and reflects the very real documented efforts of dabbling in mind control and reprogramming the brain in the 1970s the public was confronted for the first time with the fact that the Central Intelligence Agency had carried out a bizarre series of behavior modification and mind-control experiments on unwitting citizens in what CIA director Allen Dulles referred to as the battle for the minds of men first thing that needs to be said is it's an experimental procedure we see here the possibility for direct physical manipulation of the mind know that efforts took place we just don't know if they use the name monarch but if they did use that name it would have been very meaningful and perhaps poignant and just eerily creepy as to what they're talking about being able to do to transform the mind in a certain sense to create a new type of human to be able to program people according to someone else's will Delgado has remote control – radio stimulation the bull becomes non aggression can be evoked or inhibited so with that as a background it's very creepy that this company neuro Sigma used the name monarch for their brain interface device that's to be used with children who are struggling with certain types of conditions and disabilities it's very creepy because the actual name neuro Sigma itself is a species of butterfly and of course it's a play upon words with neuro referring to the science of the brain it's just really astounding and kind of a slap in the face now this is a pretty dramatic thing to do to children it's never been approved for the treatment of a brain if you look at other instruments that are putting electricity through your muscles or something they they tell you don't don't do this to your brain no put it on your head you see the brain is the highest evolutionary achievement on earth and maybe in the universe the human brain we don't know how it works we don't have any Einstein to tell us about it's too complicated we barely ever we don't even have a Newton we don't have any great neuroscientist to tell us how it's working it's far more mystery than a known area we talk about the surface of the sea versus the deep sea our knowledge of the brain is is beyond metaphor how small it is compared to the complexity of the brain after all you wouldn't be listening I wouldn't be speaking none of this could go on without the most complicated organ in the universe being active just couldn't happen so how long did the device people at the FDA test the children any guesses a year two years three years make sure it wasn't hurt him because that's how long a lot of these kids will be on and there's no limit they can be on forever as far as the company is concerned far as the FDA is concerned once they've approved it so how long do you think do you think it was months and months for lousy weeks the testing was for four lousy weeks now how how many kids do you think of they're worried about well if it was a drug that be hundreds of people in clinical trials many hundreds thirty two or three kids so it was tested for four weeks on thirty two or three kids and then unleashed on children now the company clearly wanted something more than four weeks because it only began to quote work around the fourth week what does work mean it always means the same thing in psychiatry work is when you get blunted that's when the treatment works it's when it disrupts your functioning enough that that troublemaking brain of yours isn't making trouble and and then your brain fights back and it makes trouble again because I haven't learned to master it you haven't learned to live properly well the company offered these I think it was 32 children their families to continue the treatment half did not why did those have not then it offered the ones who said they wanted to do it they offered to do it for twelve months and out of those 30 plus kids only three finished why what happened what went on they don't tell us it's very hard to pray any information out about this now why is this something that has got a grown man like me just deeply profoundly distressed because I know where it's going and no way that most of you watching me today I have any idea where it's going well I'll tell you where it's going and I talked about this on my radio shows they did two weeks of radio shows you can get him on Breggin comm Cornwall the psychologist said I know just where it's going cuz I've worked within the government I've worked with children that have treated in government institutions and foster care in what happens is these children get put on three four or five drugs now somebody's gonna come along and say this is safer than drugs that's how it's being pushed this is safer than drugs so we can give it an addition or maybe more GP real cheap to give it instead of the drugs or in combination with the drugs and they can give it for anything the doctor can prescribe it for anything once it's fda-approved so doesn't matter which pediatrician OBGYN I mean they could prescribe it for any disorder the they got the VA to be experimenting with similar things on veteran vets and the the army was involved and finally they play stop they go they got a report saying this thing doesn't work as dangerous this is what's good our kids are gonna be on they've been pushing it for the same thing for dementia for depression for post-traumatic stress disorder and then they figured out hey you will go to the device Department they hate kids and they got it approved for children now now that can be given to adults that was their entering wedge now can you imagine if this becomes like a Fed what you haven't tried this on Joey Joey looks to me like Jimmy did Jimmy's much calmer now aren't you Jimmy yeah let's call mommy mom it has no limit in how it can be used well I tell you after I started talking about it for a little bit with my wife ginger she looked at me and she said you know how they keep upgrading your watch and upgrading your phone they once they get these things clipped on the kids it's gonna be so easy with the electroshock machines for example the FDA let the shock machine manufacturers without ever testing machines at all they never would test it and then they let them raise the amount of current being given to ten times what it takes to cause a convulsion ten times what we used to give him the old days so the newer shock machines are juiced up for example to give 900 milliamps fixed or 800 milliamps of current fixed enough to put you in a coma that put you right into a coma whereas you know in the days that was supposed to be bad times the shock treatment you know Houston's 80 milliamps not 900 well maybe a hundred millions so they'll have access to the kids now the FDA device folks they're not gonna stop them they didn't stop them from doing the psycho surgery on children I had to do that the device people they probably won't even monitor these guys they don't monitor shock machines why should they monitor these little mini things so they'll be able to do their updates and their fixes and raise the current just like the shock people have been doing year after year after year and pretty soon we'll have kids walking around who I have themselves well Michael Cornwall and I have set up a new organization called stop the psychiatric abuse of children yes I'm a psychiatrist I'm a medical doctor he's a PhD psychologist and a therapist so we're starting this organization SPAC I love that spec SP AC stopped the psychiatric abuse of children if you go to my website breagan calm and you just scroll down two or three of the banners and you'll get to the children's section talks about drugs and electrical interventions and the first thing you're going to read about is SPAC you'll be able to go and get articles that tell as much about this terrible new thing they've invented the machine is called the monarch I'm begging folks out there don't let this get started it's gonna be a nightmare even if it were placebo which it is not because it's causing headaches and do you know other problems in the first four weeks because that's as long as the studies went it's not a placebo but even if it were what would it be teaching our kids what would it be preparing our children for we've already got them and having friends every child has friends who were on psychiatric drugs most children now know children who have killed themselves and if you read any of my stuff you know it's mostly close to the drugs what's gonna happen when Tom thinks that he's not in unless he tries this and talks his mother into it what happens when the pediatricians buying primary care Doc's find out you know it's so much easier to just write a prescription for this machine than to try to figure out what's going on the family and how can they help the kids on the FDA is literally advertising it you'll actually see a promotional piece by those people at the device section of the FDA praising this product praising it it's actually a talking points for the company so I know this is grim but I want to build SPAC go to the website learn about it see what you'd like to do for them on the other side this is the in road that's going to just go right toward I'll say the words it's going to go toward mind control I'm being filmed today by Aaron and licit dykes did the marvelous film the minds of men in which I'm happy to say I'm featured talking about the history of mind control because I've been an activist and actually not making up stories about it but cutting off federal funding for I want to thank them for being the first folks to fill me on this subject I've only been doing this fund for a little bit now and I'm just finding the people but if we don't stop the FDA and monarch and all the people waiting to start doing this to everybody they can think of as it really already doing informally our children are gonna be taking another step toward thinking the machines to a thinking that their brains can be tinkered with through getting used to it to allowing it to thinking it's fun maybe remember brain damaging things have often been felt to be fun by kids sniffing glue drinking alcohol now a lot of them are doing heavy drugs the fact that something is going to harm them isn't gonna stop them may even encourage them kids are complicated they need guidance they need love they need somebody to say no we're gonna protect you from other adults we're not gonna let them have sex with you we're not gonna let them put electrodes on your head we're not gonna let them beat you we're not gonna let them give you all kinds of things in your body that aren't good for you we're not gonna let them sell your junk food we're gonna intervene we're gonna take charge and we're gonna say no more abuse of children and as a psychiatrist for me it's gonna start with stop the psychiatric abuse of children I've gone too far I can see where it's going it's going right back to the days of psycho surgery and lobotomy it's just an open window help me stop it it delivers electric pulses to your kid's brain while your kid sleeps a small adhesive patch is put on to the forehead and then delivers a low-level electrical pulse to the parts of the brain that caused ADHD symptoms at or on the forehead usually overnight and that triggers branches of the sensory trigeminal nerve


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    God this is hilarious, have you guys actually done all of your research? You clearly like showing the side that favours conspiracy, but how about showing the full picture and deciding from there? Happy good-will hunting! Unsubbed

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    Why are people so creepy to EACHOTHER? Force kids to sit in school then operate on their brains because fake reasons with ulterior motives..

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    To get kids on the bandwagon for these new devices they are going to try incorporating similar devices for "videogames". We already have the vr headsets as a framework

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