30 thoughts on “When news goes wrong.. – BBC News”

  • Ruzindana Jean -Marie says:

    “We live in a busy world I believe that supplies us with endless distractions from our faith yes sometimes supplies our needs .When we become destructed from our faith, like this kinds evils from Belgium authority we become separated from God and our friends & families especially authorities , is to careless when you make noises somethings is aware especially United Kingdom aware off , tonight Belgium took aircrafts and went upstairs to destructed my sleeping distance and scared me with house stolen so many things and others nasty authorities shouldn’t be naughty to do as experiments as this, it happened well because local police Brugman did this kind installation in my apartment when I was not in , it happened in United Kingdom in 2002 but United Kingdom managed to treated me including there stuffs because they did not managed to entered inside, I escaped this to France because I didn’t want to say it as are wildly , Belgium authority took aircrafts and followed me none stop there and France authority was tired to keep treating me and how to say it United Kingdom whom I hold there legal papers and EU visa on it didn’t want to say anything when they have experience off it , United Nations please how much do I need to ask help to leave Belgium everlasting notorious in peace ? Thank you ……..

  • Delta 001 & Qatar 001 says:

    Brexit brexit brexit brexit brexit Brexit brexit brexit brexit brexit brexit brexit brexit brexit brexit brexit its everywhere

  • Ruzindana Jean -Marie says:

    "They may have trouble falling asleep or may wake up frequently during the night or early in the morning. Sometimes sleep and wake up is habits , but let we talk possibly sleep and wake up to cut down stress and anxiety and depression, Because I love peoples from worldwide planet that is why I am still alive because of peoples, let we share testimony resources, my resources is TRUTH & LOVE, as since I was born to date Belgium colonial and Hutu Tutsi wanted to kill me every day , Rwanda genocide I was saved and run from it and my family killed by son my grand parents given there parents a place to live to have neighborhood , they wanted to kill me in United Kingdom help me to thank God full protection of inside United Kingdom I had , here in Belgium everything I have including bed poisoned I mean everything by Belgium authority and I only sleep from one side if I sleep another side I cannot sleep because of Belgium authority and there miscarriages in policies special poison , thank God I wake , thank you to read

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