“When I put my makeup on I come alive more” | Addicted To… Makeup – BBC

“When I put my makeup on I come alive more” | Addicted To… Makeup – BBC

My name is Diana. I’m an author,
journalist and TV presenter. I’ve noticed an obsession
with our image online lately and it’s really starting to bug me. I spend about £40 a month on make-up, but it used to be a lot more. It’s a tiny addition
to the staggering £77 billion valuation of the European beauty industry. But how much of that is based on insecurity? Looking at just a few stats, three quarters of us say that
make-up boosts our self-esteem. Over half of us say that not wearing
make-up gives us negative feelings and, most worryingly, it
says that girls start spending money regularly on make-up as
young as the age of seven. I’m on my way to meet a young
woman called Rowan, who is a self-confessed
make-up addict. As a professional make-up artist,
make-up isn’t just her job, it’s her life. So, this is my beauty room. Oh, wow! It’s like a professional
set up in here. Do you think you’ve spent a couple
of thousand quid on make-up? Probably more. When I put my make-up on, I come alive more, I’m more me. Are you more confident? Yeah. But even with make-up I’m still not
100% there, but I’d say it makes such a impact on my confidence. What advice then do you have for someone
like Rowan, who might be finding their habits turning into something
that’s a bit more of an addiction? It’s the same with any addiction,
it’s just letting go of it and saying, “You know, there’s so
much more to life than this.” The self-confidence that
that brings, that you are you. You’re happy to be you and just put
that out there for the world to see is a really, really good
self-confident moment. So, you know I met Ros, a
psychologist, yesterday. Yeah. Well… How did it go? It went really good. Yeah. But she said we need to face
our insecurities. OK. By taking off all of our
make-up. All of our make-up? Ohh. Will we go for it? I suppose so, if we need to. I really don’t want to. Look at all this gunk,
coming off our faces. But it’s so funny, because all of
this, adds so much more confidence. I look ugly, don’t I? No, I think you look really fresh
and really cute. Ahh. So, now that we’ve got the slap
off. Mm-hm. do you think we should head on out
there and face the world? OK. I’m down for it. I’m a little bit scared,
though. Yeah. For Rowan and I, this is the
moment of truth. We both feel vulnerable to step out
of the house completely barefaced, but it’s a crucial stepping stone
to embracing ourselves as we are. And letting go of that control
over how people perceive us. As we sit here completely
make-up free, nobody seems to react. It’s as if it’s just another day. And little do these people know
what a big experience this is for me and Rowan. How do you feel? I think I feel a bit more
liberated, as you say. More empowered not wearing the
make-up out in public. Even though I’m still, you
know…have, like, the anxiety. I don’t feel like I’m as on
the edge as what I normally am. Well, I think you’re a gorgeous
person on the inside and out. Thank you.
And I think that radiates. So, if we’ve learned anything
it’s just to embrace who we are and, like Ros said, let go. Yeah. And yeah, let go of that control
that we feel like we have to give this perfect image out all the time.
Yeah, definitely. I agree.


100 thoughts on ““When I put my makeup on I come alive more” | Addicted To… Makeup – BBC”

  • A little eyeliner, and go.

    Kabuki theater makeup everyday? Maybe fir a fancy dress party. But less makeup is the new sexy b

  • Diana needs none.
    Pretty is pretty.
    In camera, ok, a little liner. But why mess with success. Same goes for surgery: tit jobs, eye jobs, lip jobs, is just maiming.

    (Ok a little rhinoplasty here and there)

  • My gosh, they both look so much better without makeup. I think there is not only two ways – like with or without makeup. But a little makeup can help too. When it's to much makeup it's like they're hiding their soul, wearing a mask. Makeup seems like self mutilating their faces. I'll never get the sense of it.

  • I think, here in America, it’s 50/50. Some people look fine without it and some of use need it . Especially in the work place. I am treated completely differently without makeup on. It sucks

  • So you feel better about your self when you are wearing a mask? Basically lying to everyone about yourself?… and women accuse men of being habitual liars.

  • Giberish Boner says:

    To all the ladies out there, men prefer ladies with less or much better with no makeup at all. Also tasting lipstick and powder on your face is gross. Also the smell of makeup is also gross, smells like prostitute

  • I would love for an international no-makeup-day. Or a week ….

    The blonde really got the point when she showed the makeup on the towel. That's all there is! There's no confidence in that. It's just as much as you'll find happiness in drugs. It's not real. Use the money on good things like investing in your future. Spend the time on others.

  • I agree with you says:

    We should just focus more on skin care. The girl on the thumbnail needs to just take care of those under eye bags.

  • They are beautiful but i understand their need to cover some complex. Instagram ideal is just killing the way we look at ourselves cause we constantly refer to the Instagram beauty that is validated by all. We are always seeking for validation although we know its nearly impossible to please the eyes of everyone….

  • Slowbreeze ***** says:

    You can put make up just some earliner or lipgloss but what they did was way on the top in my opinion…you both look good looking natural no need to feel any anxiety…

    Can't run away from YOURSELF
    no matter or HOW MUCH made up cream you smear on your face…
    just say'n…

  • OldeOne deESuhrim says:

    I feel the same about women who wear makeup as some do with clowns. No matter how you apply it, makeup looks completely false and disturbing. Outside of a theatrical production, wearing makeup makes you look insane.

  • Capgungoesbang says:

    You only think you need makeup because the culture is telling you there is something wrong with your face without it.

  • Gerbrand van dijk says:

    They both look beautiful with or without make up! I would probably not have the balls to ask either one for their number. I think its good that they reevaluate their habits, but if a girl feels better with make up on, and they use it within boundaries, I definitely dont think that they should feel any type of way about it. Be your most comfortable you!

  • Mellon nuggets says:

    Some of you in the comments section seem to think that being insecure makes you a bad person; sure enough insecurities can lead to irrational behaviour, but that shouldn't be a basis to criticise people. When you say such awful things like; 'ooh, she's soooo insecure, such a turn off' you push such people further into themselves, giving them more reason to be insecure, so instead of being nasty to such people, just be nice and maybe your kindness would be reason enough to make them secure in themselves, abilities, appearances and other aspects of their life.

    And if you have nothing nice to say, shut the hell up!

  • These people are just idolising their own faces when they should be giving thanks to the One who made them have a nice face.

  • They both look younger and more beautiful without the make-up. I was really surprised. With them both wearing so much make-up, I assumed they might be trying to hide some severe facial issues underneath but they both are actually naturally beautiful. It's a shame that the make-up industry preys on young women to undermine their self-esteem so that they have to put on make-up to feel more confident while ironically hiding their actual beauty. Certainly a reminder to myself to continue to wear absolute minimum make-up.

  • without the makeup = sweet and 10 years younger…..with the makeup= grotesque ….eyebrows and eyelashes are just too much….only cows look good with large eyelashes because they are natural….

  • self confidence among new generation is concept of the new trend , brands, make up , cars , luxury life style with full of empty brain , and shallow background, no educations …. unfortunately

  • She already has full eyebrows. She doesn’t need to add anything to fill in the missing areas. Women who don’t have full eyebrows add eyebrow liner so their eyebrows would look like how hers are naturally.

  • "As we sit here completely makeup-free, nobody seems to react. It's as if -"

    It's as if the world didn't revolve around you, dear oh dear

  • I've noticed the trend of young women with good skin wearing full coverage pancake style makeup. Highly professional MUAs rarely use full coverage foundation and tend to build coverage in layers. That's why the tend now is full coverage matte foundation so complete application can be applied in one layer.

    I was standing in the queue and a pretty young girl walked up to apparently to met her date. He was aghast, without realising it he said "What happened to your face." She looked likr the Tin Man with all that highlighter. She was an attractive girl who not only looked artificial but shinny artificial.

  • With the makeup they look soo intimidating almost scary like in unaprochable. But my GOD does de blonde one look like a heart-melting sweetheart without makeup!!!

  • Except the girl in the thumbnail looks beautiful without makeup.. I hope she sees this comment cos im an ass who never gives compliments.

  • They prob look better without makeup bc they use wayyyy too much.
    Maybe just a little bit, like some mascara & eyebrows.
    It’s really unnecessary to wear a full face of heavy af makeup every single day.
    Most beauty influencers end up looking like drag queens. Primer, foundation, concealer, blush, lip liner, lipstick/multiple shades of lipstick, lipgloss, eyeshadow primer, eyeshadow, eyeliner, false lashes, mascara, brows, brow sealer, contour, bronzer, highlighter, baking powder, setting spray…. um yeah, that’s def not an “everyday” kinda thing..
    The best look is when you use some makeup to enhance your natural face, not to look like a completely different person.
    I especially hate when Asians use that nose putty stuff to make a higher nose, also that tape to pull back their cheeks and the colored contacts.
    Better not get caught in the rain or sweat your literal face off..

  • Women should really cut back on the makeup, I look on it has photo editing, small edits are ok, big edits are so fake & not real. Your wasting your money ladies 👍🏻

  • The brunette looks better without makeup. So fresh and young. I feel really bad for her. She looks nicer without makeup. She's lucky to have such nice skin. My skin isn't as good. The blonde just needs concealer, in my opinion, but just a ml of it under her eyes. The eye bags are a weird colour and age her but I wonder if that is because of her hair being down and putting them in shade, making them look worse. That being said, she still looks better than most people and is really blessed.

  • Books Of Opulence says:

    Is that room where she talked to the psychiatrist/counsellor also the room where dove did that challenge where women describe themselves to a police sketch artist?

  • You know I met someone on a dating site. And he was very happy and relieved that I didn't wear makeup. He kept saying that I'm natural, etc. And it was funny for me. But, I realize Make up tend to make you look older, and most men nowadays like natural and youthful vibe. Having make up on makes most women aura feel so insecure and unsure. Like whenever I look at someone, is it really her?

  • I have blonde eyelashes and eyebrows (they are not visible) my family have always told me I look Ill without it so since 13 I've worn makeup every single day and night. My husband has never seen me without it & I always got a very shocked look in the past If someone saw me without it. So yh I now have something growing on my eyeball because they never have a rest from mascara and eyeliner 👍

  • All bullshit…
    I tell you girls, life experienced me then, when getting older, you realise how beautiful you are with nude shade and face….
    Industry would sell it's soul to persuade you that you need to make you up to feel self confident!
    Self confidence is Inside yourself, certainly not outside …

    And this way of Fashion make up, wanting to look like all others…
    This year, grey shadows eyes, next year pink lipsticks… last year thick eyebrows, and so on…
    Women all along ages wanted to feel attractive, using all sorts of artificial "teasing" but most of men prefer natural and nude faces…
    Be yourselves, be who you are….
    No matter what others think or say!

  • Not saying this to be "supportive" or anything, but they both look SO MUCH BETTER without makeup!! They look like actual people with personalities that I'd like to speak with.

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