Wheathills Memory Boxes On BBC News

Wheathills Memory Boxes On BBC News

Right, I’ve got a personal question for you. Are you a hoarder? Do you have boxes full of old postcards, railway
tickets and all those little reminders of the past?>>Anne
Yes, I think most of us do really. Half the time, if you’re like me, you don’t
know what you’ve got, or indeed even where it is. Now a firm in Derbyshire could have a solution
with their special Memory Boxes. Boxes that actually themselves could become
family heirlooms.>>Quentin
Prepare to be amazed here’s Geeta. [Chamber Music]>>Geeta
From the traditional to the little more unusual these boxes represent people’s special memories. They’re individually designed and made at
Wheathills in Derbyshire.>>Nigel On the outside of the box are designs
to be shared with the world, when you unlock the box, open the box, are all the private
things are inside. Every time you look at it , it recalls a wonderful
memory.>>Geeta Quality craftsmanship does of course
come at a price.>>Nigel It is handmade, completely bespoke,
it goes from the five hundred pound box to the hundreds of thousands.>>Geeta And so you could end up with a Memory
Box like this one made for a passionate theatre fan from Nottingham
[Chamber Music]>>Geeta Each individual piece of this creation,
however small, is made from different coloured wood and reflects the skill of Nigel’s workforce.>>Nigel We have Cabinet Makers, French Polishers,
Upholsterers, Designers. All those details are created through the
skills those chaps have>>Geeta Most projects take around five weeks
to complete. But it’s never too late to add or change things. [Client’s background chat]
>>Geeta It can of course make the process longer, maybe even a lot longer.>>Nigel Two years later it’s finished, almost!>>Geeta Skillfully crafted marquetry and famous
characters from stage and screen are around every corner of this piece, all coming together
to create an everlasting memory>>Nigel It will be passed down the family,
and people over the years will be adding things to it. It becomes a real history of the things that
are important to the family from generation after generation after generation.>>Geeta Geeta Pensay>>Anne Oh My Gosh. Absolutely beautiful. They’re too nice to put anything in though. I’d still have my little envelopes full of
rubbish.>>Quentin [Jokingly] Good place to put your
keys though. Secret drawers to keep your keys in.>>Anne Beautiful, beautiful.


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