What’s Up in Makeup NEWS! NARS Makes People MAD, Food as Makeup TESTED, Daddy Daughter Makeup Class!

What’s Up in Makeup NEWS! NARS Makes People MAD, Food as Makeup TESTED, Daddy Daughter Makeup Class!

From Niagra Falls,
to Generation Beauty Toronto, to Montreal… I’m Jen from JenLuvsReviews and What’s Up
In Makeup is back and starting now! Welcome to What’s Up In Makeup for July 2,
2017…on this episode we are reviewing the Top Industry News of the past week or so. This week’s major story — Nars has decided
to sell its products in China, meaning that the popular brand is getting its
share of controversy. In 2013, the EU banned the sale of any cosmetics
or ingredients that have been tested on animals. In the U.S., animal testing is not illegal,
but is left up to the company’s discretion. But in China, animal testing is the law. Some users of the social media platform Weibo,
in China, said they felt “more assured” of quality after products were tested. But it’s more than assuring potential customers… China is projected to become the largest market
in the world for the cosmetics industry, with an estimated $50 billion in domestic sales
of beauty products in 2015 alone. And that’s a siren song that is difficult
to ignore. Currently, brands like L’Oreal, Benefit, Rimmel,
Maybelline and Shiseido (which owns Nars) are among the many cosmetic products sold
in China. Each is subject to the animal testing law. Nars has issued a statement on their Instagram,
saying, “We want you to know that we hear you. The global elimination of animal testing needs
to happen” but that it had to “comply with the local laws.” You can see that statement, and the reactions
to it, on their Instagram account @narsissist. And those reactions are resoundingly negative. The company has been accused of caring “more
about profits than animal welfare,” and another noted “This is called hypocrisy.” Let us know your thoughts in the comments
below. On YouTube, Ms Yeah is known mainly for unusual
cooking videos, but one of her most recent videos shows an interesting way to use food
(and office paraphernalia) as makeup. The video went viral and I know I saw it all over Facebook. LIfehacker’s Claire Lower also enjoyed the
video, enough to try to recreate the effect. She didn’t have the exact same ingredients
Ms Yeah did, but tried her best with flour and cocoa powder for foundation, contouring
with cocoa, coffee for eyebrows and a regular pen for eyeliner. For shadow, she used green skittle water with
flour, and strawberries with ketchup for the lips. Was she successful? Check out the full results at lifehacker.com “Real Housewives of Potomac” Star, Gizelle Bryan has officially launched EveryHue Beauty
after two years of development. The brand includes a tinted moisturizer (available
in 12 different shades), a foundation brush and blending sponge. The formula includes vitamin C and E, aloe,
and has SPF 25. Bryant told PeopleStyle, “I, with my silly
self, thought it would take six months [to create]. There were some formulations that we came
up with that were good but they weren’t great and I didn’t want to come out with
something that wasn’t great that I didn’t believe in.” Watch for EveryHue items to roll out every
three months. Next up is a trio compact that includes a
highlighter, a setting powder and a bronzer, which will be available in two color hues. Following that will be a matte lip with top
gloss. Glow Perfect Tinted Moisturizer, $36. Available on everyhuebeauty.com We’ve told you before about Beauty Pie, the
membership-only makeup outlet that launched last December. With a mission statement of low-priced makeup,
under the belief that “Most luxury skincare has a price markup of 10 times the cost it
takes to manufacture it”, the brand has many fans and members…including Bobbi Brown. At the end of May, Beauty Pie unveiled skincare
products in their online mix. The skincare line now includes 11 products,
with prices from $5.21 to $13.11, and range from a cleanser to micro-peel drops, to an
anti-aging cream and a Korean-style mask. Future goals include a retinol range, a vitamin
C range, and super hydrating products. Even adding in the $10 monthly membership
fee, this is definitely a bargain compared to mainstream products. Blushington is the place to go when you want
to get a special makeup application, and you’re in California, New York or Texas. With that in mind, what better idea could
they have than to establish a Father’s Day celebration Makeup 101 class, to teach tweens
and Dads makeup from the ground up? Well now, it’s a permanent part of the beauty
lounge’s menu. It was such a hit for both girls and their
pops who want to understand where the contour goes. “What really struck me out of our class was
this was the child sharing her passion with the parent,” adds Blushington CEO Natasha
Cornstein . “It’s a complete role reversal….The dads have been completely hands-on — we
even had some of them testing Jouer lip prep on themselves.” During the 90-minute group course, which costs
$50 per father-daughter team, both work with an expert to learn about which products to
use and when, and they then take turns applying the product with the proper tools. The average participant is between the ages
of 11 and 14…prime seekers of YouTube tutorials, but Blushington is more about age-appropriate
looks. Makeup 101 courses are available at two locations
in Southern California, in Manhattan and Dallas. And last up for this week, I’ve got a bunch of little stories for you kind of like a lightning round but not that fast ’cause I just couldn’t spit this out in a lightning round format. The first one I want to tell you about is Unilever has severed ties with Sawit Sumbermas
Sarana, a supplier of palm oil, because of issues with their deforestation practices. They are the latest company to cut ties with
SSMS since 2015. a team of scientists from the Estee Lauder
companies recently presented data on the effects of Pollen on skin, and what ingredients can
lessen those effects Olay is always looking for new ingredients
that promote cell regeneration, and they are currently investigating the properties of
Carob as an ingredient German cosmetics brand, BeYu, will launch
300 stores in India L’Oréal’s is in the process of pulling its
Decléor brand from the US market, because basically, no one knows what it is. I don’t even know how to say it. And Huda Kattan has been named to TIME’s list of the top 25 most influential people on the
internet That’s it for now, don’t forget the Daily
Makeup Minute, 60 seconds of news you can use Monday through Friday starts up again tomorrow. and keep an eye out for Makeup Minute Extras on my Instagram, JenLuvsReviews
Chat today will be at 10am eastern. Yes, we are going back into chat today. We’ll be testing out some of the most exciting
products that I received at Generation Beauty in Toronto. In case you miss it, you can always watch
it on the replay here on the channel. Watch for a regular episode of What’s Up in
Makeup next week! Mad love and we’ll see you then!


46 thoughts on “What’s Up in Makeup NEWS! NARS Makes People MAD, Food as Makeup TESTED, Daddy Daughter Makeup Class!”

  • coffee&makeup says:

    I'll keep moving toward more ethical choices with or without NARS. It is pretty disappointing though! I hate seeing companies regress when others (and even whole countries) are moving forward against animal testing.

  • Luanne Santos says:

    Hi Jen!!! I'm so happy you're back XOXO. I missed your videos but was extremely happy you Snapped a lot on your trip. I'm so glad your family had a great time on vacation/road trip. I enjoyed watching! Your kids are so cute and funny! I hope you have a relaxing weekend with your family.
    MAD LOVE FOR YOU JEN ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Thank you to your team for another amazing job getting the info for this video.

  • Amanda Renea says:

    I don't believe in animal testing and I know many people are 100% cruelty free when it comes to the products they purchase. But I see a lot of people complaining when I know they use other companies that aren't cruelty free. Such as Tide, Colgate, Pampers, Chapstick, etc. People don't research at all. They just go along with whatever hot topic is going on at the moment.

  • Iris loves life says:

    I didn't realize that China actually requires animal testing. This is very troubling to me. I don't see how companies can resist opening up a market of a billion people, even if they have to sacrifice some consumers in America and other countries. Certainly the financial lure is irresistible. Those companies that are cruelty free will really have to maintain strong morals since they have absolutely no Financial incentive to not test on animals and thereby get into China

  • I honestly don't understand why people are soooo mad at Nars. All products they produce are cruelty free, it's the Chinese retailers/ authorities who may test those products on animals. They had to sell in China for a reason which could be totally unknown to the public (like decreasing sales.) At the end of the day it's a business and a business' job is to make money, and this decision could possibly be saving the company from going under. Besides, majority of these people are likely 'exclusively makeup' cruelty free anyway, never bothering to research their other household products like toothpaste or deodorant.

  • Jen Luvs Reviews says:

    NARS – 0:22
    Food as Makeup – 1:42
    Gizelle Bryan & EveryHue – 2:22
    Beauty Pie Skin Care – 3:08
    Daddy Daughter Makeup Classes – 3:55
    Lightning Round (slowed down) – 5:10

  • Welcome back! Glad you had a wonderful time with your family! Your mad love family missed you! Thank u for the though provoking content!

  • I missed WIUIMP, but today's video has a very different feel. I'm not a fan of it. Will you be going back to your regular format? Thanks.

  • Drink Your Nail Polish says:

    I don't know about anyone else, but when I hear "China" I associate that with cheap, poorly made, inexpensive, low quality, and possibly hazardous products.

  • I ♡ that Blushington class for daughters & dads. There are so many single dads out there with daughters who need this. Great idea!
    Sad news about Nars & others brands changing their policy to do business with China. Is there any info on what testing they are doing exactly?

  • Hi Jen, absolutely love you & your content. Since you luv looking up ingredients, would you consider a review of the Beauty Pie line? Trying to figure out if it's quality stuff & worth the annual $120.00 cost. Thanks Jen. Any consideration would be awesome! xoxo

  • Blushington did father/daughter makeup perfectly! Growing up my dad was the one who taught me hair styling and would curl, braid etc. such a great bonding time for girls.

  • Nars is a company, whose main focus is to make money. It makes totally sense they would want to open up their market to a huge new audience. This isn't personal, it's business. Boycott the company if it goes against your morals, but the billion new customers in China are going to more than compensate for the handful of people who stop buying their product because it isn't cruelty free.

  • Nicole Joyce says:

    What really pisses me off about NARS is that Francois Nars is a vegan, yet now he's authorizing animal testing? That's makes him a SELL OUT and a HYPOCRITE.

  • That father daughter class is so cute! I hope they keep it up; I would love for my husband and future daughter (if I have one lol) to do that together.

  • Are we shocked? We all know China don't give a FUCK about animals! Money hungry businesses will turn a blind eye for profits from China. Test it on humans, not animals!

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