What’s the Dilly-O!?!  (The New News Ep. 10)

What’s the Dilly-O!?! (The New News Ep. 10)

(Music) Hello and welcome to America’s favorite government news show, The New News. I’m your host Chelsey, but I wish my name was Clementine. In today’s episode we’re going to reach on out, take pride in and make life wild. But first, let’s see what the dilly-o is with the Mayor. (Singing) Won’t ‘cha kindly tell me, what’s on the Mayor’s mind? Spring has sprung and so it’s time for a break. And this spring break Mr. Mayor, there are programs going on all over town. Many of which can be found in the Parks and Rec Life guide. Yeah, we’re kind of always, kind of, I’ll call it progressive in that kind of stuff. I think there’s probably something for everybody to do. From the From the Natatorium to Joe Farmer Recreation Center to even the Senior Center if you want to go there. I mean there’s all kinds of programs. It keeps them doing something and active all the time. Now are the rumors true that you and the misses are heading down to Cancun for Spring Break? Absolutely. Heading to Cancun, ya know, it’s going to be basking in the sun. Not. (Laughs) I don’t think we’re going to make it to Cancun this year. With all the stuff we got on our plate at the City level and all, I think I’ll be right here, in Allen, Texas. Well I’m with you. I’d rather be here than sippin’ Shirley Temples down at Senor Frogs. Allen is way better. Oh I would agree with you there. It’s the number one place in the universe. Allen is out of this world. Thanks for dropping some knowledge on us, Mr. Mayor. If you’re looking for some new spring break digs and want to pop some tags, but only got twenty dollars in your pocket, might I suggest the Allen Community Outreach Resale Shop. ACO does a ton of good for the community and they’ve only been adding to their accomplishments. (Music) We all know dog goes “woof”, cat goes “meow”, bird goes “tweet” and mouse goes “squeak”. But what does the fox say? Or the coyote or bobcat for that matter? Well, luckily the Library is hosting an urban wildlife expert to answer all your urban wildlife questions. Finding wild animals in your yard is not that wild of an idea. Even animals as wild as a bobcat or a coyote. Knowing what to do when these animals are seen near your home is important. And that’s where urban wildlife expert Bonnie Bradshaw comes in. On Thursday, March 21 at 7 p.m. Bonnie will be at the Allen Public Library giving a presentation on how these animals behave and how people can handle encounters. She’s the president of 911 Wildlife, a group dedicated to removal, relocation and control of animals in the urban landscape. Visit AllenLibrary.org or call 214-509-4379 for more information. One thing The City of Allen has in common with a group of lions is that they both have PRIDE. And so I’d like to proudly present this next segment on that very subject. (Music) You can get more Allen news at coincidentally enough, AllenNews.org. You can also follow our Twitter, Facebook, Nextdoor, Linkedin and Instagram accounts. Don’t worry Tik Tok because my tween cousin would be mortified if we saw her singing videos. But our YouTube channel has thousands of videos with millions of views, so get a billion of your friends to subscribe. That’s all for now. Until next time, your darling Clementine will be lost but not gone forever. See ya. (Music)


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