100 thoughts on “What’s Next For Harry And Meghan After Split With Royal Family | NBC Nightly News”

  • Divorce. She's got the baby on her continent now. Do you really think she will be satisfied with good ole Harry? I don't think so. She will divorce him, get millions of dollars, and go her sweet way, which I believe was her plan all along. Disgusting.

  • I would hate having cameras following you around everywhere you go.. they did the right thing, except don’t move to North America. They will regret it.

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  • Lorann Williamson says:

    I believe God give mercy to whoever he pleases Mercy is new everyday. repentance is for all whom come to the knowledge of truth. Gods grace is for all whom recieve him. God has the first and last say as far as the reply that was made so Pray for all people to repent that havent. To you that replied

  • “Perhaps, doing even more good”, that’s out of context, you forgot……”for HERself”. More Good than the Queen who devoted her life to public service, for the past 68 + years? This one who “hit the ground running” (in hindsight, boy was she telling the truth! Again out of context though lol) couldn’t hack it for a year

  • What’s Next For Harry And Meghan After Split With Royal Family:


    💰 vs Royal Tradition… MONEY MONEY MONEY ! ! ! 💰 💰 💰

  • If anyone thinks these two aren't just going to continue living off the British tax payers … I've got a bridge to sell you.

  • Glad the queen kicked them out completely they wanted best of both worlds can't have your cake and eat it God save the queen

  • Kicked out of the British empire because he got married to a woman of color, the old queen could not break his love of his wife so they was forced out. Good he stood by his wife!!

  • How can the British people and the UK allows Meghan & Harry to trademark Sussex Royal and profit from it??? What about the royals who are currently living in Sussex or who will be living in Sussex??? It's like me trademarking "The U.S. Citizen"… Can I do that? Leaving the royal family but still piggybacking on the British Royal Family's Brand and PR platform, and the UK's tradition of Perrage…Ths is the first in the British history.

  • The Duke 71000 71000 says:

    More a case of Harry & Meghan "Sidelined" I think time will reveal.
    I seem to remember Edward VIII (uncrowned) married an American Divorcee, and look what happened to them !!!!!

  • They were together standing next to a camper trailer in I picture today on a website group I belong to called — boondockers free camping

  • Marie Theresa Hughes says:

    Greed getting the better of them but!! Their FOUNDATION IS A LIMITED COMPANY AND only 5% has to got to CHARITY 😞😞😞😞😞😞

  • Why would I care about the Royals when is a real family pay for these security people or doing the taxpayers of Wisconsin and surrounding states pay for it so for the last if they don't pay anything in taxes but they do get money back from the horse oil companies for my understanding so yeah I'm happy with being screwed constantly by the royal family and friends of Donald Trump

  • What till they have no more money 💰 she will eventually leave him. Money goes fast and she is not a-list celebrity. Nothing last forever. She is a narcissistic woman with no moral values and has no respect for anybody but herself. She is a devil 👿 in disguise and isn’t a saint.


    Britain's Media is really too blame and lack of support in the palace. The world welcome them and your loss.

  • What’s next for them is cashing in on the Dukedom of Sussex without actually doing the duties that goes with it. That’s hardly progressive, it’s shallow celebrity. Such hypocrites.

  • What’s next is that Harry and Meghan will just become the next dime a dozen celebrities peddling leftist politics, hating Trump, flying around while telling you that you shouldn’t. Dime a dozen hypocrites like the rest of Hollywood. Yawn. 😴

  • I anticipated the false issue of "race" would be thrown into the mix. There's a lot to work with here. With Princess Diana's attachment to the son of Harrod's department street biggie (an Egyptian family), this same false issue was thrown into the mix. Look, the Royals have been deluged with headline making events going all the way back to the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. Remember? Then this is an excellent diversion to Andrew's problem of allegedly having his pants down in the wrong part of town. And poor Princess Margaret had to vacate her romantic attachment to Peter Townsend ("white"), divorced Royal equerry. So let's not overwork the "color" thing. What with a multicultural Commonwealth, Meghan is a definite asset for the Crown.

  • May : Always love to Live Another Day says:

    I don't understand the British public and the British media no matter what Harry and Meghan do they will complain about it weather is fixing the house going on vacation what she's wearing no matter what so why do someone want to put themselves through all that negative scrutiny an insult and work for someone which is the British public when you are not respected unappreciated they make more money by them self and they will show all the haters that they will survive and be happy doing it so whether they choose the Hollywood Way who cares let them do them self I'm happy for them and I pray that they do the best job ever and better


    Everyone can learn from this bold decision with this couple. I challenge each one of us as this new 2020 decade. What are you willing to leave an addiction, adultery, abuse,hostile work place or other hidden darkness lifestyles. That couple has a very good future and the majority of average people need to be bold and make changes too. I have already started.🐱

  • This is just a massive TV show drama is the reason Meghan was thrust onto the world stage to fool the sleeping dead dumb masses all entertainment Hollywood style, if you believe any of this is really true you're a lifetime member of the dumb down sleeping dead masses. Everything on the global, political, entertainment and media, finance is ALL SCRIPTED.

  • Well, at least Brits have two less social parasites living jet set on tax payers money… Now, as for the rest, this nice lady Guilliotine has made this marvellous device….

  • End the royal family. No one is above the rest.if they want to truly be radical, they have to openly say that the royal system is outdated.

  • Just the idea that any member of royalty ever really did any kind of work is preposterous. That's just British hypocrisy. I am however happy abut just one aspect of this whole development: that finally Britain's sleazy tabloids have gotten their overdue comeuppance and have now been deprived of one subject to exploit.

  • How dare they, We the mere morals ! GOD created everybody equal. They are the most profane people on the planet look into their ninth circle cult ofpedo’s with Vat

  • Schmevie Schmeves says:

    So all of a sudden the royal functions are ‘stuffy’ and Hollywood functions are exiting. I thought they wanted privacy away from cameras and celebrity?

  • All a big plot , Henry will probably try to become pm somewhere in Africa so his family can claim all the resources and land and used Megan so they will lay out the welcome matt. Just wait for it ,,,, these devils are up to no good as usual.

  • "NOT that phat bonus ya were expecting, but ya DID get a one year membership: The Jelly of the Month Club; "The Gift That Keeps On Giving All Year."

  • Why should we care? We obviously should not care about that country because they don't have any oil. XD Because, sadly, that's the American way

  • How little the Americans and reporters know of Canada. She is in Victoria BC on Vancouver Island. Picked up her friend at the Victoria international airport. NOT IN VANCOUVER which is a 20 minute helijet/seaplane ride or a 90 minute ferry. Plus he didn't make a deal with Disney, all he did was mention she would love to do voice over work. At least get facts straight take geography lessons.

  • Queen Duncan Donut Of Scots says:

    Just like Hollywood is desperate for writers to come up with new material. They can only pretend to be like me for so long (aka Brother) until the interest dies down 😉.

  • Seems as though all the "HATERS" are still hating hmmm. Didn't they get what they wanted? Meghan is gone right? So 💩heads what you hating on now? Oh, Harry😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 my bad😘🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

  • With the split from lets say London Royalty, HARRY made himself possible (I hope he gets it) a real King right on the spot, and all this on his own decision (welcome to the possibilities of the 21st century) !, if some fool knows what I mean.

  • Saving elephants is truly amazing i hope thay give the money away for this and not just talk. The proof of the pudding is by eating it

  • Blessings to your family Prices Harry….. Jesus Christ is with your family every move guiding and looking after your family life….Amen in Jesus Christ Jesus.

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