What’s New in G Suite for December 2018? Google Cloud NEW FEATURES

What’s New in G Suite for December 2018? Google Cloud NEW FEATURES

– Hey there, Pete Moriarty here, bringing you a news update video with all of the latest updates for G Suite that you should know
about as a business owner. Now, we’ve taken just the best updates to highlight in this video. Listen up because this is
gonna be very useful for you. (lively electronic music) Now, a little over a month
ago, Google have released their new Activity
Dashboard, and this is a way of you peeking into what
activity has been happening in each one of your documents. Now, this is very useful
if you’re collaborating with team members and you’re
perhaps have been working on a document or a
spreadsheet, and you wanna see, if you shared that with someone else, has that other person actually
accessed the document, have they viewed it, have
they made any changes? Now, what the Activity
Dashboard does is it shows you all of the collaborators on the document and their actual activity
on the document as well. Now, how do you get access to it? Well, up in the top right
hand corner of the document, you look for a little
icon that looks a bit like the Harry Potter
lightning bolt squiggle, and that’s gonna bring
up the menu to show you all of the activity on that doc. Now, unfortunately, there’s
no way to force everybody to opt into this. Everyone’s opted in by
default and they can opt out on a document by document basis, or opt out of all tracking
completely if they wish. There’s no way to stop people opting out, #privacy, but this is
very useful for those that opt in for you to be able to see what’s going on with the document without having to hit someone up on email or on instant message, or in
your task management program, so thoroughly recommend
you leave this switched on, and you make use of it with
your team members as well. The next big bit of news
is Google Classroom, and that has Now, come to
all editions of G Suite. Now, Classroom was a feature that was previously only
available to tertiary education, schools, and other higher
education organizations. Now, this is how Google brings their power of the magic of G Suite and
collaboration into the Classroom and Google have thought up
some pretty damn cool tools that teachers now use across
many different schools that have Google Classroom
and Google for Education rolled out all around the world. Now, what are some of the
features of Google Classroom? Well, for starters,
you can set up students and if you’re in a business,
students might be employees, they might be contractors,
they might even be customers, and students can participate in quizzes, be assigned classes, be assigned a teacher or someone who’s instructing them, and there’s all kinds of ways
that they can both be issued and submit work, as well as
having the quiz integration with a marking feature, all kinds of really cool stuff in there. Now, this has been begged
for for years to be brought into the main business suite of G Suite, and it’s finally been made available. Now, you need to opt into this, you need to go into your
admin panel and switch it on in Other Services, but
once you’ve got access to Classroom, you can use this for all kinds of things internally. Now, one of the things
that I might use it for as a business owner myself
is for internal training of our staff. We want to know who’s completed
what courses, what systems, and what processes have
they viewed, and of course, we want to create some
quizzes, and get some marking and some scoring happening,
and so we’re gonna start to use this for our internal
training, and make sure that we’ve got everybody well organized right inside of Google
Classroom, so there’s heaps of resources all over YouTube
and the Web for Classroom, and we will be doing a follow
up video on that as well. Next, let’s talk about Hangouts. Now, Hangouts has had a
lot of work done to it in the past couple of years. It’s been completely
rewritten from the ground up and it’s now Hangouts Meet, and if you haven’t given
Hangouts Meet a go, well, you really should. It’s got some great
features like being able to share a Hangout with absolutely anyone just based on a URL. They do have to have a Chrome browser or have the app downloaded if
they’re joining from a mobile, but they don’t have to
have a Google account. They can jump straight into a meeting without having to register just like a, unlike the old Hangouts,
rather, and it means that they can join a meeting in high definition very, very easily, and that’s great for not
only your internal meetings but also sharing with
a customer or a client or someone outside your business. Now, two key changes
that have just happened to Hangouts Meet that are really exciting. Number one, if you’re
looking to invite someone to the meeting once you’ve
already started one, well, in the old version of Hangouts, you used to be able to kind
of call them using Google+. Now, what you can do is
you can invite someone, you just go to the people menu, and you click on add a person, and that flicks them an email. Now, it’s not as great as ringing them and buzzing their device,
but flicking them an email is not too bad. If someone’s forgotten
to show up to the meeting or maybe you want to easily
send a link to a client or someone who’s outside
your business to access, well, using that add a person, you pop in their email address,
and it sends off message. Now, the second option that you can do is you can also add by phone. Unfortunately, this feature
is US only right now, but if you add by phone, it
will actually call their phone and dial them straight into
the meeting from there. Now, remember, there’s always the option for them to dial in. With every meeting, there
is a dial in number, but if you’re, for example, in Australia and you want to get
access to this feature, you can upgrade to the
Enterprise version of G Suite, and you’ll get Australian
numbers for people to dial into. Now, those are the first ones. The next feature that’s
been added to Hangouts Meet is the ability to have more
participants on your meeting. This is gonna be useful for
small businesses, especially, you can now have up to 50
people on any Hangout meeting. It was previously limited to 25. If you do need more than 50, you can either use the
Google Hangouts Live feature, which was previously Hangouts on Air, you can have literally hundred
thousand people on there if you want, but if you want
to have more participants from inside your company and
have each person contributing, again, you’ve got to upgrade to the Enterprise version of G Suite. It’s a little bit
cost-prohibitive in my opinion for small businesses,
but if you’re someone who can make use of some of the features, like maybe recording
your Hangouts as well, well then the Google G
Suite Enterprise version might be something that
you want to consider. One more trick, and this
one’s come to Gmail, is the ability to access all
of your Gmail emails offline without having to bother with a plugin. Now, previously, if you
wanted to use Gmail offline, you had to go to the app
store, set up a plugin, login to the plugin, dig
around with the settings, all of those kind of things. Well now it’s been built right into Gmail and it means there’s no
fuss with getting access to your emails when you’re
offline, so if you’re on a plane or an internet cafe without
internet, that would be weird, maybe you’re in a cafe
that’s not an internet cafe, or if you’re sitting at the beach, you need to get work done,
you can use Gmail offline and not only read your
emails but also compose, go through your folders, and
dig through the last couple of months’ worth of email. Now, to get access to
the new Gmail offline, as long as you’re on
the new version of Gmail which everyone’s been upgraded and effectively forced to be upgraded now, you just go into your Settings,
go to Offline Settings, and you can switch on Gmail offline, and choose how much mail will
be downloaded to your machine. This is super useful, and keep in mind, it’s gonna take a little
while to download initially, but once that’s done, it’s
available anytime you need it, and you can open up your
laptop and get work done. Just remember to make sure
that the latest emails have been downloaded before you
jump on that 15-hour flight. Now the final update here
is one in the admin panel, and this is about security. Now, I know security is not something that people like to think
about until you get hacked, and one of the easiest ways that you can actually up your security, if you’re a business user of G Suite, is to go into your admin panel and switch on force two-step
authentication for all users. What that’s gonna do is give
you an extra line of defense just in case anyone somehow gets access to both your username and
your password for G Suite. Now, there’s an additional
feature that’s been added to G Suite which is a little nice to have, which helps you to make those passwords just that little bit more secure. Now, in the past you could set
some basic password policies like choosing the length, but you couldn’t really
do much more than that, and Google’s added some more
enterprising style features to their Google passwords. Now, not only now can you force everyone to have more complex passwords, but you can also have them
set those passwords to expire after a certain amount of
time, and you can also see what the complexity of
each person’s password is within your business. Now, I recommend setting a password expiry for a small business,
probably no more frequent than once a year. That’s probably gonna be okay especially if you have two-factor
authentication switched on but if you’ve got that added,
then it’s gonna be a good move to make the password policies
just a little bit stricter than welcome123, which
is a standard password that many people unfortunately still use. That’s a wrap for this month’s video and if you like what you see, remember to give us a thumbs
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month, all of the ones that we didn’t talk about in this video, you may wish to see some
of the more advanced ones or some of the ones that are more suitable to larger businesses as well. If you haven’t already,
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support team that you may need. Anyway, catch you in
the next one, take care.


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