36 thoughts on “What's going on with China's economy? – BBC News”

  • Antediluvian Atheist says:

    All the western workers are fired.
    All the factories and call centers are in the east.

    How odd that no one in the west can buy the stuff.

  • China grew on the rest of the world fairy tale debt bubble. They bought into there own miracle and keep blowing the bubble. Now it will blow. Not complete it’s simple.

  • According to BBC, China's economy should have collapsed for more than 30 years. If it is not true, it must be China's fault. If BBC is wrong, it must be China's fault.

  • BBC news? as usual trying to spin and articulate about China`s economy and paint it in a bad way. so pathetic.
    why should China fake its annual growth figures? all the shits reporting will make BBC and u.k becoming an irrelevant
    power in the world. ho.ho.ho.

  • The British have had enough of the BBC and there leaders, im an English man and i admire putin and his leadership, dont know to much about China or Indian, but ide do my research and make up my own mind rather then believe anything that spews out of the corrupt BBC or British politicians. I think many British would agree with me.

  • Nothing lasts forever. China's leaders are not Stupid. USA, Trump, Austerity, Sweet Tax Deals ultra wealthy that are damaging USA Growth but putting more money in the Pockets of the .02% worlds richest. Need more be said.

  • 真是狗屁不通。随便查一下中国正在布局高新产业,政府投资几千亿人民币在芯片产业,新能源,基建更上投资了几万亿人民币。中国政府五年规划,想的比你们这些嘴炮远的多。以后抢了你们西方了饭碗。端了你们锅。

  • This trade war talk is a load of nonsense. China cannot hurt the USA by imposing tarrif. During 2018 China bought US good and services totalling $120.3 billion against $539.5 billion bought by the USA. Trump has slapped China with US$ 250 billion import duty to narrow the deficit. Trump wants China to bridge the gap between imports and tariffs totalling $ 370 billion. China must buy another $ 155 billion of US goods and services or face another import tariff to balance the budget. Trump gave China 2019 to get that right. The trade war threat is just a load of nonsence.

    This trade war talk is BBC propaganda passed on from their globalist masters to try to frighten UK voters and mislead them to believe that Trumps the bad guy.

  • One of the head guys from the Bureau of Statisitics for the CCP. Admitted that the GDP numbers are always skewed a long with the yuan to minimize uncertainty amongst the people with the party.

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  • Fook Seng Loke says:

    The annual dollar value of growth is still higher than earlier years. If growth has been growing at a high rate for so many years, of course the growth will go down gradually. Just do the maths. Sorry, you don’t like maths.

  • The West will never understand China and the West is seeing China through their arrogant eyes. Go read the Sun's Art of War and you will understand why the West will have a hard time winning this so called trade war.

  • Instead of in 3 min to describe China economy, I will said in 3 second China economy is growing a lot more then westerner

  • Not quite, the whole picture, I am afraid.
    Especially the so called 'critical point'
    The reasons of previous growth are also very narrow-visioned

  • Only people suffering from inferior complex would like to see their neighbors suffer. It's a case of mistery needs company.

  • Warren Mundell says:

    Wow!, China is going belly up, It's about time, as people say this for last 20 years, Most reporters peg there growth this year at only 6.3%, I am so sad for them.

  • Hummm…….read the prophecy. The Western sabotage of the Chinese economy will kill the the West itsef. Daniel 11:42-45 is a formula that killed the Superpower as the UK, France, Mongolia, Rome, Greece, Persia, Babylon, Israel and Egypt at their respective times of glory.

  • Nagato Sarutobi says:

    I am tired of Chinese products.. Cheap and worthless shit that always breaks… No wonder businesses are pulling out.

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