What Were The Most Anticipated ‘EA Deluxe’ Snippets? | Genius News

What Were The Most Anticipated ‘EA Deluxe’ Snippets? | Genius News

In early 2020, Philly rapper Lil Uzi Vert
dropped two projects: the long-awaited ‘Eternal Atake’ and the deluxe follow-up ‘Luv Vs. The World 2.’ ‘EA’ itself debuted atop the Billboard
200 with the biggest streaming week since 2018. Every track found its way on to the Hot 100
– with 3 songs in the top 10. And fans were excited to see some of their
favorite snippets & leaks make the cut. But what was the most anticipated snippet? To find out, Genius News is ranking the snippets
according to their page views ~before~ their official release. At the no.6 spot with 36,000 page views, is
“Trap This Way (This Way).” In true Uzi fashion, “This Way” was first
previewed back in 2018 with a dancing video via IG. The song’s title has a slight nod to fans
misinterpreting one of the lyrics in the snippet. Next up at no.5 with over 60,000 page views
is “Lotus.” The track was first heard in 2018 on Atlanta
rapper Young Thug’s Instagram Live And Uzi confirmed its spot on the deluxe edition
with a tweet. At no.4 with 80,000 pageviews is “Moon Relate.” Formerly known as “Me And The Moon Relate,”
the track was an apparent throwaway from ‘Luv Is Rage 2.’ Upon his fans’ request, Uzi confirmed the
song’s placement on the album with a series of tweets. Coming in at no.3 with over 100,000 pageviews
is “Come This Way.” Another throwaway from his debut album ‘Luv
Is Rage 2’ studio sessions, the track was first teased back in 2016 and appeared at
a couple of performances before its official release. At no.2 with almost 200,000 pageviews comes
“Bean (Kobe),” formerly known as “Rollie.” Equipped with a feature from Chicago drill
pioneer Chief Keef, the song first appeared on Sosa’s IG back in 2017, marking the first
collaboration between the two. The pair would come together again for the
Keef-produced “Chrome Heart Tags.” And at the no. 1 spot, with 349,000 page views before its
release, Uzi finally gave fans his leak “Myron” widely known as “Like Me.” First previewed in September 2018, it quickly
became a fan favorite, gaining millions of views on personal uploads to YouTube. Days before the deluxe album dropped, Uzi
confirmed the song’s official release as “Myron.” With Uzi’s surprise deluxe ‘Luv vs. World
2,’ fans are hype to ditch the snippets and finally hear their favorites fully finished. What’s your favorite Uzi official snippet? Let us know in the comments


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