What We Do in the Shadows Opening Scene (2014) – Vampire Mocumentary HD

What We Do in the Shadows Opening Scene (2014) – Vampire Mocumentary HD

So it’s 6 P.M. in the night time which is when I wake up. This is always really scary part for me. Yes! Night time. So, now I am going to wake up my flat mates. I really love living in a flatting situation. Wake up! Wake up, everyone! I like to hang out with other vampires. I like the company. Awakey! Awakey wakey! I just really like having a good time with my friends. Deacon. Hey. How was your night last night? I transformed into a dog and had sex. Cool. We’re gonna have a little flat meeting in the kitchen in about fifteen minutes, ok? Ok. Ok. Should I close this? Yes. Vadislav? Oh, sorry. Sorry! What. Hey. What time is it? We’re going to have a flat meeting in about 10 minutes. Twenty. Ok, tha… So, we’re in Petyr’s room. I’m just going to wake him up. Petyr? Petyr? Petyr, wake up. Hey, listen. We’re just having a flat meeting upstairs in about ten minutes. You don’t have to come, but I thought I’d extend an invitation to you, just in case. Um. There’s a lot of stuff on the floor down here, Petyr. Like this… seems… I don’t… Oh, it’s a spinal column, yuck. And I was thinking, maybe, I should just bring a broom down here for you if you if you wanted to sweep up some of the skeletons I don’t know… you know… if you maybe… Ok. I got you this chicken. Is Petyr coming? Should we wait? Petyr is 8,000 years old. We’re not going to have Petyr at the meeting. OK, so, I wanted to have a quick chat about flat responsibilities because, guys, I think that we’re not all pulling our weight here. We’re not just pointing the finger at you, Deacon. You’re a cool guy, but you’re not pulling your weight in the flat. Oh, I’m glad to hear that I am cool. No, that’s not the point, though. You’re missing the point. Yeah, no, I know, I know. It’s not a flat meeting about how cool you are. I do my flat chores. No, you don’t! This is why we’re having the flat meeting. The point is, Deacon, that you have not done the dishes for five years. Vladislav is right. It’s unacceptable to have so many bloody dishes all over this bench like this. I’m so embarrassed when people come over here. What does it matter! You bring them over you kill them! Vampires don’t do dishes. Deacon’s like the rebellious, young vampire. He’s always doing crazy things, saying crazy things. He’s just like the young, bad boy of the group. Ok, so, one day I was selling my wares. And I walked past this old, creepy castle. And I look at it and think very old and creepy. And then this creature, flies at me. It dragged me back to this dark dungeon. And bit into my neck. And just at the point of death, this creature forced me to suck its foul blood. And, then, it opened its wings like this. And hovered above me. Screeching, “Ahahaha! Now, you are vampire.” And it was Petyr. And we are still friends today.


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