What to Do in Life as an Extreme Minimalist |  NO Shopping NO Television NO Distractions

What to Do in Life as an Extreme Minimalist | NO Shopping NO Television NO Distractions

Hello, friends, this is Youheum. I practice
extreme minimalism. Right now, I’m living off of one duffel bag for 4-months. Today I’ll share how I cultivate happiness outside of what I own
and how I combat boredom. The biggest change that I made in my own life is
shifting my perspective on happiness. I now believe that happiness can also be
experienced outside of my possessions. Meaning intentionally keeping a limited
amount of things within my reach but also exploring and venturing outside to
cultivate creativity and freedom. Since that shift happened in my life, I
transformed from living the instant lifestyle of addictive shopping,
constant media consumption, and partying to embracing slow-living. So my current
focuses and priorities are family time, traveling, also nutritious movement, and
connecting with nature. And some of the questions that I receive from my friends
and from this community for walking this path includes… Do you feel happy with less?What do you do in life if you lack stimulation like drinking, partying,
shopping, and regular media consumption? How do you spend time and money if
you own nothing exciting? How do you combat boredom? For me, the answer depends
on how we as individuals choose to define happiness and nourishment. I
believe that it’s good to have difference of opinion in this area. I
feel that happiness should remain a unique experience for everyone. So for
some people, happiness may be having abundance in variety of things. Maybe they love depending on the comfort or luxury of
their possessions. So a comfortable home with all the necessities and more can be
the definition of some person’s happiness. Which is also a valid and
acceptable way of finding joy in life. So I accept anyone who chooses to walk this path and if you love shopping feel free to do what you prioritize in your own
unfolding. As I said, it’s your own happiness 🙂 For some people, I feel
that happiness may be having a limited amount of things that bring joy. And
they may choose this path because they believe that with conscious limitation
on one side also comes freedom in other areas of life. Like the freedom to travel
with less baggage, the freedom to spend money on experiences instead of
accumulation, and also the freedom to have more time and energy to venture
outdoors. So this person can choose to seek excitement and stimulation through
sports, adventure, through problem solving, and challenges. Also, I would love to know what your unique definition of happiness is. And it’s okay if you are
trying to figure it out right now. Let me know what are some of the thoughts that
come up. What do you think is so liberating about finding your own path
instead of following the norm? Feel free to share with us in the comments below. As a minimalist my own definition of
happiness comes from cultivating experiences. And my happiness is defined
by my own feelings not how I look or what I own. This is because I believe
that physical conditions can’t accurately define the state of my
emotional well-being and the level of satisfaction I have in life. I think that
it’s too limiting for me to think that a person who has the socially acceptable
components of happiness to always be labeled as happy or to label a person
with great wealth as always happy or to label extrovert traits as the default
standard of happiness or to assume a person who wears a certain designer
brand as somehow happier than someone who doesn’t. I think we often fall into
the trap of feeling not good enough, of feeling lost, and feeling like a victim
when we start to define happiness by observing and analysing their material possessions or physical looks. I choose to define my own
happiness in non-material ways and I do not try to measure the well-being of others
with my limited perception because I know that whatever I choose to conclude
about someone else’s happiness, it will always be a projection of my own
standards and preference. I think that what’s really important is not what
others are doing, not what others are wearing, or how others are going about
their happiness. What’s really important should be how I’m going to cultivate my
own happiness, how I’m going to overcome boredom in life, and how I’m going to
challenge myself and find excitement in life, and how I’m going to be a better version of myself by gradually building my ideal
lifestyle. And the common blockss that I’ve experienced in my own path of finding
happiness are lack of energy, lack of creativity, and enthusiasm which I
believe are all forms of boredom. So for boredom for me, it feels like being stuck
and it feels like I’m wasting my time and I feel somehow useless and
unproductive. So in the past when I was in a cycle of chronic boredom I leaned
towards temporary thrills and forms of instant gratification for short-term
happiness. And this includes readily available and easily accessible
entertainment like shopping, drinking, partying, and media consumption. And it’s
not like I believe that these activities are necessarily toxic, unhealthy, or
bad for everyone. These are all ways of enjoying life and I’m grateful to have
these resources and options in my life as well. But it’s just that I don’t see
these activities as permanent solutions for boredom or as the way towards
long-term happiness in my own unique situation. And the reason why I was
attracted to hyperstimulation and thrills in the past was because I was
afraid of seeking more than what I believed I deserved. And I think that
combating boredom with true nourishment does require effort, it does require more
energy, and it’s a challenge on itself. That’s why I felt overwhelmed and
fearful of seeking something beyond my capabilities. So naturally at first I
didn’t have any interest incorporating consistent activities like yoga, meditation EFT, also hiking,
and working out on a daily basis because I believed that these things
don’t really yield immediately rewards and it’s not something that I can reach
and obtain in an instant. But at the root of this impatience and resistance
was my fear of being a failure and my fear of being not good enough
to succeed in these activities with perfection. So I would often shy
away from challenges and from the things that required more creativity, more time, energy, and effort on my side. But now I believe that it
doesn’t really matter how often I commit to these things or even the quality of
my commitment but what does matter is my own happiness, my own feelings while
doing these activities. And as long as I can enjoy yoga and other activities, I
think that I always deserve to own it and I always deserve to invite it into
my life. So what is ultimately important is to find what I love and do more of it
as much as possible because in life, there will be limitations, there will be
limitation in time, money, space, and other resources. And it only matters that
I do what I love within the best of my abilities and capabilities while being
free of guilt and shame. So I hope that this message on happiness, on finding
what matters most to us, and living life by our own standards reaches you. And if
you enjoyed this video, please like and subscribe to my channel. I’m always here
to offer resources with the community and you can also find more in my blog, in
my Patreon podcast, and more. Thanks again for being here my
friends and I hope to see you again soon.


100 thoughts on “What to Do in Life as an Extreme Minimalist | NO Shopping NO Television NO Distractions”

  • AuntyK Coaching says:

    Coach AuntyK here. On my channel I talk about the importance of self value and prioritizing the self. Minimalism is such a great way to connect back to what is important. This is so inspiring.

  • A new phrase I love is Joshua Becker's "what if I don't?" – I urgently need to deal with the subject of food – finding foods that work for me in regards to time/energy/money and decluttering my unintended fantasy life regarding food (e.g. foods that need anything other than very simple prep).

  • “A life free of guilt and shame.” Indeed what else can give peace of mind other than what I quote you above. With peace of mind there is joy and happiness.

  • Rocketscientist66 says:

    Commitments are tabu for me right now. I‘m giving myself time to recover from the end of a 30 year relationship. My deepest wish is to unclutter and minimize my belongings, taking each and every thing in my hands, deciding if this „thing“ makes me happy. And when not, getting rid of it. Many of these things I shared with my partner (through many happy & sad times) I wonder if I will regret letting them go. I really need to find myself again, after existing as part of a pair for the majority of my life. It‘s sure to be an uphill climb. I think I can make it easier on myself by purging all things from the past. Only then can I look torwards my future. Absolutely love your film! Thanks

  • My question is more or less regarding mental health. How is this not depressing waking up to feeling like being in a mental health facility?

  • My priority right now is to save money to help my parents. I stopped worry to much in matching clothes I don't buy brand clothes or wear brand logos is free advertising for companies.

  • Happiness for me = cold showers, my morning bulletproof coffee, the sun, being outside, being in nature, hiking in the mountains, reading , learning new things, my family, cooking, dancing, swimming, yoga, breathing and vanilla ice-cream ?

  • You have made so much space for the Divine to flow through you. I feel your consciousness. I love you and get so much out of your videos. ❤️

  • Thank you for sharing your views on this topic in such non-jugdmental way, it's extremely refreshing and it made the whole video far more enjoyable (for me, at least) I'm basically trying to figure out where I stand, where I want to go and how to cut some of the consumption or just the idea of owning more because it clutters my mind. Happiness imo is the awareness of the enjoyment of whatever makes you feel happy. And I'm struggling with that right now, as everything seems not enough in mind, both material and accomplishments.
    So happy to have found your channel, instant sub!

  • True satisfaction is found in Jesus Christ.
    Not in people, places or things.
    Nature is therapeutic to be in; the handiwork of God is seen and experienced in nature so it is very peaceful and enjoyable.
    Worship God, the Creator, and do not worship the creation. Satisfied with Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior is how I live.

  • I haven't had a Television in awhile.
    And honestly I don't feel disconnected.
    Life is Life and how you choose to
    Live it.
    You Only Get One Time To Live
    In The Flesh. ?

  • I love how you are non judgmental about how others live, especially if they choose to live differently than you. I know this is the best outlook, however, I struggle with knowing that if more people were less materialistic, our world would be a better place to live. I don’t want to judge others but at the same time, I do want to live in a better world. How do you approach this struggle between accepting others but wanting the world to change for the better?

  • I believe to b a true minimalist and have "no distractions" u need a well paying job that you love to do bc if not ull b distracted in getting money and dealing with people instead of focusing on ur minimalism life

  • I'm torn, I probably have less than the average American home but I still feel like so much time goes into the care of the things that remain, even when I do like the items.

  • I'm right now working and saving money for a year abroad. I've always felt like happiness is having the ability to travel and experience new things. I just want to see and learn as much as I can and explore this earth that was made for me. for us.

  • Thankyou so much for you words of wisdom. I was recently at a wedding and offered the words of work hard to enable experiences in life not exesive material possesions. I was so humbled when i was told thats good advice. Im sure that it came from one of your previous vids many thanks

  • I find the most happiness serving others. I find joy in my spirituality.
    I am minimalist. After having been dead for almost three minutes and surviving it became clear that what is important is my connection to God and others.

  • As long as you not suffering from a terminal disease, or life long illness, or auto-immune diseases, or disability in movement, then you SHOULD be happy. Most people take for granted for what they have, or they forgot about things most other people do not have. And such is this video. You wouldnt be talking about minimalism, spirituality, adventure, if you are down with a rare disease. Daily. 24hrs. Suffering. Or if you are born into other parts of the world, where there is no food, or shelter, you wouldnt be prioritising minimalism. These are just ideas of a narcisist. One that has no regard about those that are less fortunate. A message only for the hippies and hipsters.
    Please be more normal. Or at least, emphatetic, towards the world around you. You may have feet to walk, hands to fold your mattress, but there are others who do not have such luxury.

  • Ok so this is pretty sad but honestly I’m so used to spending so much time watching Netflix, being on Instagram, YouTube etc. it’s such a big part of my life that I wouldn’t know what to do with all that free time

  • Xandria Ravenheart says:

    This is not that extreme actually, monks in Buddhism are supposed to live a life of true minimalism…where all their possessions will be like 2 robes, a begging bowl and an umbrella if they must. But sadly, there's not many monks in my country who live that way now.

  • Wow!!!! I love everything you said here in this video! I didn’t even know I felt this way about being bored until I watched this! I would love to live in this way of thinking and being!

  • For the upcoming year of 2020 I made a goal to go refined sugar free and mostly processed free, downgrade my smartphone to a minimalistic phone without the smartphone features, quick all social media except YouTube and my website, end the unsubscribe to all subscriptions I’m paying for such as Netflix, Hulu, music applications. And start focusing on important things you inspired me to go furniture free so I’m going to get ride of unused furniture and donate it.

    Instead put my money into activities at a community center, books/ebooks, hiking gear, and savings.

    I want to be more connected to reality and nature again, I’m great full for having a capsule wardrobe of 25 items of clothing and 4 pairs of shoes. I’m glad to be able to find amazing channels like you from the start and see another on a similar path as me, thank you for being you and for inspiration discovering more knowledge and sharing the knowledge you learn I will continue to support thank you again!

  • This really resonates with me.
    i Quit my job, moved closer to my spiritual community, am living in a small apartment, enjoy cooking all of my own food, rarely eat out, enjoy being outside and living spontaneously. i meditate and practice yoga on my deck with a beautiful view, also enjoy hiking and swimming.
    a slower paced life allows me to live in a more conscious and less stressful way. i spend money on traveling but try to find ways to do so economically. Happy to be living in an authentic way that fits my values, not just doing what most people do. i felt like i would regret it if i didn’t move from the big city and live this way. happy i did!

  • Great video and very beautifully filmed. Minimalism to me is being deliberate with how I spend my energy, money and time. Being as mindful as possible with who I decide to interact with. I got rid of my cell phone and switched to a landline because it's too distracting for me, people would text me and I had unlimited data on it so I could watch youtube all day, that was awesome for awhile but I canceled youtube premium now and watch less youtube (I'm on satellite internet out here so I have limited data). I'm spending more time listening to free audiobooks and writing. Trying to get smarter! I do want to accumulate things in life though, just not pointless things.. Useful things like buy a house and property some day, fix up the old truck I have and never get rid of it… I'm trying to get rid of things I don't actually like or don't need and my plan is to take great care of the things I do want and need so I'll never have to buy new ones…

  • I'm trying to become a minimalist and this video is inspiring me to level it up. Thank you for this video! Shalom!♥️

  • I am highly sensitive and because of you I noticed how much clutter stresses me.
    I am now moving into a smaller apartment with my cat. I already sold my TV, my couch and most of my clothes. I feel sooo much lighter already.
    Thank you for opening my eyes.

  • I like doing art stuff like drawing with colored markers (into yellow and purple) not pursuing happiness or trying to figure it out., can cause stress and not being able to as free with thoughts and actions. You would be a cool person to talk to. You seem so open for many ideas.. Relax, smile, laugh , hum or sing . Bye

  • Do you have any advice for someone to help let go of sentimental items to achieve the goal of basic minimalist beginning of only keeping what you actually use.

  • Fiinta Infinita says:

    I feel you are totaly socialy acceptable and good looking. I mean you have good weight and you are fit, you have decent clothes that feel comfortable for you. I feel that is the main definition of decent good looking people. It might not be glamorous or very stylish but its your own casual-sport look very well adaptable to your own lifestyle.
    I realy like you sharing your thoughts with us. Thank you.

  • There's nothing wrong with the cell phone as long as your looking up videos like this nature sounds or meditation or whatever gets you through the day

  • ..In this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WQGw1tKEpEg

    The Antichrist Irrefutably Identified! • The “Beast” …666

  • Mireille Claire says:

    I've no car anymore, which means I don't need so much money, which means, I can work less, which means, I've more time to do the things I like. Same with my apartment: I currently live on 25 square meters, cheaper than all apartments I had in the past and I love it, because I took the challenge to declutter all my stuff and now my apartment is beautiful and comfortable and there's even still place in there for my bicycle.

  • What gets left out of the minimalist conversation is that some people have nothing- and not by choice – it’s called being poor. No experiences instead – no boredom with 2 jobs and kids and rent to pay.

  • Technology, like most things, can be a blessing or a curse. I love to be able to phone my best friend on the other side of the world for 4 cents a minute and we do also write letters but I can chose to just put my phone down. I respect your perspective but am starting to think the minimalist world is elitist – most people don’t have choices.

  • Caroline Laronda says:

    I’m all about a clutter free home but I feel this would drive me crazy to be an extreme minimalist. If this makes others feel alive and full of joy , great ! However , I believe the expansion of our universe is fueled by human desire and the capacity for people to create and co-create with others . This level of sterility seems abusive or suppressive to the human spirit, mind and body . This is like putting your mind body and soul on a raw vegan diet ?

  • True happiness is only with Allah the merciful, the Lord of the heavens and the earth and everything in the between
    The one He has no partners
    The first there's nothing before him
    The last there's nothing after him
    He's the all seeing, knowing, hearing
    He's on his throne above the seventh heaven
    You can find happiness in anything but it comes to an end, but with Allah it's forever, because you know the purpose of your existence, and you know that you're taken care of, no matter what your situation is

  • There's some good content here, but people might want to consider that travel is about as consumptive as having a lot of physical goods.

  • Happiness is making others happy. Not pleasing them or being dishonest about yourself to them, but helping them, being there for them, encouraging them, accompanying them and combatting boredom in healthy ways together. Listening to them and telling them things. Sharing. Friendship. Love.

    Most of our addictions – substances, gaming, shopping – start from trying to fight boredom when we have nothing meaningful to do. I encourage you to find your passions in volunteering for causes that matter to you. Engage in hobbies, charity or politics to make the world or your community better. Do things out of your free will for others.

    I hear people saying to me they don't want to share their time and abilities for free, because they're worth being paid for it. Yet I see those people playing games, watching movies, and basically just consuming media to keep themselves entertained all day. (And they are actually paying for it, so they're not saving money.) I do respect art, but life is worth more than using it to only consume. We should also create, engage and give.

    I have watched a few of these kinds of videos, where someone from a consumeristic lifestyle stops consuming and is lost with their free time. Most turn to meditation, walks in nature and spirituality. That's great. But it's not really an active way of life. It's still very passive and inwards, even self-centered. I think of it as a temporary solution to finding your identity and meaning. I know there is so much work to do in the world. I want people to eventually stand up and roll their sleeves. Happiness is about finding your place.

    When you are alone you can feel the absense of stress. But you can't feel accomplishment, fullfilment, or love – if not towards a god. I respect that there are monks, and they have found their place in isolation, but most people won't settle in that forever. And they don't have to in order to stop consuming unnecessarily.

    I feel like being happy yourself and letting others struggle is not worth the effort of walking on this earth for 80 years.

  • I guess it’s OK that you choose to live like this, but it seems there is a lot of “I” and “my happiness” which in some ways, to me, seems a bit selfish instead of selfless. Not everyone can not work or not have families or partners or jobs or possessions. The world that we know, the world of your subscribers and “likes” that you need does not run like this. It’s good that you are happy, but your followers might somehow feel incompetent or worth less if they can’t achieve your outcomes.

  • My happiness is my family, my children and husband. And to have the opportunity to help and pass through what I know, so i will be remembered for many years after I die. My happiness is give myself for the good of others and specifically for God.

  • Not really sure what happiness is for me. I find no pleasure basking in nature. I think the thing i enjoy most is being in the presence of people i trust and can have methodical talks, about what excites them, what they know that i wouldn't, or even why they think a certain film's direction was good.
    I love to just read and be in my own fantasy land, also write and draw. Because of this i find myself isolating myself in my house, i can do my hobbies in the comfort of my house, and i find it easier to talk to people online then in person.
    gread vid as always~

  • Hello! I hope you are enjoying staying Japan and visit many nature as often tourists do not experiences while they are visiting Japan.

    I would like to where is the park you are showing in this video, if you do not mind. The playground looks so much fun!

    One more question or my request is to do fan meeting. It would be great to listen to your thoughts directly from you in person while you are staying Japan. ?

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