What to do if your app has been disabled for a Google Play policy violation

What to do if your app has been disabled for a Google Play policy violation

Hello. My name is Catherine and I’m a specialist
within the publisher support team. Today, we will be
looking at the connection between the Google Play Store
policies and your AdMob account. We will also cover how to
solve a Google Play policy violation. In order to use AdMob, publishers must
comply with the Google Play policies. The Google Play policy team has the right to disable your apps if they are
found to violate Google Play policies. We’ll include a link to details of the Google Play policies
in the video description box. So, if your apps are found to be
in violation of Google Play policies, they will be removed from the
Google Play Store and ad serving on AdMob will also be disabled automatically. Please note, if you receive a
violation notice from AdMob policy team about ads disabled for
the Google Play policies, you should fix the issue with
the Google Play policies first. For details on the Google Play
violation, you’ll need to review the email notification that the
Google Play policy team sent to you. If you miss this email, try searching your inbox for emails from
[email protected] Once you have identified and
fixed the Google Play Store violation, you must initiate the appeals process by sending an appeal form
to the Google Play policy team first. We have included a link to this appeal
form in the description box of this video. Please note that email replies
back to the original notification will not be reviewed
by the Google Play team. Only when the Google Play
policy team confirms to you that they have reinstated your app
and it is now live on the Play Store, should you then file an
appeal to the AdMob policy team. You can also find this appeal
form linked in our description box. Please ensure to fill in accurate
information regarding publisher ID, app ID, and issue ID, which is included in the violation
email you would have received. The AdMob policy team will usually review
your app within seven business days and decide whether or not
to re-enable your ad serving. I hope this information helps you to better understand the connection
between Google Play policy and AdMob policy and directs you
to the correct appeals process. Please let us know in the comments
if this video has been helpful. Thank you.


18 thoughts on “What to do if your app has been disabled for a Google Play policy violation”

  • My app was removed due to “impersonation” (I only added a family name) then I submitted an appeal, in less than 7 days they replied and my violation was changed to “no permission in streaming videos”.. sad

  • There's a major point you're missing here. You say to fix your app and once fixed submit the appeal, but once your app is suspended (which happens without warning) there's no way to upload a fix. This decimated my online business and left my 400 000 users orphaned and unable to get updates for a violation that I fixed in 15 minutes but was unable to upload.

  • Gautam Pansheriya says:

    Hello Google, Pls Make video for disable ads by invalid activity that reason what can i do to start ads and how to fix it.

  • Nazrul islam Akash says:

    please i want to contact with you via imo or off line phone call, i am facing this problem about 18month + . but i can't that how to solve it… please

  • My admob is disable 2 days ago due to invalid activity. Has appeal 2 times but rejected..there is no invalid activity from my side.. how can i get it back.

  • Informative video thanks, let's say you have multiple apps serving ads under one Admob account, if one of your apps violates Google Play policies, will the entire Admob account be suspended too or only the ads serving the app that violated Google Play policies?

  • Karim alkasri says:

    i hope that Google getting broke one day my game was terminated cuz it violates the spam policy by posting repetitive content. but if i tell u guys that my app developed from zero with buildbox and after 2 day was terminated and guess what there's many apps without any content empty apps just serving ads still alive right now so shameless on you and for everyone who work with this damned company

  • My google developer account was once suspended and  I create the developer account again for the same admob account,
    but why my new google developer account is also suspended when I have nothing to do with the rationale…. Please Help…

  • Bollywood Audition says:

    Google suspended my app for one day. They reinstated my app next day because of web view verification. But same day admob disabled serving ads for my app. I appealed many times but I am getting same automated message 

    GOOGLE PLAY REMOVAL: AdMob publishers are not permitted to abuse or promote the abuse of any Google product, such as Google Play, YouTube, or Blogger. This includes circumventing, or providing the means to circumvent, the policies or terms of these or other Google products, such as by allowing users to download YouTube videos.

    If your app is removed by Google Play policy enforcement, please contact Google Play about an app removal here. If Google Play reinstates your app, please submit an appeal to our team.

    My app is live.

    App package com.bollywoodaudition.bollywoodaudition

    Please help

  • Hi , We are Mobile development company working for many clients. Mostly our clients provides their play store and admob login to us which we are operating from our office. It may create problem for their admob or play store account ? Because one of the client's account has been suspended with Multiple Strike Notice. I think there should Help window for development companies like us.

  • Hallo sir my admob account now terminated And Adsense account is Disabled. I can fix my admob account?
    Help me please…!

  • Utter tripe. Seems if your app is a top grossing money earning app the policies dont apply to you and you can do whatever you like. Shocking

  • Hello Admin

    I am new to Admob and I am facing ads problem in my app from starting that after 4000 impression ads are not showing to my user why & how to solve this problem… please reply waiting for your response..!!

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