2 thoughts on “What the Liberal Democrats need to do next”

  • Michael Trup says:

    Interesting talk. I think Brexit has been a gift in the sense that it has created a topic where we have a clear policy, that reflects our values and has resonance at the local level. What we need are another 2-3 policies, where we can really show our values thereby reinforcing our brand, have something different to say that is newsworthy AND is relevant at the local level. There is a risk in this strategy, Brexit as we know cuts across party lines, but having let's say a clearly identifiable policy on crime or healthcare may also alienate some voters. There is also the risk of having an equivalent repeat of the Uni fees debacle were we forced to join another coalition.

  • Interesting talk from Mark, as usual. My thoughts are that the brands that do best are those that have a clear differentiated vision that bonds it advocates. The Lib Dems have such a vision in Social Liberalism, but rarely do their representatives articulate this. Mark's mention of "relevancy" takes me back to my days of sales training, where making your product relevant to the customer was the key goal. Of course trying to get people to vote for you is very much a sales activity, which is why it applies here too.

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