What the heck is Mixed Media Journaling?

What the heck is Mixed Media Journaling?

what the heck is mixed-media journaling
anyway? I’m no expert but according to Wikipedia mixed-media is a type of
artwork in which more than one medium or material has been employed Ding-ding-ding! sounds like permission to visit the art
supply store to me Awesome! you get to try out new stuff and dust off the things you have but don’t for whatever reason use So what is it really? well it’s traditional: paints pen and ink markers crayons colored pencils it’s also non traditional: bubble-wrap and junk mail vintage photos, file folders, finger painting it’s anything and everything what does that really mean for someone who’s deciding to take our course mixed media journaling? well you’ll learn more than one way to use a rubber stamp seriously! And you can easily make your own stamps too you’ll learn how. It’s packed with genius stencil ideas too Go crazy with gesso and layers of paint and paste to build up textures on your page bust out a glue stick or some matte medium to add in collage elements you’ll learn how to make your pages look unique and beautiful if you like textile arts you can even sew in your journal I’m gonna draw in mine but you don’t have to mixed-media artist sometimes make their
own journals too you’ll do that in this course using just basic supplies that anyone can afford why? because this course is about journaling too you’ll use mixed-media to work in a book that’s filled with your feelings and experiences how do you do that? no rules! we’ll do structured play projects so you’ll get to know your own
feelings better by what you choose to put on the page We’ll give you prompts and simple exercises to get you started it could be a riot of color or a simple inspirational quote share your work with us or save it for yourself no rules apply. no judgement. if you have an urge to be creative to explore your emotions or put your collection of art supplies to
good use or maybe it’s just time to put down your phone and make some stuff with your hands again you deserve to have some good messy fun mixed-media journaling is as diverse as the artists who do it including you but the result is the same it feels great!


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