23 thoughts on “What Marketing Automation is & How to Use It”

  • Clwyd Probert says:
    Come along to the HubSpot User Group to learn more.

  • suziejane100 says:

    This tool lets you send direct inbox messages to all bounced traffic- very cool!

  • Marketing Automation gives marketing teams a fantastic opportunity to increase productivity and results. You need to make sure that the automation workflows are fully optimised to make sure that you don't alienate your contacts by seeming too keen.

    It can be useful to develop a more complex workflow to cater for the needs of individual contacts with their own specific needs.

  • HI, I was really seduced with your product, but it's damn expensive, 4 999$ for unlimited website without talking about servers !!

  • Seema Thakur says:

    There are a lot of lead generation automation tools online like Zoominfo, AeroLeads, Builtwith, etc. Check this out to know more about automtation tools

  • love the post this information can really help people

    here is a easy way to do automated marketing and will ensure you make no mistakes

  • i love it how technology companies sell concepts making it like the perfect ingredient (Cure) for business success, thus reality over 92% (i'm being generous) of their implementations fails miserably, and they constantly blaming the business, the culture, environment, the content writers, the UX, bla bla bla… comeon guys dont sell dreams, this is pathetic…

  • seith jackson says:

    Können Sie blackbulkmail von whitehatbox herunterladen

  • Monica White says:

    Great video, though later on the marketing automation scared me off a bit! I'm considering GetResponse for marketing automation. Has anyone tried it?

  • Tilakraj Rajendran says:

    MaaxMarket offers you 92% accuracy with lead scoring prediction with the help of Machine Learning and predictive analytics algorithm. On top of that you have the option to execute automated and personalized email and social media campaigns.

    Interested in 30 day free trial? Check out

  • Profile Booster says:

    Marketing Automation is definitely one of those 'down the rabbit hole' experiences. It is truly awesome but there is just so much you can do that you almost need a few staff and a full time team to get the most out of it.Having said that, marketing automation platforms are a great time saver.

  • No doubt about it. I also want to mention that I am a video marketer and i utilize youtube to get traffic, and I think this video is very helpful. thanks. go to my youtube channel and find out more information regarding how to harness the power of youtube to the benefit of your web business (how to increase your traffic, sales, views on your videos, etc..)

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