What Makes A Television Show Fail In Season 2? by Jen Grisanti

What Makes A Television Show Fail In Season 2? by Jen Grisanti

Jen Grisanti: I think that if there were an
exact science as to what will hit, then writers would be making it all over the place. I think really, I’m going to tell you from
being a studio executive for the number of years that I was and still being a writing
instructor at NBC and studying pilots and knowing that Hollywood doesn’t know exactly
what’s going to hit, they are throwing it out there and praying that Middle America
is going to show up. And I think if you were to survey a bunch
of studio executives at the beginning of each season and say what shows do you think are
going to be the breakout hits versus what shows are already, it’s hit or miss. Like when you take a show like TRANSPARENT,
I’m sure there were so many doubts about that show, would it hit? Yet we take someone like Jill Soloway who
did SIX FEET UNDER and you know that she has a track record and you know it’s based on
emotional truth and you look at the current climate in the world and everything just happened
together. I think that happens a lot. I definitely think there are shows that the
first season blows peoples minds and so therefore all the expectation isn’t on the second
season and that is a large expectation. Film Courage: So you’ve seen that a lot
where the first season is amazing and for some reason the second season falls short. Jen Grisanti: Yes! Film Courage: Is that because the writing
becomes stale or it’s not clear? Jen Grisanti: I believe that is because the
series concept wasn’t set up in a strong enough way to understand what season two,
three and four will be and I’ve seen shows…say for example LOST. LOST was developed oddly enough at Spelling
[Entertainment Group] even though it went to ABC because the writer…Spelling was going
to do it with ABC but then the writer Spelling had, the script didn’t come in the way that
ABC wanted it so they got Damon Lindelof and J.J. Abrams who had overall deals there. Now LOST, to my understanding, did not have
a clear sense of what the show was going to be beyond the first season and it worked. And that was okay because the concept was
set up in a strong enough way that we cared and we wanted to return and the way it evolved
each season was mind-blowing because we were with them. The set-up of the series arc was strong enough
even though there wasn’t clarity on what the other seasons were going to be versus
other shows where you could feel that they had one really strong season in them and are
they going to be able to keep up with that? And I think the mistake that is made that
leads to the show not succeeding is that season two goes too far away from the core concept
that was set up. Question for the viewers: What TV show disappointed
you the most in Season 2?


6 thoughts on “What Makes A Television Show Fail In Season 2? by Jen Grisanti”

  • Jose Mena-Garcia says:

    The first season of HEROES was amazing but the rest were not as good.
    The main reason was because they picked up and dropped too many characters and too many plot holes in the time traveling for Hiro and Peter.

  • A lot of TV shows contain 1-storyline that generally wraps up after the 1st season. But if the series is a hit the network orders another season which leads the writers to add storylines. How TO get Away with murder wrapped up during Season 1A, you found out who killed Annalise's husband and his mistresses which was the main question in the pilot.

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