What It's Like to Work With Disruptive Advertising

What It's Like to Work With Disruptive Advertising

having the best car in the world won't matter if you don't have the right driver this principle applies in advertising to a disruptive we've got fantastic software but without our awesome team that wouldn't mean much they're committed to improving lives to results based relationships I have an apparel company and I've been able to triple the revenue in about a month one of my clients acquired 11 additional locations after the first year of working with us one of our e-commerce clients wanted to know how many products they should have on our homepage so we ran a test where we ran eight different versions of their homepage and ended up with a version that generated $30,000 in additional revenue in one week I took my employee benefits company from a brand new company to sold in just nine months I have a real estate client was frustrated because they weren't closing any of the leads that we were sending over I asked them who they're afraid of I asked them to give me the list of their competitors I took that list of competitors and signed up for their lead nurturing programs and was able to chart the things that they were doing that we weren't we applied some of those key principles and we were able to quadruple our closing rates within 30 days doing this for one of my clients was an expected of me as an account manager but I expected of myself as an account manager and that's the kind of team we are here disruptive we're building something great here because we're focused on results I love diving deep into client strategies and looking beyond the obvious I love having strong relationships with my clients where I know the truth matters more than our egos I love working with like-minded people and I get to work with 50 of them every day I love working at disruptive because we are doing things the right way by focusing on results and relationships with our clients we're just relative advertising we improve lives we improve lives we improve lives through results based relationships what could they do for you give us a call and find out


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  • It's a rave cult. If you get enough people to come to the next rave you get a spot on the commercial and a job reference of being a genius.

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