What is the Fourth Wall? The Best Examples of Breaking the Fourth Wall #breakthefourthwall

What is the Fourth Wall? The Best Examples of Breaking the Fourth Wall #breakthefourthwall

“Wha- oh. Oh,hello.” Today, we’re going
to break down a wall. Specifically – The Fourth Wall. Let’s get started. So what is the fourth wall? It refers to an imaginary wall that separates the story
from the real world. “- What the hell
am I looking at? When does this happen in the movie?
– Now.” And you really want the characters or
the audience to become aware of it. But if you do,
it’s called breaking the fourth wall. “Well, you all settled in. Right, we can begin.” We’re going to give you three
tips on how you can figure out if breaking the fourth wall
is right for your project. Because once you break
it, you buy it. So let’s get into
some helpful tips. We’ll call these
– The Three B’s. “Let’s count them down.” Be Extreme. Be Thoughtful. And Be Controversial. “You will learn by the
numbers, I will teach you.” First stop. Step 1. Be Extreme. With regard to how often
you break the fourth wall, you want to be on far
ends of the scale. Do it all the time. Or once in a blue moon. It needs to very much appear,
as intentional, like this. “It’s so refreshing to work with someone
who will throw a saddle on a gift horse rather than look
at in the mouth.” In “House of Cards” Frank Underwood is
constantly breaking the fourth wall. “Let`s see if he stays with
a herde and joins the pack. David,
do you mind if I join you?” He’s candid, funny, and psychotic. “There can be no mercy. There is but one rule. Hunt. Or be hunted.” The effect is powerful. Notice that other characters don’t
react when he breaks the wall. “Truth to be told, I never really
knew and what his dreams were. He was quiet, timid,
almost invisible.” It’s a secret. It’s just us and Frank. We feel a sense of deeper
connection to Frank despite his
questionable behavior. “What do you think you’re doing? Only me and Garth get
to talk to the camera. Come on.” Next up, step 2. Be thoughtful. Look at your script. You want to break the fourth
wall at moments of great impact. “I lost my show. I lost my best friend. I lost my girl. A big shit on.
That’s all shit.” Find a way that
enhances your scene. “They bought it.” For example, you might take us through
a course on faking out parents. “The key to faking out the
parents is the clammy hands. It’s a good nonspecific symptom. I’m a big believer in it.” Or during a moment
of high stress. “- For a thousand restaurants
in the downtown area, I picked the one
my father goes too. – We are pinched for sure. – No way, Cameron.” When you break the fourth wall, it can take you deeper
into a character’s psyche. Ever notice how many times
it is used with psychopaths? “This confession
has meant nothing.” It can evoke deeper
emotions within the viewer. You want to break the
fourth wall thoughtfully, so ask yourself this. Should you break
it before a scene to share some important intel? Or break it in the middle, as a sort of progress report. Or at the very end of a scene
to punctuate the moment. “Good afternoon.
Good evening and Good night.” Even if fourth wall breaks our
constant motive in your project, it should be during key moments
that really pack a punch. So we’ve covered
how it’s important to be extreme with
your frequency, and be thoughtful by seizing
opportunities the right moments. Now, there’s one final step. Step 3. Be Controversial. “Enought of this shit
will make you invincible.” If you’re going to
break the fourth wall, don’t be delicate, be
bold, make a statement. “Paid off cops, we paid off lawyers.
we paid off judges.” This is especially true if your
film rarely breaks the fourth wall. This scene in “Airplane”
is really important because it is one of the only
serious scenes in the entire film. “- Elaine. – Ted. – I know things haven’t been right for
a long time, but it’ll be different. – I can’t live with the
man, I don’t respect.” We are taking away from the
comedy for a brief moment when- “What a pisser.” Controversial doesn’t mean
you have to be crass or rude. It means that you’re trying
to get the viewers attention. So when you do it, it either needs to be part
of the film structure, or little thrill
tacked on for some fun. So now you know how to break
the fourth wall effectively. Time to use it. “You don’t stop and look
around once in a while. You could miss it.” We know planning your project
can be a bit maddening. So when creating a shot list
in software like StudioBinder, you can color code
and flag key shots. That way you can differentiate
normal close-ups from wall breaks. So check out the link in the
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Creatively With a Smaller Budget.” Where we show you
how Wes Anderson created a whole world
on a tight budget. And how you can do it too. “Well, I hope you, folks,
enjoyed yourselves. Get you later on
down the trail.” [Music]


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