What Is Sam Heughan Thinking? | In My Mind | MTV News

What Is Sam Heughan Thinking? | In My Mind | MTV News

– I want to know what’s in your mind in some of the poses that
you post on Instagram. – Ah, okay. – Let’s run through a
few photos and tell me what’s going on up there. – Okay, okay. (upbeat music) – First photo up here. What’s going on? What’s happening up there? – [Sam] Yeah, why did I
eat that second burger? I can’t do up my jacket. – (laughing) Yeah, it’s
like I’m a big boy. I can button my own jacket. (both laughing) – Yeah, maybe too much food. James Bond. I’d love to pay James Bond
and there you have it. I think that’s my audition. That’s gonna be my new headshot as well. – (laughing) That’s the eat you
heart out Daniel Craig pose? – Yeah, I just need to
dye my hair blonder. – [Josh] (laughing) Okay. – [Sam] Oh yeah. – I got that one.
– That’s been a late night, actually. It was a late night and I’m
just trying to find my bed. – Right, I think that’s I
miss donuts so (bleep) much. (both laughing) – Yeah, I was trying to
look as intense as possible. But really, – [Josh] Mission accomplished. – Without passing out. (Josh laughing) – Now I’ve noticed this, I’ve
commented on this before. You tend to look off
into the distance a lot. Is this a trademark, like
model-actor kind of move? – Do I? – Like, you just sort of. – Yeah, it’s probably because I’m bored. (laughing) No, to be honest, you know,
trying to make it look like I’m thinking about
something really important. Or actually trying to think
about what’s for dinner. – Right. It’s not like I wonder if
they knew I just farted. – Yeah, oh. (laughs)
– That’s kind of a thing. – Yeah, try not to do that while on set. I’m thinking that this is awkward, because we’re behind
the scenes at the BAFTAs and we’re watching the show and someone’s taking a photograph of us so try to look like you’re interested. (Josh laughing) But we’ve been here for
an hour and a half now. – You’re not just thinking
why is this lady always in my shot?
– Who is that lady next to me? (both laughing) – She’s always,
– Stop following me around. – Eating up my screen time.
– Yeah. (both laughing) – And last one. – [Sam] Oh yeah. Man, this is.. – [Josh] What was he thinking? What was that guy thinking?
– I was trying to remember how old I am here. This is my first drama school headshot, so I must have been 20 and, yeah, I should have gone
to a hairdresser, I think. (both laughing) – I feel like I can see inside his brain. It’s hire me, please hire me. – Please hire me, I’ll do anything. (both laughing) And my CV, check out my CV. I can do everything. – A peak inside Sam Heughan’s brain. (hands clap) Thanks, Bud. – Thanks. (upbeat music)


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