26 thoughts on “WHAT is MIXED MEDIA ART? How it works and WHY IT’S AWESOME!!”

  • Karen Campbell, Artist says:

    Looking for a real-time explanation of my process? Check out this video! https://youtu.be/JE33nt13sbI Questions? Leave a comment below and I'm happy to answer them for you!

  • Marsha McAllister says:

    Thanks so much Karen!
    It's so fun watching you create. After and while a I watch I can't help but want to create anything. It brings to the surface what I love most.
    So again thanks so much for your time and FUN energy❣️
    God's Blessings??

  • Gabrielle Orlita says:

    Congrats you’ve got the commission from Artarama ???Yay! Job well done. She looks really good ! Love the tissue paper – they have such a nice tissue papers now for like $1-2 a pack that makes so much more sense then going for “mixed-media” tissue paper and pay $15 for just a little, tiny roll – that epiphany (??), hit me yesterday when I bought both of these types. Hobby Lobby has a nice collection and Hallmark, I’m sure many other places as well. Love your girl – she’s AbFab ?! Thank you for sharing other links!!! Love your Fun, Fab, Drawing Club – sketching something or other everyday – because that’s like a must for any artist; however, I’m split between lots of projects-you know how that goes-I do mixed-media, “girls” and lots of abstract collage; different art-journal, altering books, what-not, all but a kitchen sink — so I’m not necessarily posting everything — plus I can take photos only during the day — daylight prevents me from having shadows and glare. So greatly appreciating all your tutorials — big THANK YOU! ????

  • As usual great video Karen. I have a question. I saw you put a heart in front of your signature. My question is do you always do this? I guess I haven't noticed it before. The reason I ask is because I have been adding a heart after my signature for years. Just curious. Thanks

  • I just love this lesson. You make it so easy because you can DRAW. I'm still learning that but I love your freedom in ever moment. And love you, too.

  • Anastasia's Hole in the Holler Creations says:

    She looks like Cruella DeVille's sister who likes foxes instead of Dalmatians, she is fabulous.

  • Sketchy on the Details by Lyssa Lynea says:

    Happy Friday Karen! So I have NO mixed media experience…but I did get training in oil painting. I'm curious, I've heard you say in a couple of videos to avoid oil based products all together. Is that just a rule of thumb to make it easier? In school I was taught you can always layer oil over acrylic, but never acrylic over oil, so I've very often done acrylic under-paintings. Also I've often used clear gesso if I want to leave an interesting background/painting surface exposed. Would it be possible for someone, like me, who is interested in oils to do it as a final layer over your "hamburger" as you called it? Also worth mentioning, they have water mixable oils paints these days for anyone who doesn't want all the icky chemicals (I still don't think you want to layer anything over them though). Love watching your videos!

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