What is Influencer Marketing?

What is Influencer Marketing?

hey everyone Adam and Agnes from Spain bit here and in this video we're going to give an overview to influencer marketing so if you're a new brand or maybe you've just kind of dabbled in influencer marketing this is the video for you stay tuned so influencer marketing someone's barely heard of it or never heard of it how would you explain it to them top-level yeah essentially it's partnering with this generation celebrities individuals who create content that's either comedic entertaining informative and they do it on channels on social media channels whether it be YouTube Instagram Twitter Facebook vine and so forth and it's getting your brand message integrated natively within their content and and so you know these individuals they have created incredible shortcuts to building brand affinity so that's really a key for brands and when you're partnering with that three word partner partnering yes the influencers need to be in the driver's seat of the content you're not only getting you know a brand ambassador you're also getting high quality content and you're getting distribution absolutely and again just partnering is such a key it's a relationship when you're working with influencers it's not a one-way thing there aren't commercials that you're paying for so a partnership and a relationship for integrated content where you're already making what you have into what they already create 100 percent the more authentic the more organic the better so with your experience what would you say in terms of like how should a brand qualify an influencer sure so what is an influencer basically yeah so to me an influencer is anyone that has looked to as an authority or a trusted figure around a certain topic whether that be gaming or fashion and makeup somebody like their community comes to them to look for advice tips training you name it and what I think is really interesting is this used to be like celebrity level status but now that the bar is anyone could start a YouTube channel anyone could have an Instagram feed and kind of become this authority in this type of influencer you don't have to have a million subs or followers to be an influencer you can really have a lot of influence over a community at you know just a few thousand or a few hundred subs what would you say makes influencers incredibly power fall yeah I really think it just has to come down to that these influencers are seen as peers they're not seeing as celebrities like back in the day I'd always look to my friends and like people around me in class to like what is cool and like what I should check out but now with you know YouTube a youtuber is basically you can view them on the same level as you like I could start a YouTube channel like you know that's what we're doing right now so it's you're on the same level and when you have people in the same level there's just a lot more trust in what that other person is saying you feel like you can relate to them and relatability is I think one of just the most powerful things about influencer marketing yeah I also would say the element of choice and the fact that you as an audience you know you are seeking out that content you're picking who you're subscribing to you're choosing what to watch what to read what to sort of you know take in versus you know watching television and and seeing an ad that's being served to you perhaps without your permission yeah and it's not even on target for you like you're not engaged it's just kind of like hitting your face and falling off right yeah and and also I think distribution distribution cannot be ignored the fact that you know you can partner with you know just you said like these smaller mid tail influencers and you can partner with four or five six of them and you can already reach hundreds of thousands of people that's something that's incredible that's incredible absolutely like you said earlier it's kind of a shortcut it is it definitely is a shortcut absolutely so we kind of just it defined what influencers are why do you think brands need influencer marketing well everything is shifting to be more mobile you know I mean a recent Forrester study found that just in ten years people 50% of the population are gonna be Corden others not even cord cutters yeah so that's so bad lasers shift where they are and how they're speaking to to that audience and they need to ensure that they're relevant you know another google study found that 51 percent of people that purchase something on a smartphone are actually purchasing a different product than they originally looked for because of their influence through social so brands need to be there in a moment of purchase they need to be relevant and and the best way the shortcut to doing that is influencers that's a really good point and just piggyback in on that beam there so traditionally like display advertising has been huge for brands but that is going out the window for various reasons one is adblock plus both on web and now on mobile with the new iOS updates so basically consumers are not seen display ads or they're seeing it a lot less and that trend is just gonna keep going and keep going and then you also have services like YouTube red now where you can pay to get rid of ads and so people are just not gonna see this play ad so if you're not updating with the times you're not gonna be seen you're gonna be paying actually not to be seen yeah visibility is key here making tuning into the conversation and social makes it easy for brands to to be part of that conversation it makes your brand more human makes your rent your message more transparent and and just makes you more involved so in your experience obviously you are a general manager here at famebit and you also you know been head of the community were very long time you've seen firsthand how brands are using a self-service platform what they love about it so can you speak a little bit about that yeah so I think one of the biggest surprises brands have is that we couldn't flip everything around we pulled a 180 and everything so what that means is a brand posts a campaign and now influencers come to them we're traditionally in a brand has got to go out there gonna find these influencers they gotta find their email address they're gonna send these emails it takes forever man and spreadsheets all this stuff is super inefficient and takes a lot of time so the way it works on favorite again all the way around these influencers are already showing interest in you your product your brand already saying hey I think my audience is gonna be interested in what you have here and here's what I can do for you so you take this a step further and it's just a lot more efficient at scale you can go a lot wider higher a lot more influencers and not put your whole marketing or influencer budget on one influencer you can hire 10 15 you know however many and get a lot more bang for your buck so the reversal of the process is incredibly powerful because it really minimizes rejection and minimizes rejection for the brands you're not wasting your time going you know seeking out people that would never be interested or perhaps would never reply to you here these are people who are already passionate about what your product who are probably already using it or who want to try it absolutely they're coming to you and they're pitching themselves and and and that's exciting absolutely so when are spreading your budget out over several influencers how many is good or good enough yeah well definitely not one you know you want to ensure that you are testing different influencers you're testing different video creatives whether it be reviews tutorials skits and so forth but generally we say like five to ten pieces of content are good to start with and that doesn't mean you can you have to you know sort of do one platform do the more you can do YouTube you can do Instagram you can do Twitter and so forth but if there's one thing that we definitely recommend doing is a video so whether it be video on Twitter whether it be video on YouTube get your video out there what do you say that is because you can tell a more engaging story you can show how the product fits into your day to day life you can um you know engage with the viewer a lot more than you can paint something way better picture exact than a picture yeah people can see how how you're interacting with the product and that's or how others are interacting with your product and that's incredibly powerful absolutely so say you've done that now you have 10 to 15 pieces of content out there in the world how do you measure if this is going well well there's you know a multitude of ways in which you can measure but ultimately it comes down to sort of what is your goal for the camp's a really good point whether it is to gain more followers on social whether it is to drive more sales whether one is hoo-yeah brand awareness and so forth so it really depends on that but there's coupons that you can track but for instance like for a larger department store brand like L'Oreal who wants to raise brand awareness they're more concerned with driving views in creating high quality sort of more polished content whereas the material can be exactly where as for gaming companies coupon calls are super addictive are super important and also for like fashion brands as well and ensuring that there's an incentive for for the audience to to take that's a really good point an incentive so you know a lot of times even when you have a link in the in the description box like there's not enough incentive for them to go down and click it they might open another tab and just go directly there and then you have no way to attribute that sale or conversion so coupon codes give them that incentive to do it and they can still watch the video and they go type in the coupon code it just works a lot better so can do a coupon I definitely say to you so yeah but also it's important to remember that with influencer marketing you can't measure everything absolutely and there's so much value beyond that especially you know having your content live on there for a lengthy period of time and being there so that when people come and try to find your brand or they're consuming the content of the influencer they're gonna come across you and that's incredibly valuable yeah I mean YouTube is the second biggest search engine and the one that I go to most but I'm looking for new product reviews and I think a lot of people are moving in that way especially the younger generation so that content lives on there forever super powerful so we hope you found this video helpful and informative and it kind of shed some light to what influencer marketing is and how your brand should use it if you have any questions or want to see any other videos around this topic please feel free to leave them in the comments below we love creating content we love sharing knowledge around influencer marketing and make sure to sign up for Fame bit of course famebit.com and you can get started there and until next time stay famous


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