What is “fake news”? It might cover more than you think.

What is “fake news”? It might cover more than you think.

What is fake news? There’s no simple answer People use it to describe lots of different
things from Hillary Clinton being a lizard or the
Pope endorsing Trump, to political spin They’re stories that are made up and designed
to mislead people Sometimes they’re designed to look like the
original news website that they’re copying Other sites are using facts and statistics
as their starting point but giving a misleading consclusion Sometimes that might just be an honest mistake but now some people are starting to class
that fake news as well Then there are comedy websites where people
make stuff up that’s meant to be deliberately ridiculous and funny
But sometimes people mistake that for news You could even include clickbait in there So attention grabbing headlines where the story doesn’t match up to the headline Then there’s old fashioned bias where things get talked about in a way that suits a party’s political agenda or a newspaper’s And that’s just politics
but some people are calling that fake news So when someone’s talking about fake news
they might be talking about one or none of those things Confusing, right? People can tell I’m wearing fake eyelashes, right? If you’re looking it’s really obvious you just need to be looking


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