25 thoughts on “What is Digital Marketing?”

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  • Hello There,

    I am MBA my Background is in traditional marketing , I want to learn Digital Marketing Can any one Suggest me best Resources on youtube

  • Digital Marketing is my area.
    Nonetheless, it is important to be both good at offline and online Marketing.
    Whenever you see an opportunity to use offline meaningful campaign. Do it. Then integrate it with you online strategy.

    One thing I came to notice is that due to the rise of digital, plenty of offline marketing seems to be lacking in impact.
    This opens an opportunity for business to create impactful offline campaigns.
    The big bonus of good offline is that it can truly connect with people by engaging with them physically. And if a campaign is truly engaging physically, it will lead to online engagement and free advocacy of the brand.

    So, even if I specialise in digital. If I ever see an opportunity to integrate an offline campaign with online strategy. I will say it to the clients, even if all they are expecting is SEO and Email.

  • 1. Today more than half the media we consume comes through digital channels, this offers several advantages over offline marketing

    —a. The firm’s ability to target specific consumers is embraced. (I.e. demographics, interests, or advertising to those only who visited the store.)

    —b. Measurement: dashboards, real-time, audience, conversions. **Comparing two different adverting campaigns is easy in digital marketing.**

    2. Understanding and integrating the various instruments of digital marketing is not an easy task. Sure fire ways to use them do not exist. This exposes advertisers to risk of failure.

    3. Digital marketers need analytical skills and intuition to lead any digital marketing campaign.

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