What is Content Marketing?

What is Content Marketing?

what is content marketing oh gosh that's the most difficult question of all I think so I don't think most companies really understand what it is it's something that will transform marketing more broadly over time and you know well into the future content marketing is everything content is the only thing that markets probably as old as human beings the cave walls were the earliest last scout cave paintings are you could call that content Morgan had somebody trying to communicate something any piece of communication that a company creates to drive a desired Israel I typically think of it as connecting around utility or education information community or entertainment even sometimes content marketing is essentially is a very good concept but it's been badly misunderstood brands and branding are really an artifact of the 1960s 70s and 80s that's when we had big mass media television dominated everything and subsequent development of a new industry called broadcasting advertising came on and what we did is we created commonality in other words the family next door saw the same television commercials that I saw you used to have an initial brand in the top of your mind immediately when you thought you needed something so it's been primarily about persuasion that works really well when customers don't know very much advertising was fabulous at getting our attention right this burst of disruption and then what did it do with that attention absolutely nothing it used to be that you had to own a printing press or some other form of mass communication like a broadcast TV station or a radio station to reach an audience obviously content marketing has been around forever but there's a whole new thing when content marketing collides with the internet and with digital if you pick up your cell phone go to Google punch you in bicycle how many how many citations you think you'll get somewhere between 40 and 42 million now that power came to brands came to companies came to individuals that's a tremendous shift right in the way that you could produce information and reach audiences you will find it within your social streams if you want to click it you'll click it Oh conventional marketing smoke whoo don't read this content marketing is an opportunity for us to earn a seat at the table so the promise of social media and definitely content marketing is that we can speak to those audiences directly content can be though our content as a brand or our customers content has their thoughts on our brand I'm more likely to ask on Twitter or on Facebook or to ask my friends on social media than I am to just look at one source it's so much more powerful when our customers say the stories that we're trying to tell so our job as content marketers half the times make sure that we're having a story go out there that told and then backing it up with actions the story has to match the actions the brand the story the actions all have to go together or content is waste of time the content business is the only part of this business that I can see credibly leading the new practice of advertising and I'm moderately upset because not enough of us are trying to do it you


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