What is Acute Otitis Media?

What is Acute Otitis Media?

Acute Otitis Media What is Acute Otitis Media? ‘Acute’ stands for ‘abrupt onset’
‘Ot-‘ stands for ‘Ear’ ‘itis’ stands for ‘Infection & inflammation’ While ‘Media’ stands for ‘middle ear’ So acute otitis media means ‘Inflammation
of the middle ear’ What are the stages of ‘Acute Otitis Media’? I. Stage of tubal occlusion:
Since the middle ear drainage is entirely dependent upon Eustachian Tube. The first step in ‘Acute otitis Media’ is
the blockage of Eustachian Tube. Children are particularly pre-disposed to
‘Acute otitis Media’ because their Eustachian Tube is Shorter, Wider and More horizontal
as compared to Adults. Which increases the chances of their Eustachian
Tube getting blocked. II. Stage of presuppuration
After the Eustachian Tube is blocked, the micro-organisms start Infecting. III. Stage of suppuration
This is marked by formation of pus in the middle ear. Tympanic membrane starts bulging to the point
of rupture. IV. Stage of resolution
The tympanic membrane rupture, with release of pus and subsidence of symptoms.Inflammatory
process begins to resolve. If proper treatment is started early or if
the infection was mild, resolution may start even without rupture of tympanic membrane. V. Stage of complication. If virulence of organism is high or resistance
of patient poor, resolution may not take place and disease spreads beyond the confines
of middle ear. Treatment
1. Antibacterial therapy : It is indicated in
all cases with fever and severe earache. 2. Decongestant nasal drops. nose drops should be used to relieve eustachian
tube edema and promote ventilation of middle ear. 4. Analgesics and antipyretics. help to relieve pain and bring down temperature. 5. Ear toilet. If there is discharge in the ear, it is dry
mopped with sterile cotton buds and a wick moistened with antibiotic may be inserted. 6. Dry local heat. It helps to relieve pain. 7. Myringotomy. It is incising the drum to evacuate pus and
is indicated when (a) drum is bulging and there is acute pain, (b) there is an incomplete
resolution despite antibiotics when drum remains full with persistent
conductive deafness, (C) there is persistent effusion beyond 12 weeks. All cases of acute suppurative otitis media
should be carefully followed till drum membrane returns
to its normal appearance


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