What if there was No Google? | #aumsum

What if there was No Google? | #aumsum

It’s AumSum Time. What if there was No Google? No Problem. Super smart AumSum will answer all your questions. Oh AumSum. Firstly, without google, searching might not
be as popular as it is today. People might talk more as they will ask each
other a lot of questions. Also, people might get brighter. As they will start remembering more as compared
to relying completely on google. Secondly, if there were no Google Maps, we
still might be using paper-based maps. Thirdly, if there was no Gmail, Outlook and
Yahoo Mail might still be popular. Fourthly, if there was no Android, Apple would
definitely be more happy. Also, Nokia would be glad as feature phones
would still be popular. Lastly, if there was no Google Docs. Then it will be great news for Microsoft Office. Note that, in google’s absence, some other
company would have. Grabbed the opportunity and become as popular
and dominant as google is now. What if we Breathe only by Mouth? No. I only lick lollipops using my mouth. Oh AumSum. Breathing by nose has a number of advantages. Firstly, hair and mucus in our nose. Help in filtering out foreign materials, dust,
allergens, etc. Secondly, nose breathing releases more nitric
oxide. Which is ultimately responsible for more release
of oxygen. Lastly, nose adds warmth and moisture to inhaled
air. This makes it more suitable for our respiratory
tract. Breathing by mouth has the following disadvantages. Firstly, breathing by mouth dries up our saliva. As there is very less saliva. It is unable to protect us against harmful
pathogens. Secondly, in children, continuous mouth-breathing
may lead to. Crooked teeth or minor jaw deformities. Thirdly, experts believe that. Mouth breathing can lead to lack of oxygen
in our body. Lastly, mouth breathing also leads to sleep
apnea. Sleep apnea results in sleep deprivation which
causes fatigue and exhaustion. What if you fall into Quicksand? No Problem. I am quicker than quicksand. Oh AumSum. Quicksand is a waterlogged mixture of sand,
clay and salt. It is a non-Newtonian fluid, that is. It changes its thickness or viscosity depending
on the stress applied on it. So, an undisturbed quicksand appears and acts
like a solid. But when we step on it, our weight increases
the stress. Hence, it starts behaving like a liquid, thus
causing us to sink. However, we will not fully sink into quicksand. Why? Firstly, because quicksand is usually not
very deep. Secondly, it is believed that quicksand is
a bit denser than humans. So what? In an experiment, experts prepared aluminum
beads which had similar density as humans. When they placed those beads in quicksand. And moved them to mimic the action of a panicked
human, the beads sank. But only halfway, thus indicating that we
will not completely sink in quicksand. What if the Moon Disappeared? AumSum the Great, will start Shining and take
its place. Oh AumSum. Firstly, our nights would definitely be darker. Due to this, night predators like owls. Would find it very difficult to hunt at night. But, this would be great news for stargazers. As there is no interference from moonlight. Secondly, as the moon’s gravity is no longer
there to hold the earth. It would rotate faster and thus, our days
will be much shorter than 24 hours. Craters on Moon are a proof that it has protected
earth. From thousands of asteroids and comets, this
no longer will be the case. With the moon missing, tides in our oceans
will be much much smaller. As only Sun will slightly influence them. Changing tides will also influence the global
weather patterns. Finally, moon’s disappearance might tilt earth’s
axis drastically. Causing extreme changes in seasons and climate.


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