What if the pro-Trump media abandons President Trump?

What if the pro-Trump media abandons President Trump?

President Trump loves to bash the media
fake video fake news one thing he loves even more glowing media coverage and I
have to say Fox and Friends in the morning they have the most honest
morning show outlets like Fox News right Bart the Drudge Report even some of the
most frequent suppliers of this type of coverage they echo Trump’s talking
points they give them cover in times of crisis and they dutifully attack his
critics if the White House is waging a war on the mainstream media think of
them as the president’s loyal foot soldiers all right so the unelected
fourth branch of government is now being aided and abetted by the destroy Trump
media let’s just consider a hypothetical scenario here what if they turn on trust
what happens at the pro trunk media an abandoned truck first of all we’ve actually already seen
some cracks in the relationship between Trump and the outwards could defend it
in the most Trenchard pushback from many on the right for his treatment of his
own attorney general chef besh wide sections of all people I remember a lift
out the guy was with you from the very beginning and he makes one big mistake
yeah yeah you really dumped him and if you do what signal do you send to
everybody else on the team you know in Jeff Sessions we might have a key to
understanding what a conservative media revolt against Trump would look like in
real life I mean just consider Breitbart they called Trump a hypocrite for his
attacks on session you know when he was in the Senate the event Senator Jeff
Sessions was one of the really very first prominent political figures to
very publicly advocate for Breitbart to talk about how Breitbart was to go to
news source for him and certainly the coverage that Breitbart you know
bestowed upon sessions what was Bonnie so in Jeff sessions you have one of
Breitbart sacred cows a hero who appears to embody the principles they care about
the most in the fight between Trump and sessions right Bart might just be
inclined to side with the Attorney General they would declare all-out war
on behalf of sessions and I think that you would see a really hard push of
content looking at the failures of the Trump administration on policy issue
they would be running stories that would say where’s the border wall how many
days has it been since this promise was made and hasn’t been kept of course
there’s another person who could cause Breitbart to turn on Trump Steve ban
well I think there’s no question that if Trump were were to divorce himself from
Steve Bannon and Steve were to leave the White House then I really think it’s
open season against them you know as far as Breitbart is concerned and you have
to believe that if he were to leave the White House he would resume a very
prominent role with the Breitbart you know media world that he doesn’t do
anything you know half-heartedly he does it bombastically
much like the president deliberately and in full force and I think that’s exactly
what you would see from bright part if they were to turn on Trump
another place you might want to look one of the most influential websites in
conservative media The Drudge Report The Drudge Report is sort of like a
assignment editor for a lot of the right-leaning media in charge were to
shift away from Trump it could cause ripples throughout the
conservative media landscape what would it take for Drudge to turn on Trump I
think there are a few issues that he looks at he’s really into immigration so
I think if the wall doesn’t happen soon he’s going to be frustrated but Drudge
is also been a big opponent of Obamacare and so if that’s not a return that’s
probably going to raise a red flag I think the issue that could break the
camel’s back in this case the taxes are not done so look
charge and Breitbart they obviously reach millions of people but ultimately
what still moves the dial the most television and in the conservative media
universe no star burns brighter and Fox News all right they destroy Trump media
the Democrats they are so over the moon this is Robert Leonard
he’s an Iowa radio director who wrote an op-ed in the New York Times saying that
only Fox News has the power to end Trump’s presidency one of the things
that a lot of media don’t yeah is that for my conservative friends here in
rural Iowa they think Trump is doing a great job Fox News broadcast an
alternative reality they focus on Trump’s accomplishments and downplay his
failures and without that the White House would have a much tougher time
accompany me on successes when you’re absent any type of accomplishment you
need allies to help run cover for you is to assume why that might be whether it’s
the fucking blame at the media it’s like me blame enter your main political
opponents like you Larry Clinton trying to label the Democrats as obstructionist
you lose that and all of a sudden everyone’s pointing at you blaming you
there’s nobody there trying to help you know look Fox isn’t just going to
suddenly reinvent itself as a progressive Network but if the going
gets tough for Trump one thing you might see is Fox commentator is subtly
starting to promote other Republicans this strategy that I think that all they
would have to do is start covering Trump but then also start doing pieces on how
presidential counselors look at this good guy
presidential good Christian has your values and and put him up against what
Trump is doing some point you got to have a platform to be able to
communicate with the people and and if he loses all of that he’ll he’ll be
talking in just to himself at the twilight of his presidency
when did Johnson was said to remark then if he lost Walter Cronkite
he lost middle America for Trump equations a bit different if he lose his
base he’s probably lost Fox News


100 thoughts on “What if the pro-Trump media abandons President Trump?”

  • Desperate CNN shithole fake news! Keep trying nothing has worked so far except feeding the dimwitted  libtard trolls that are too stupid to know better than to change the channel.

  • ,,,Then "ALL" They'll Have The "Option For":  Which  "LYING PROPAGANDA Media" To Watch… Since ANY "Way, Shape OR Form" of Any TRUTH, Will Have Been "Taken off The Table"… NO MORE "Freedoms of The CONSTITUTION"… That's "THE PLAN", Though… You "Media" WON'T EVEN "REPORT" The "Good Things" He's DONE… It's CALLED:  "Brain-Washing"….Repeating "The LIE" Over and Over and Over…

  • Atheist first! Happy Heathen! says:

    When did Pence become a "good" Christian? He lies, he is a hypocrite, he backs an adulterer etc… Sorry, I guess he is a good evangelical Christian, am I bad?

  • cnn has more credible commentary because they have guests from both sides…fox does too but more often they'll let people off the hook if they dance around questions… cnn guests will call you out! left or right

  • It would be great if the other media stations didn't cover him so much — if they just mention what he did that day & moved on. Would be interesting to see WH reaction

  • Wow, looking back these guys were so wrong and Trump was completely right. Trumps supporters would continue to back him if he walked out into the streets of New York and shot someone.

  • What if the media simply started reporting news instead of opinion? What if CNN dropped their policy to only report negatively on Trump, no matter what? The media has failed us. CNN is fake news… Just anti Trump opinion at every turn. Dox is a trump cheerleader but they do, at least, cover real news stories. It is all just so silly. I have to get my news from independent YouTube reporters… Legacy media is done… They did it to themselves.

  • Liberal biases maggots didn't get elected have no clue what they are talking about… you look stupid you sound stupid

  • leslie salmon says:

    just remember when Hannity endorsed and ass kissed CLIVE BUNDY and his band of merry men,then had to eat crow when it all fell apart , it is going to happen again,but he will blame PRESIDENT OBAMA .

  • It is time we Conservatives stop being afraid of the NRA. Maybe Trump is right. It’s time to give up the guns.

  • Kenneth Mckoy says:

    All I can say is Hannity is a good liar he earns his money. He can sell any thing like swamp land in Florida lol

  • Kenneth Mckoy says:

    All I can say is Hannity is a good liar he earns his money. He can sell any thing like swamp land in Florida lol

  • Brian Kilgore says:

    A better question is what would have happened if CNN and all the other fake news outlets had covered Obama half as hard as they've covered Trump?

  • dorian diddles says:

    The pro trump media are COMPLICIT in potus' behavior and always defending him even when he wants to break the law. FUCK THEM ALL ! !! Boycott hannity and ANY CORPORATION that advertises on FOX and promotes their rhetoric. FUCKfox #FUCKhannity #FUCKthegop

  • Because of their propaganda, Fox News has lost their license in some countries.
    Fox News, Breitbart, Drudge Report, and Alex Jones is nothing but pure propaganda. That's all it is, we have to STOP trying to normalize and STOP trying to understand it — just boycott their advertisers and boycott the networks that push the alt-right (Nazi) bullsh*t.

  • …Trump and Co. MIGHT have to act like RESPONSIBLE ADULTS…actually seek consensus to get things done…for the American people.

  • Sessions seems to have put in weight since he took the job. Is he coping with the stress with the help of alcohol? If so it is understandable.

  • Yeah, no. It's not a perfect relationship, but conservatives will be sticking by Trump. When this ship finally sinks, they'll be going down with it blaming Hillary and Obama till the very end.

  • The subsequent abandonment of Bannon by Breitbart proved these people will not jump off the Trump train. He is the POTUS, he has the power. Their allegiance is to the supreme pussy grabber in chief.

  • The question everyone is asking is, when Trump is found to have committed treason will he, prior to execution, be allowed to stay in the Trump Tower with an ankle bracelet or will he be immediated confined in a federal prison?  This should be the topic of every talk show.

  • Well, you were wrong about that CNN. Bannon leaves the WH and Breitbart booted Bannon. Great political predicting.

  • Make up news? Is this what CNN does when they have nothing on Trump? Pathetic but fun to watch when you are a Trump supporter.

  • This certainly makes me trust CNN … I have always trusted them to give me the exact opposite of the truth…so nothing has changed

  • If u r under 30 and not a liberal u have no heart…if over 30 and u r not a conservative then u have no brain

  • How anyone can still support trump after everything and call themselves a human being let alone a conservative is beyond me.

  • Then they wouldn't have anyone to shit on, but themselves.. They could have a fun media-war, destroying themselves, like brat babies in a sandbox tossing sand in each others eyes……

  • You’ve hit on something important: it’s not enough to show the flaws of Trump and his cohorts to get people to turn AGAINST Trump, but rather you need to create a viable alternative icon whom the American public can shift their support toward. Many people need a person to celebrate, so the media needs to find that new person to serve that function. It might not be anyone in Trump’s immediate circle, because we don’t know yet (as of March 2018) if any of those people will be charged. It might have to be someone new to the spotlight who could run against Trump for the republican nomination in 2020. It would have to be someone who could connect with the people who hold the values of the average American conservative, but also appeal emotionally to the resentment and dissatisfaction of the far right and other such groups who rally behind their champion. I look forward to more discussions about which Senator / Congress / other public figure will start speaking out against Trump and making inroads for their own 2020 campaign. It will start later this year after the next round of mid terms.

  • George Thompson says:

    when trump is prosecuted for conspiring with putin to rig the election,…hannity will make up some big BS ,…oh no,…look at the red shiny car speeding away from the police,….sheesh,…who rides like that in that traffic ?????????????????????

  • Hannity is actually a suppository that Trump inserts on a daily basis. When Hannity speaks, its just Trump passing gas.

  • the pro-trump media have no credibility and have not had any for awhile….Bush was bad enough now we have the orange turd. Fox spewing, fake news, lies…someday you will just be a bad memory!

  • bush left a mess for obama but its going to be soooo insignificant for whomever comes after trump. its gonna take several presidents to get sorta back on track.
    still, america u made ur bed…….in a way serves u right haw haw haw

  • I don't care what either side of the media reports. I just listen to the words that come out of Trump's mouth. That is more than enough for me to know that we need him out of the office ASAP.

  • The msm is so bias tbey themselves are echo chamber for the left, they cant control the narrative anymore and the left wish that the right let go of trump but it will never happen so its ok to be wishful thinking. This video is a good example of what im talking about. They will accuse the echo chamber of the right when they themselves have one and whats worst they got caught lying so many times but their base keep forgeting it cause they are blinded by hate towards trump

  • set up kickstarter… lets buy fox news and change its contend… I ll give 1000 bucks to do that… 😉 Democracy is handeled at the cashregister and not only the voting booth, the americans seem to not get that. Power is always taken, never given

  • Ironically Fox is much more truthful then lying CNN, which is basically the equivalent of the national enquirer fake news, fake collusion, fake polls, fake facts

  • So as long as the right wing media stands by Jeff Sessions, Sessions stays. And if he stays, Rod Rosenstein stays. And if Rod stays, Bob Mueller is able to continue his investigation without interference.

  • ClearVision OfTruth says:

    CNN is going down! its audience shrinks every day. People HATE Liars.
    The scumbag here, will soon be unemployable

  • Its not pro trumo media, theyre simply just not anit trump like cnn that wastes our times with WHAT IFs like this

  • There pro Trump because they've done the hard work and found the real culprits by investigating journalists, you know like the fake stream media use to do, and uncovered a world of shit against Hitlery, Obubba and the rest of their sycophants working in unison to attempted coup of a duly elected president since their attempt to overthrow an election failed miserably. These talking heads are getting their talking points out of the oldest dustiest playbook "rules for radicals" blame your enemy for what you, his opponents, are actually doing constantly attack until the overwhelming onslaught tires the other side out or until they cry uncle. One major flaw in their attack, which the useful idiots might not know, he's not guilty of what he's been accused of! Just a little question of evidence which they don't have. They do have plenty of evidence against Hitlery and Obubba, which they also had of all the scandals his regime were guilty of for eight years of no job growth, for their hands in the spying on their opponents illegally fisa lies to get warrants for that spying by mcabe and comey strut and his girl page the uranium sale to russia, more collusion. This goes on and on Hitlerys classified email scandal etc etc etc et al.but you don't hear much or any of that from the corrupt lame stream fake media because the fake media is guilty for their part in this corruption. I can't wait for the second special council to investigate this scandal because the facts have already been found surrounding it so there's no where to hide oh except maybe the millennials safe spaces and if that's the case I predict a lot of curt cobains will be found in these safe places come next semester, you know, shotguns to the face overdoses etc., it'll be quite interesting to see how they'll react oven the insane way in which they reacted to Trumps election screaming like banshees at the top of their lungs as if a rich benefactor had just died without leaving them anything. Yeah it'll be real interesting INDEED!

  • True Christian says:

    Let's look at the same question in reverse. What if the anti Trump media joins trump. The country wouldn't be mislead

  • When this sociopath-in-Chief is finally deposed [just a matter of Mueller time] it will be interesting to watch what happens at Faux News – oh ya that’s right it will be Obama’s fault – or maybe Hillary’s fault.

  • Ugh… wtf is happening… this drama is courtesy of corporate lobbyist… please set term limits and get rid of lobbyist.. both corporate and religious

  • Is this kid as stupid as he looks? Doesn't he see the hypocrisy of his very reporting and understand that fox is only reporting what the news is not the bashing the left wing media is still pretending exists in order to continue their false narrative. Everything he says has the negative in the lying stream media. Hitlery has been exposed as the russian colluder with the bought and paid for steele dossier which the Obubba weaponized intel agencies used to get an illegal fiza warrant. I mean c'mon wheres this faggot been? In the closet?

  • CNN – Corrupt Nonsense News, why would you waste time and money producing an article about a fantasy you have of pro media turning on him? Do you not have any real or even fake news to report? You introduce the segment as some sort of illusion of grandeur but then as you get into it its very obvious that you are starting to believe your own garbage with all the details provided, and whom will do what to whom. Why dont you stick to fake news instead of now elevating your obsession to fantasy.

  • Beengonetoolong Nevercominback says:


  • When James Madison inserted the phrase 'or freedom of the press' into his draft of the First Amendment, he could not have envisioned the disaster that has become the American 'press'. It's not even press anymore, it's entertainment. The idea that CNN, NBC and MSNBC 'informs' the American people of anything other their own agenda to spread leftist propaganda is ludicrous.

  • basant vimal sharma says:

    Trump is true just wait history will prove it but dems won't let go of the sickness they are spreading

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