What If All The Trees On Earth Disappeared Overnight?

What If All The Trees On Earth Disappeared Overnight?

Hey there! Welcome to Life Noggin! Oh you’re actually in the wrong animation
channel. Yeah you’re gonna wanna make a right. According to a 2015 study, there are currently
over 3 trillion trees worldwide, which is about 400 trees per person. That may sound like a lot, but it’s only
about half of what existed before human civilization began. Trees are an essential part of life on Earth
and if we lost them all, we would be in a lot of trouble. So, let’s imagine all the trees disappeared
overnight – what exactly would happen? well, to start with, air quality would suffer. During photosynthesis, trees absorb carbon
dioxide and emit oxygen., According to the U.S. Forest Service, trees offset annual carbon
dioxide emissions from fossil fuels by about 15 percent., Trees also filter out air pollutants such
as particulates, ozone, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen dioxide.,, So without trees, we would
have less oxygen in the air and more greenhouse gases that would heat up the planet and pollutants
that would cause health issues and even deaths.,,, A rise in pollutants would also affect water
and soil quality due to acid deposition, which can occur in the form of acid rain, snow,
fog, or even dust.,, This can hurt forests, lakes, and streams and the animals that live
there, as well as damage buildings and cars, and cause respiratory issues like asthma,
bronchitis, and pneumonia in humans., But of course, that’s only on the rare occurrences
when it does rain. Trees are an essential part of the water cycle. After absorbing rain through their roots,
they release water vapor into the air through their leaves in a process called transpiration. Without trees there would be less rain, possibly
leading to widespread drought. For instance, a 2012 study found that continued
destruction of the Amazon and Congo tropical forests will result in up to a 21 percent
rain reduction in the area during the dry season by 2050. Together, these conditions would hinder crop
and agriculture production, eventually leading to food shortages. In addition, animals who depend on forest
environments for shelter and food would eventually go extinct. It is estimated that 80 percent of our land
animals and plants live in forests., That’s a lot of species dependent on trees for survival! It may take months to years to see these environmental
changes, but trees affect a lot more than just the environment. Studies have found that spending time in forests
can have a positive impact on our health by reducing blood pressure and stress hormones
while improving mood and focus.,, And planting trees in urban environments has even been
found to reduce crime.,, A 2001 study on Chicago found that buildings
with high levels of vegetation had 48 percent fewer property crimes and 56 percent fewer
violent crimes compared to buildings with low amounts of vegetation. The authors of this study theorize that this
is due to having more “eyes on the street” from people using the outdoor space. They also suggest that trees may alleviate
mental fatigue, which has been linked to violence. So, it turns out that trees are protecting
us from a pretty terrible world. Go give a tree a hug. I think those tree-huggers are on to something… So are you a person who loves nature? Do you live in a place with lots of trees,
or very few? Let me know in the comment section below,
or tell me, what should i talk about next? Curious to know what would happen if the earth
only had one season? Check out this video! Scientists think the tilt was caused when
the Earth was hit by a Mars-sized object named Theia, shortly after the Earth was formed. as always, my name is Blocko, this has been
Life Noggin, don’t forget to keep on thinking!


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